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    Career/MyTeam Calendar

    I guess that we cannot choose the tracks, will be pre-schedule races.
  2. EduCalza

    New Williams livery F1 2020

    Relic 🤣
  3. EduCalza

    New Williams livery F1 2020

    I liked so much the new livery, but my bad luck alway by my side haha, I'm waiting my t-shirt of Rokit Williams Racing and now Rokit goes out. Same thing last year when get Haas Rich Energy t-shirt, haha 😂 EDIT: and my Rokit Williams Racing gloves too.
  4. EduCalza

    Power unit grid penalty realism/fairness

    In my last race I saw Riccia starting from P20 by 40 grid penalty, round 15.
  5. EduCalza

    F1® 2020 | Pre-Season Testing

    I would like to see this in the game. Always I do my pre-season making some FP1 at Barcelona, in a GP mode. This is determine in wich AI difficult leve I will start my career. If I choose start from F2 my pre-season will be Bahrain.
  6. EduCalza

    F1 2020 teams order

    I think that Ferrri have best engine than Mercedes. But they lose in aero and durabilities
  7. EduCalza

    F1 2020 teams order

    Hey Amigo. This is an English forum, use Bing translator in future posts. This is hard to us know,
  8. EduCalza

    Which Engine?

    Yeah, you right, it depends on budget or spend all money in one top engine and the rest of developments will be very poor or pick the Honda.
  9. EduCalza

    Williams livery F1 2020

    Yeah, I think that will be as 'start season',
  10. EduCalza

    Which Engine?

    Mercedes 4ever haha
  11. EduCalza

    Will F2 2020 drivers be added to MyTeam?

    My guess...yes, when the F2 2020 update available.
  12. EduCalza

    F1 My Team - F2 Drivers

    TRIBUTE MOMENT I will pick Hubert for MyTeam EKZ F1 TEAM.
  13. EduCalza

    F1® 2020 First Look | My Team

    @BarryBL After quick tests here, if you delete the "..." and put "s" on "news" https://www.formula1game.com/2020/news Works well.
  14. EduCalza

    F1® 2020 First Look | My Team

    I'm on PC. EDIT: looks like the link is incomplete, ends on "..new...." https://www.formula1game.com/2020/new...
  15. EduCalza

    F1® 2020 First Look | My Team

    Yeah looks great, I will give a try. @BarryBL the both links are broken. Error 404.
  16. EduCalza

    Mechanical failure

    The only mechanical failure that I had is gearbox with 80% wear and gear changes are delayed. I had this in 4th round (at Baku) with Williams
  17. EduCalza


    If they don't scream like this...lol when was playing this in the past, a lot of jumpscares BTW, great commentators,
  18. EduCalza

    Placement of MFD

    You tried to edit the OnScreen display, into pause menu? You can move and resize all HUD objects.
  19. @BarryBL the two links are broken. Error 404.
  20. Nice. Our driver(player) will have this ratings too?
  21. Great video! #keepfightingmichael
  22. For me, Massa and Barrichello. And hope that Ricciardo become World Champion one day.
  23. EduCalza

    Flash backs in 2020

    All the time I've played with Flashback off, so I give up after so many mistakes and severals team fired and career restarts and. Now I use and abuse this feature.
  24. For me is the blue flag, I (with Williams) always lapped in almost all races. So, the blue flag is shown too early when the fast car are about 2 or more seconds behind me and I'm in the battle for 17th position need to lift and never more catch car ahead.
  25. EduCalza

    F1 2020 - Ultrawide Monitor Support

    Would be great. But I guess not this time.