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  1. TheEmpireWasRight

    Which F1 season would you want to see remastered?

    1970 - 2020, all 50 years in 1 ultimate F1 game.
  2. @BarryBL Live Season updates, that gradually and timely reflect and represent real life data for teams and drivers as well as HUD overlays etc., is one of the biggest features missing in Codemasters "official F1 franchise". Meaning: -If for example Mercedes start to be the 4th best team in Australia 2020 and become the 2nd best team in Hungary 2020 that should be reflected in the game accordingly. -If for example Ricciardo is outperforming his teammate Ocon and even his Renault car to place it where it should not be, consistent P5 - P8 places, then that should be reflected and represented in the game accordingly. -If teams have new sponsor placements on their car, for example McLaren decide to put the logitech logo on the Halo in the middle of the season even though it was on the sidepod before etc., then that should be reflected and represented in the game accordingly. -If the top teams are doing 1:15 flat around Spain and are able to make most of their time in the corners with insane amount of downforce levels and therefore crazy cornering speeds and in the game even the top E-Sports guys are not able to do the same laptimes or even hit accurate cornering speeds compared to real life (1 second off the pace, Turn 9 of Spain not taken flatout in the game etc.), then your car handling and downforce models are quite off, that should be changed so the real life car performance will be accurately reflected and represented in the game accordingly (at least one "car / team / driver performance update" every 2 - 4 GP's should suffice). -If the season is over, analyze all tracks, teams, drivers and car performances, compile all data and create a final update patch that will give us the Abu Dhabi spec of every part of the whole season to reflect and represent the sport in the game realistically. -If certain kerbs, DRS Zones or even Blackboxes are positioned or placed differently to your expectations, then that should be changed in the game as soon as possible to accurately reflect and represent the track models to their real life counterparts. -If the official HUD gets small updates in real life, it should be accurately represented in the game accordingly (you gave us the official Fonts in F1 2019, now please give us the full fledged official HUD at last!). [[[For career mode these performance updates do not have be applied (a on/off switch for updates in career mode is enough), but for GP mode, time trial mode, online mode, league mode, championship mode etc., it is vital to have accurate car/team/driver performance data, else the game fails to accurately represent real life]]] All of this should be common sense and a standard feature in a "officially licenced product", it should be paramount to take extra effort into accurately representing the sport and to take measures in development to fix it all during the lifetime of the game. Shame, we still do no have any of this, in 2020. Codemasters, now is your time to show us that you care about your community / customers and that the "official F1 licence" means anything to you other than generating cash. Don't fail us. #MakeF1GamesGreatAgain
  3. TheEmpireWasRight

    F1 2020 compatibility with ps4???

    Devkits for the next gen Ps5/XboxScarlet have been rumoured to be out for over a year, and it was one of Codemasters "Ex- developer" that leaked pictures and more insightful data on the Ps5 devkit just a couple of months ago. Codemasters therefore must already be working on the next gen titles for quite some time. It wouldn't be too far fetched, as development for mutliple Ps4 start titles began around 3 years before release, so a similar plan very likely is the case today too. Either way, as to the plan on F1 2020 and F1 2021, Codemasters has 2 options: 1. Take the 2014 route and simply make F1 2020 a Ps4/XBone exclusive, despite of the Ps5/XBoxScarlet hitting shelves a few months later, to save money and to have more development time for the proper "next-gen" F1 2021 title. As long as F1 2021 won't be another 2015 disaster, this route might be the most likely one they decided to choose, but beware, F1 2020 might be yet another low effort copy & paste as in the past with minor changes and no significant improvements. 2. Take the route of Battlefield 4, which was published on the PS3/XBox360 & PS4/XBone back to back, this might be a more stressful and costly approach, but at least everyone would get a copy on their respective platform right in time. Back in the days, Battlefield 4 on the old gen Ps3/Xbox360 was unnecessary, it was nowhere near the performance of the next gen Ps4/XBone, as a matter of fact, the next gen titles could have been better if the old gen was not a priority to develop on imo, but a key difference between Battlefield and Codemasters F1 franchise is that CM create a annual product so the comparison is nonsensical or very daring. Only Codemasters know the definite answer.
  4. TheEmpireWasRight

    Halo HUD

    PC only.
  5. TheEmpireWasRight

    Halo HUD

    The possibilities to increase immersion, with the official HUD and speedometer, is nearly endless. Sadly Codemasters refuses to do what is right: Giving us both, the official HUD and the Codies version of the HUD to choose from at the same time.
  6. TheEmpireWasRight

    Idea for F1 2020 Codemasters - Historical Circuits

    Great tracks have been mentioned already, i'd add Indianapolis and Sepang to the list.
  7. TheEmpireWasRight

    The Stuff Thread

    Happy New Year
  8. TheEmpireWasRight

    Merry Christmas

    Happy New Year, too!
  9. TheEmpireWasRight

    Spa rear stability

    Was able to cut my laptime down by another 4 tenths (1:42:4) by doing these changes to the base setup; Aero 5/3, AntiRollBar 7/5. Yes, this setup is more oversteery, but it has the best of both worlds, a nice turn in and a high topspeed, at the expense of having lower cornering speeds in the long corners of course. My advice, if you want more understeer and therefore more control, always have a... ...higher rear wing compated to the front. ...locked differential, especially offthrottle. ...a more neutral (meaning, closer to zero) value for both camber and toe (camber to the right and toe to the left). ...higher front suspension compared to the rear. ...higher front antirollbar compared to the rear. ...higher rear ride height compared to the front. For oversteer, do the opposite to all of the above. Nevertheless, it's all about personal driving style, so find yours and have fun experimenting!
  10. TheEmpireWasRight

    Spa rear stability

    Was able to cut my fastest laptime from a 1:43:2 to a 1:42:8 by simply reducing aero down to 3/5. You lose lots of speed in the corners, due to a inherent lack of downforce of the overall car performance, but drag seems to be brutal in this game. At the end of the day, you gain lots of time in the straights in F1 2019, so go for a lower aero setup for sure, even though it is the complete opposite to reality as in real life the cars had low topspeed and high cornering speeds during the 2019 F1 season. Sadly Codemasters won't fix this issue of the wrong car performance, we just have to accept and adapt. #MakeF1GamesGreatAgain
  11. TheEmpireWasRight

    Merry Christmas and all the best in 2020 F1ers!

    Likewise 👌
  12. TheEmpireWasRight

    Spa rear stability

    Here, have a try with this setup: Aerodynamics, 5/7 Transmission, 50/70 Suspension Geometry, -2.5/-1/0.05/0.2 Suspension, 5/3/3/7/3/5 Brakes, 92/56 Tyres, 25/22.7 I use this specific setup for Qualifying. But in the Race i reduce Tyre Pressure to 23.4/21.1 and change the Differential and Brakes to lower or higher levels depending on whether or not the Tyres are in good condition or if it's raining etc.
  13. TheEmpireWasRight

    Mirrors do not show any illumination of the track during the night

    Maybe you are right, that does make sense after all, given the fact that the Ego Engine is seemingly less sophisticated to its direct competition in a plethora of aspects, i wouldn't be surprised if optimization is one of the many issues they have to work with on a annual basis. Still it would be great to get a "official" answer by Codemasters on this topic as to why this issue of lighting won't be fixed in F1 2019 the game.
  14. A couple of months ago, there was a very frequently visited and popular "There is something majorly wrong with the gearing and engine sound" thread on this Forum, where is it at now? It seems to have disappeared and the issue of the "out of sync engine sound" never has been fixed for F1 2019 as of yet. Meanwhile, the audio guys of Codemasters went into hiding too. I find it appalling that this is the way the engine sound issue was handled: radio silence, thread apparently deleted, no other thread about this issue emerged, no fix, no clarification, just a lot of unanswered questions. In F1 2019 the engine sound of the F1 cars seems to barely rev up compared to real life. It seems as if the audio recording used for F1 2019 the game were done on slow outlaps with low rpms and hence the engine sound is seemingly creating the impression as if the sound itself is low revving even at 11500+ rpm, which is a shame, as the overall tone and turbo whistle sound effect are the most realistic package that @issueskid and the audio team ever worked with for the F1 franchise respectively. Hope this will be looked at again and that Codemasters will fix the engine sound eventually to make F1 2019 better sounding than ever.