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  1. TheEmpireWasRight

    Poll: What view do you drive with??

    Same here. It's the most immersive and realistic approach. (If only there was VR or more customization options for Look To Apex and Cockpit Cam. Also, having not enough vital information on the steering wheel dashboard is also quite the bummer.)
  2. TheEmpireWasRight

    [Suggestion][Wet Weather] Please increase rain spray density

    At 1:13:10, we can hear Brundle talk about visbility whilst driving in the wets and how it affects the approach of racing and consistency. Until now, due to the power limitation of the PS3 / Xbox 360 & PS4 / Xbox One, it was understandable that we did not get realistic rain spray effects yet. But hopefully, with the forthcoming arrival of the next gen PS5 / Xbox Series X consoles, we will finally get a drastic graphical improvement in how the rain spray density and dynamics will be visualized, to mimic real life visibility in wet weather conditions as realistically as possible.
  3. TheEmpireWasRight

    F1® 2020 | First Gameplay Trailer

    I remember that in "F1 CE" on the PS3, was a really nice feature indeed. (Especially seeing the Backmarkers at Pole Position was a treat.)
  4. TheEmpireWasRight

    F1 2020 Helmet Livery Editor?

    From what i saw, read and heard, there is still nothing concrete about the helmets, except that in My Team we get the ability to put fake sponsors on our liveries. It sounds as if we will be getting the same as in the past 3 years. A livery editor mode as in GT Sport / MotoGP20, would be nice to have in the F1 games.
  5. TheEmpireWasRight

    Best classic car in F1 2019

    2010 cars are quite nice to drive. 2003 / 2004 cars are a cool bunch for the V10 fans. 1998 car is for the Häkkinen / Coulthard or McLaren fans. All Senna and Prost cars are interesting to say the least. Lauda and Hunts cars are literal coffins with a motor and wheels slapped on top of it. Have fun and find out what suits your driving style.
  6. TheEmpireWasRight

    Cool down lap added to game

    Do you mean that Pascal had a chance to make a comeback in F1, after 2017's ride of champions, but they "Wehrlein"?! Jokes aside, cool down laps are long overdue and need to be part of the racing experience. Hopefully CM considers this feature, if they have not done already.
  7. TheEmpireWasRight


    Sorry. But GT Sport and MotoGP have so many cool video and picture footages about the livery editor mode. Couldn't stop. Hopefully CM will give us something similar for the next gen PS5 / XboxSeriesX F1 game.
  8. TheEmpireWasRight

    F1 2019 - Career mode on old console to New Console

    I know the feeling, it's very annoying. 2 PS4's died on me. The first time, all my savefiles were gone. The second time, i used the PS+ savefile upload feature and it saved my day. Does your old PS4 still run, and can you access the main PSN menu in it? If so, you can use a USB Stick to move your savefiles onto it, or you can upload your savefiles via PS+: 1. USB-Stick, after extracting your savefiles you can then simply plug it into your new PS4 and use the files there. 2. PS+ savefile upload, after uploading your savefiles to the PSN cloud, you can then access said cloud via your new PS4 and download your old savefiles. Did you have PS+, before your old PS4 died? Did you have PS+ auto upload turned on for your savefiles? Or did you upload your savefiles manually via PS+? If not, your savefiles are gone and you need to restart every game you ever played before.
  9. TheEmpireWasRight


    Imo, it's 2020, so there is no excuse for not having a detailed livery editor mode in a modern racing game. Speaking of "LiCEncInG IsSueS", that is nonsense. Everything has a price and can be bought. It all depends on how much Codemasters are willing to pay. GT Sport, though being very arcadey on the handling and physics model, has one of the best livery editor modes in the racing game branche. I spent hundreds of hours creating new liverys for helmets, racing suits and the cars themselves. You can even upload your creations. Or download creations from other players. It's fantastic. Also, they offer almost all sponsors imaginable and you have total freedom on how you want to create your liveries. Your imagination is the only limit. MotoGP19 / MotoGP20 also have a similar editor mode, though not as detailed, but still it's very fun to create liveries on there as well. Codemasters could have given us a similar or even better version of the livery editor mode for the past 3 years, but all we got were premade designs that can only be altered for color schemes, which unfortunately also are locked behind a paywall. Either way, here are some videos about how a livery editor mode could or should look like:
  10. TheEmpireWasRight

    Sponsors on Helmets (possible solution?)

    Just as Pro Evolution Soccer from Konami back in the days: Lukas Podolski - Lucas Pomatzki Bastian Schweinsteiger - Sebastian Slinslitzel Cristiano Ronaldo - Cristian Gonzalo Lionel Messi - Leo Fessi Carlsberg - Karlbach Heineken - Hanken Fly Emirates - Arabian Flights Vodafone - VocalFon 😂
  11. TheEmpireWasRight

    F1® 2020 | First Gameplay Trailer

    Would be cool if we eventually get the option to divide the leaderboards by teams, e.g.: If i drive the Williams and post a 1:16:8 at Spain, i will be listed XXXXth in the general leaderboard. But, i get the option to filter the leaderboards and choose "filter by teams", which grants me the ability to see my Williams laptime of 1:16:8 listed against all the other Williams times that have been posted by other people. Imo, with this filter system in mind, other options such as "filter by assists" (no assists/ medium assists/ full assists), "filter by platform" (PC/ PS4/ XBone), "filter by device" (Steering Wheel/ Controller/ Keyboard/ Joystick) and "filter by date" (Newest/ Oldest) etc. should also be added. Codemasters need to give us more filter options for the Time Trial or Special Event or Online MP leaderboards.
  12. TheEmpireWasRight

    Lee Mather Responds to Scanned Tracks

  13. TheEmpireWasRight

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    Thanks for sharing. The unique Mercedes Turbowhistle Sound is so crisp and distinct in real life video footages. Sadly Codemasters has never been able to recreate it faithfully til this day. Even in the Preview footage of F1 2020 the game, the Mercedes engine sound is still missing this Turbowhistle. In the game it is not as audible or pronounced as it should be Hopefully the audio team of Codemasters will make some improvements before release, or at least during the dev cycle, for as long as F1 2020 is being actively supported with patches and updates. #MakeMercedesEngineSoundGreatAgain (Maybe it's because Codemasters possibly changes up the audio mix differently, compared to the audio mix of TV Broadcasters.)
  14. TheEmpireWasRight

    Critical aspects of F1 2020

    You stated: Hence why is stated: Regardless of that, only extremely high Kerbs (Inside Kerb of Turn 1 & 2 of Italy, Inside Kerb of Turn 5 of Hungary, Exit Kerb of Turn 20 of Abu Dhabi etc.), massive Sausage Kerbs, and Kerbs in the wet should spin or damage a car. From what i could see in all of the YouTube videos about F1 2020 the game, the players did spin when taking too much Kerb or when being at full throttle over the Kerb. Only Kerb where this was not the case, was in Monza Turn 5 and 10, though Turn 5 was a 50% chance of spinning whilst Turn 10 was taken flat. The Monza video of TRL Limitless showcased once again, a huge issue with Track Limits: Turn 4 Inside Kerb Turn 5 Inside Kerb Turn 8 Inside Kerb Turn 10 Inside Kerb These Turns / Kerbs were cut and should have ended up in a lap invalidation. From what i read, saw and heard, apparently Codemasters took the feedback of real life F1 drivers, and build the car handling, downforce & grip levels, as well as track models in accordance to what they had to say.
  15. TheEmpireWasRight

    Critical aspects of F1 2020

    The main issue is Track Limits: Bahrain Turn 2 Inside Kerb, Turn 6 & 7 Inside Kerb, Turn 13 Exit Kerb. These can be cut or extended, without getting a lap invalidation. That should not be the case. Either way, only high Kerbs, should spin the car or give us damage to the underfloor / front wing / suspension, if they are taken too aggressively or with a way too low ride height. All the other Kerbs (normal height Kerbs or flat Kerbs) are fine and do not need any change. Spinning out on the normal or flat Kerbs should only be possible when the tyres are almost dead or when it is raining and we have to deal with wet weather conditions, and that was already the case in F1 2019. PS: From what we could see as video footage on YouTube, the downforce and grip levels are correct and synchronized to real life car performance. Keep in mind that the 2020 cars are the fastest we ever had in the history of F1.