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  1. EduCalza

    Formation lap gears?

    yep. just dialogue. to make 'more real' but not a function or something.... I never had gear failure in formation lap even with high damage....
  2. They are working on it, said Lee Mather on twitter
  3. EduCalza

    Safety Car

    Glad to see an official information about SC fix. Thanks for share.
  4. Oh boy...I have Fanatec too...and will check when get home...
  5. EduCalza

    best offline settings

    I like realism as close to real life. I have full setup rig and I will start new career: Distance: 100% ( Full Free Practice Time and Full Qualifying) AI: 88% Rules: FULL Damage: Simulation Assist: all OFF But each one find a way to have fun..and tests your limit, more or less AI difficult or assists.. people here can suggest one million settings, that be ease or very hard for you.
  6. Maybe Formula Black v2 with rotary and flag on leds working now
  7. EduCalza

    Career mode is now broken!

    WOW, making Williams great again !
  8. EduCalza

    Anyone use mirrors in cockpit?

    I'm planning to pick trackir. no more use extreme fov or look to apex option. i think trackir is the best option,
  9. EduCalza

    Patch 1.07

    Patch 1.07 out now, said Faya.
  10. Faya, here say patch 1.06.
  11. Thanks for super helicopter speed fix
  12. Yep, it's Brazil Club Champions. 2012 Season 1, 2012 Season 2 and 2012 Season 3 and others like First Win at Daytona in trucks, 2nd place IndyCar and 2nd ClassB Cup I need to back to iR...