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    New pit entry at Baku

    What.......?! lol
  2. EduCalza

    Engine change

    Nope, it's a issue.
  3. EduCalza

    Practice programs time/level issues

    Yeah, for my first race in Australia, with Williams, AI level at 92, 100% lenght, cockpit cam, only TC on medium. Can't pass the ERS, Qual and Race programs. The team want to archive 1.23.736, my time was 1.25.546. +1.8s from target time https://youtu.be/-0Ir_CUG8-U?t=4118
  4. EduCalza

    F1 Dashboard | Simhub

    Thanks, glad you like. I like the real things to race too, like this real dasshboads. My setuo rig are base on Williams LCD mounted in my wheel base.
  5. EduCalza

    F1 Dashboard | Simhub

  6. EduCalza

    Driver Number.

    I always loved number 12, since a kid, all mystery about this number, 12 months, 24h a day, 12 + 12 haha. And was number of Ayrton Senna.
  7. EduCalza

    What camera do you use?

    Cockpit cam, always! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2SOIthiT2g
  8. EduCalza

    Patch 1.06 | ALL PLATFORMS | Patch Notes

    Did you mean the camera lift up at race start? for the race start has been fixed, but I saw at flashback rewind.
  9. EduCalza

    1.06 out on PC (black Merc)

    I think the intro not will be updated.
  10. EduCalza

    1.06 out on PC (black Merc)

  11. EduCalza

    Patch 1.06 | ALL PLATFORMS | Patch Notes

    Amazing livery, fit so good in game.
  12. Let them fix some problems, the perfomance patch will come later
  13. Great patch. Thanks @BarryBL say patch 10.05 on description.
  14. EduCalza

    F1 2020: Week One Update

    Thanks Barry!
  15. EduCalza

    TV graphics - Driver Positions Screen

    I use SimHub too, this is my stream test. https://youtu.be/aVyRqscl-Yc
  16. This is amazing and increase immersion, but in some cases affect performance, FPS drops.
  17. EduCalza

    Replay Edits

    There's a option to save the entire replay?
  18. EduCalza

    Turn off MFD header?

    wow, Sorry man.
  19. EduCalza

    Turn off MFD header?

    Automatically, my guess is not. But you can do this manually by simple copy/paste the XML file in \Documents\My Games\F1 2020\OSD Custom. (some like this) You can customize for your offline gameplay and then save the file, to a folder named career. So, make this for other game mode and save to folders. When you play online, just copy&paste the file to F1 folder in documents.
  20. same here with all Fanatec base v2 and pedal v3.
  21. EduCalza

    Bahrain Mirror Bug

    yeah, I saw this in F2.
  22. In career mode? I think if go to settings and delete save game and restart game, you should create a new profile.
  23. Me too. My guess is in some hours.
  24. EduCalza

    Career/MyTeam Calendar

    But I would like to choose my tracks, I hate monaco and baku.
  25. EduCalza

    F1 2020 features trailer

    Great, great, oh man.... Can't wait for this.