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  1. Auryel27

    Lock ups

    brakes are not as good as f1 in f2
  2. yep downloading it http://prntscr.com/ofte4d 👍😁
  3. Auryel27

    Car Handling Model

    Yeah you were fixing it with ballast but becasue of people like you its gone
  4. you can play with no tc on a controller 🙂
  5. Auryel27

    Ask me your qeustions about the game

    38.8gb disk usage and its better then 2018
  6. Auryel27

    Ask me your qeustions about the game

    1 idk 2 longer for me 3 didnt encountered one 4 yeah its a the handling really changed from last year car is now more easy to spin and f2 cars are fun to drive
  7. As the title says i got to play the game a day early if you guys have some questions before the release date just ask me 🙂
  8. Auryel27

    TV Poop Ricer ( TV Pod Cam Racer )

    Just ignore him mate
  9. Auryel27

    Pre Load

    Files are comprresed once the download finishes i believe it will take more place then 25gb
  10. Auryel27

    Pre Load

    Most likely yes, there is like 6 dayys for the normal ver but hey give it a look if you have it at your steam library
  11. Auryel27

    Pre Load

    Its on now you can pre load the game http://prntscr.com/o57btc
  12. Auryel27

    Car Handling Model

    So you are saying that just because you cant drive with ballast its a cheat ? Lmao ur funny
  13. Auryel27

    F1 2019 Career

    no there is no f2 driver swaps if you skip
  14. Auryel27

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    Um they gota be kiding right ? They did not change anything on R&D tree like ferrari is clearly not the best and Alfa is not that slow ...
  15. Auryel27

    F1 2019 - Customisation Suggestions

    Even tho i cant agree with you for the hud, I totaly agree with you on this topic. We need helmet sponsors, helmet customization... We pay 60$ every year we deserve a helmet editor