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  1. Also i can easily say that you are a casual player, that 20 driver list on the left side makes you go blind into corners thus making your laptimes slower so stop crying about that its not gona happen
  2. 20 cars instead of 3, colorfull and bigger fl thing, more discracting sector shover and team radio. Not everyone plasys this game in a casual way, codies hud is just great maybe a bit too big but the its more simple then this so I'll go with codies one
  3. I hope codies will never bring that hud ugh its terrible i cant imagine racing with that many things on screen
  4. It got my interest and i need to ask it, why did the codies enter that no profit for a half a decade? The sales of the Grid and Grid 2 was not bad if i remember correct
  5. I meain it might just me bbut i dont want the tv graphics to be in the game, they take so much screen place and makes you go blind on corners
  6. We need to save moon from space shuttles thats why !
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