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    Hellow Fellow drivers

    Hi guys, I‘m Tizian, 24 and I’m from Luxembourg. I’m currently racing in a league called „Online Racing Club“, the biggest German F1 PS4 league. I‘m really looking forward for the new game!! The trailer got me very exctited and I‘m very interested in how everything is going to be in the new game!
  2. Hi guys, I registered myself for the upcoming beta phase of F1 2019. Does anybody have more information about the Beta? For example when it will take place, when we‘ll get an answer for our application ans how big oder little the chances are of being chosen for the beta? thanks a lot in advance✌️ #KeepRacing
  3. Deneejer31

    Hellow Fellow drivers

    Thx a lot. i‘m happy to be part of this community:D