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  1. TheEmpireWasRight

    New liveries and sponsors

    That is a flawed idea of how children perceive reality. With that logic, kids should not be allowed to watch F1 at all. Neither on TV, livestreams, YouTube, Social Media or even at the live GP event on trackside. Because, then, these kids would get to see ALL the sponsors, uncensored and on full display. And we would not want that, right?! To double down on that, kids should not be allowed to watch any sports, any TV shows, Movies, or consume any type of media, because it might have "questionable" sponsors, or even "suggestive themes", in them. Why stop here?! Might as well go the extra route and make sure that kids are not allowed to walk around the earth freely, without any guardians protecting them at all times. Kids need to be sheltered away from reality. Why not put blindfolds onto them? Or, if we want to be extra careful, why not ban all these sponsors or companies in the real world? So, no beer brands, no betting companies, no tobacco brands, no adultwork companies, no credit companies etc. etc. etc. Either way, jokes aside, it is a fact that other PEGI 3 rated games do show these type of sponsors, and have been doing so for years. So, Codemasters could do the same, if they wanted to. All other types of media (from digital, to printed), make full use of any type of depiction of reality. Videogames should not be excluded, from the overall experience of realism and immersion. (Also, i agree, EA are scumbags. Especially with their exploitation of power, their predatory business models, as well as the unbridled affinity to overly exhaust their staff into heavy "crunchwork", whilst destroying multiple gamestudios over and over again.)
  2. TheEmpireWasRight

    Improving the Weather system

    Totally agree, the weather system needs lots of improvements. Either way, the weather system in Slightly Mad Studios "Madness Engine" (LiveTrack3.0, IIRC), is a major opportunity for Codemasters to improve the F1 franchise by a huge leap. Imo, at the moment, Livetrack3.0 is the best weather system in any racing game or simulator out there. Hopefully, they will make full use of the Madness Engine, and get rid off the old and outdated Ego Engine once and for all. (Or at the very least, create a hybrid engine, out of both "Ego" and "Madness")
  3. TheEmpireWasRight

    New liveries and sponsors

    Then why is Singha in the F1 2020 game? (FYI: Singha is a Thai beer brand, visible on the Alfa Romeo livery) As a matter of fact, Singha has been in the game for a few years already. Also, on the PS3 / XBox360 F1 games by Codemasters, we also got Kingfisher back in the days. Seems as if it probably boils down to Codemasters budget, and the creative decision to not make these sponsors available for all, as some countries have a total ban for alcohol or tobacco sponsors. (Which is, on the one hand, understandable, in the way that Codemasters are saving time and effort as well as keeping their budget low. And on the other hand, not understandable, because there is no technical limitation in terms of getting the licence, as everything can be bought at the right price; Not to mention, that Codemasters could easily create a specific update file of the liveries for countries that disallow these sponsorships, whilst everyone else gets the full experience in the vanilla game. Just as in EA's sports games, which are known for this little gimmick.). Either way, i hope that in the near future, Codemasters will start giving more attention to the official sponsorships, in order to increase immersion and realism by another notch. PS: Speaking of EA's sports games, they are running Heineken, Carlsberg, Estrella Galicia, as well as several "betting" sponsors on their games since 2009, IIRC. Ironically, these sports games are all rated "PEGI 3"...
  4. TheEmpireWasRight

    Release New 2020 Tracks as PAID DLC

    Ironically, since Codemasters bought Slightly Mad Studios, they have access to a variety of laserscsnned data of multiple racetracks. Tracks of F1, that were build and used by SMS in the Project Cars franchise, which are relevant to this topic of the 2020 season, and could be used immediately at any time: -Portimao -Nürburgring -Mugello -Imola Only Bahrains outer layout and Turkey would need to be designed from scratch. Thankfully, SMS build even other laserscanned tracks that were used in F1 (GP, or test track), or are on the modern calendar: -Hockenheinring -Circuit of the Americas -Indianapolis -Interlagos -Catalunya -Suzuka -Fuji -Watkins Glen -Monza -Monaco -Brands Hatch -Spa -Red Bull Ring -Silverstone -Zolder -Brno -Donington -Snetterton -Oulton Park Codemasters have all the data already. Now it only comes down to whether or not the budget to get the licence is big enough. "Licensing issue" is mostly a lame excuse, as anything can be bought at the right price!
  5. TheEmpireWasRight

    All Tracks need improvements.

    This is one of the most valuable threads on this forum. @Davidj7077 thank you for sharing.
  6. TheEmpireWasRight


    Not to mention, since Codemasters bought Slightly Mad Studios, they must have access to the laserscanned data of Mugello (there are also many more laserscanned tracks that SMS used for the Project Cars series, such as Monza, Nürburgring, Catalunya, Spa, Portimao, Imola etc.). Obviously, Codemasters would need to redesign the data, apply it onto the Ego Engine (i hope that Codemasters will use the Madness Engine for future F1 titles https://www.slightlymadstudios.com/madness/ ), resurface and place objects accordingly, as well as program the AI & the weather and physics for the track. But if modders can do this in 3 - 4 weeks, i'm pretty sure Codemasters, who are paid professionals with years of experience, would need only a fraction of that time. Hopefully, Codemasters will give us a track / circuit DLC for F1 2020. (If not, then i hope that they will add the 2020 season, with all tracks, into F1 2021, as they did back in 2015, with F1 2015 that also included the 2014 season.)
  7. TheEmpireWasRight

    Ferrari 1000GP livery

    True. But, it is very likely two different departments at Codemasters working for the performance (usually game designers, programmers), and the car liveries (usually artists) respectively. Unless the programmers are also the artists, or vice versa... Either way, both can be done by Codemasters, if they manage to use their time and organization efficiently.
  8. TheEmpireWasRight

    Enginebrake Mapping

    Nico Rosberg stated that he changed engine mapping quite regularly for specific corners. On some onboard video footages of real F1 drivers, we can see them do that by either pressing buttons or dialing rotaries (for example "eng. 9" etc.), directly before corners. Nico Rosberg, in one of his newest videos on his YouTube channel, where he was doing a hotlap explanation of all the 2020 tracks, also stated that the changing of engine mapping during the lap to stabilize the car or to get less braking etc., is quite normal to maximize performance and react to changeable conditions of the car and the track surface.
  9. TheEmpireWasRight

    More info on steering wheel display

    Here is the newest version of the Steering Wheel Dashboard i use on a "third party app" (SimDashboard), as a example of what could be done to the ingame steering wheel display: Throttle application: Ers Mode: Fuel Mix Mode: Brake Bias: Differential: Flag: Brake application: Of course, my version is very congested, but if this was applied in Codemasters ingame steering wheel dashboard display, with perhaps the ability to flip through around 3 pages and a different more readable design layout, it would be fantastic. For example: -page 1 only has ers, fuel mix, fuel left in the tank, diff, bbal, delta, laptime, speed, gear, rpm, session time left, lap counter, current position, brake and throttle bars on it. -page 2 only has tyre inner and outer temperatures, engine temperature brake temperatures, car damage, tyre wear, track temperature on it. -page 3 only has delta to front car and car behind, detailed laptime breakdown (personal best with all sectors, current with all sectors, session best with all sectors) on it. A pop up should also appear across the display, every time we change fuel mix, ers mix, diff or bbal, regardless of what page we are on. There are lots of possibilities to give us more info on the ingame steering wheel.
  10. TheEmpireWasRight

    What camera do you use?

    I only use Cockpit Camera in all racing games and simulators i play. It is the most realistic view. Sadly Codemasters have not introduced a proper Helmet Cam as of yet. And the steering wheel display is also lacking lots of vital information. Not to mention the fact that we still do not have VR as a option. Cockpit Racing has lots of potential. Codemasters have lots to do, to make it a more appealing and realistic, as well as immersive, experience.
  11. TheEmpireWasRight

    More info on steering wheel display

    Please add more info to the steering wheel display, such as: -Fuel Mix. | Low (1), Medium (2), High (3). (at the moment only the amount of fuel left in the tank, is being displayed) -Differential. | 50% to 100% -Brake Bias. | 50% to 70% -Delta Driver Ahead / Behind | During race day, this would be very helpful. (at the moment only the delta to our own personal best lap time, is being displayed) -Tyre Inner / Outer Temperatures. (at the moment only the inner tyre temps, are being displayed) -Brake Temperatures. -Throttle / Brake Input. -RPM. All this vital info is currently missing on the steering wheel display. If we had all this info on the steering wheel display, we could turn off the very distracting MFD once and for all. It would improve Cockpit Racing drastically. Hopefully Codemasters will eventually give us a more realistic Cockpit Racing experience. Here is a link to a older thread about the same topic, which seems to be forgotten:
  12. TheEmpireWasRight

    Enginebrake Mapping

    That'd probably be the easiest solution for Codemasters. Though a proper engine mapping feature, would be much more realistic. Especially as it is a part of F1, that the real life drivers do change quite often during a lap.
  13. TheEmpireWasRight

    Ferrari 1000GP livery

    Last year, in F1 2019 the game, you eventually added the "90years" logo onto the Ferrari livery. This year, in F1 2020 the game, Ferrari has blank spots. But in real life, Ferrari will add the "1000GP" logo onto their livery. Could you please give us the "1000GP" logo for the Ferrari livery, during the lifetime of F1 2020 the game? Here are pictures of the new 2020 Ferrari livery, with the "1000GP" logo on top:
  14. TheEmpireWasRight

    Enginebrake Mapping

    Please give us the option to alter engine braking maps on the go, as we can do with differential and brake bias already. This way we would get more freedom in driving, and it would add another layer of realism to the game, as if compared to real life, it is a vital part of extracting more performance according to changing conditions, and helps drivers manage their cars more efficiently. For example: (3 engine braking maps) 1. Low engine braking map (basically the way it is at the moment in F1 2020 the game, where we have to do a LOT of braking ourselves, but with the lowest engine temperatures) 2. Medium engine braking map (gives us a balanced engine braking and reduces the braking distance, but also results in higher engine temperatures) 3. High engine braking map (gives us maximum engine braking for the shortest braking distance, but also increases the risk of blowing up the engine) Also, a direct example, in wet weather conditions, higher engine braking maps would be crucial to reduce the risk of locking up tyres and increasing engine temperatures. Trade off, lower tyre temps, which is not desirable. But at least we would have the freedom to drive as we want and change settings on the go. Hopefully Codemasters might have a look into this.
  15. TheEmpireWasRight

    F1 2020 handling is good, but not perfect

    Do you think that engine breaking in F1 2020 is almost non-existent, compared to previous titles? Making us use the brakes much more than what real drivers do, in a sort of unrealistic portrayal of how the car should handle. In reality the drivers do not brake THAT much, if we watch telemetry data of onboard laps. This could be fixed, by giving us the ability to alter engine braking maps on the go, as we can do with brake bias and differential, going from low to high values. Would add a whole new level of realism to the game and give hardcore players yet another option to extract more performance in a realistic manner. Also, low speed grip seems to be a little bit too weak compared to real life as well (especially watching back the British Pole Lap, the real life drivers were able to carry much more speed in low speed corners, compared to F1 2020 the game), and traction could be better too (real life drivers were able to use full throttle much faster and easier compared to F1 2020 the game). At the very least, F1 2020 is a massive step up from F1 2019, which generally lacked a lot of grip and downforce, and was very unrealistic in how to drive the car to be fast, with the excessive quickshifting technique etc. Imo, Codemasters still have work to do, to make F1 2020's handling perfect.