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    Practice Sessions

    Yeah, I do this too. I replicate some things from real life, after this you call me a crazy fool, but what can a do? I like realism. Complete weekend, FP1-90 mins, FP2 90 mins, FP3 60 mins, Qualifying complete (I guess Q1 18mins, Q2 15 mins and Q3 12mins) and Race 100% distance. Let's start in FP1: - Load a setup, stay with hard compound, make an instalation lap, I set MIX to 1 and ERS to 1, my dashboard apears "OUT LAP" screen and back to pit. - First test I do is the tire management, with medium tire (recomended), and go out (never fly lap) and try to beat target and back to pit (I never use menu go to pit), I set MIX to 1 and ERS to 0, my dashboard apears "COOL DOWN" screen. - Next program is fuel management, I use the same tire from previous program, and try to beat target and back to pit. - Next program is ERS management, I use the same tire from previous program (yeah, the same set of tires for 3 test programs), and try to beat target and back to pit. - Next is the track acclimatisation, I use the same tire from previous program and back to pit. - My next step to complete session is load more fuel, for about 15 laps, and use the remaing medium tire life, and back to pit. Load new set of soft tire and run some laps or test new wing configuration or differential. In this time session is about to finish and race 23+ laps. FP2: - First test I do is the race program, and use the hard compound, most the track I can't beat the time by level difficult that I use (Williams at level 90). Back to pit, and run again the race program with medium tire, backup to pit and run again the race program with the soft tire and back to pit. - in remaining time I use the soft and medium tire to hot laps, if other setup settings is better or worst. FP3: - I do the last program, the qualifying program. In most track I can't beat the target, so, back to pits set car at full heavy load and run some laps with used soft tire, and see how car behavior full load + soft tire with 8-10+ wear. If we pass to Q2 is almost same situation at race start. Qualifying: - Normally I left in Q1 haha, so in the race I can choose the tire for start race. Race: - Race normal at the back of pack, trying to beat the team objetives, finish at P18.
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    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    When we will receive the email? If choosed, of course.
  3. EduCalza

    F1 career 2019 on F1 2020?

    Yeah, would be great. But I make this manually, as I said in other post, I started new career and now I must to finish in 66 days until F1 2020 comes up. And which team I finish will be a team that I will start 2020.
  4. EduCalza

    Lewis confirms they do have ERS control

    The only thing I want is bind specific button to ERS mode, BTN01 > ERS 0 and BTN02 > ERS4.
  5. EduCalza

    practice programs laptimes

    Running without get 8th gear is so crazy, Oh boy.. Thanks, yes 3 days for weekend, today is FP3 and qualifying, tomorow race. On friday bye day haha and get flight to USA to race NASCAR in iRacing hahaha ( I know I'm crazy fool guy) On F1 2019 will one year, but F1 2020 will race all 10 years. The new feature MyTeam, I not in the hype.
  6. EduCalza

    practice programs laptimes

    Wow, how the car moves? haha For this my new career, I change the ICE and Turbo for races, and back to older for next FPs. for this year ( I mean new career) I decide to not upgrade durability department. Will spend on aero and chassis. By my calcution, I must to finish my career in 67 day until F1 2020 comes up. where team I finish this year, will continue on 2020
  7. EduCalza

    practice programs laptimes

    Great! I got my pedal about 2 weeks ago and decide to start a new career. It's fantastic how I not lock the brakes easily, and had a complete Baku weekend, but bad setup decision and failures...DNF.
  8. EduCalza

    practice programs laptimes

    My last race on Baku, I had mechanical failure (I call this) my gear had 82% in 4 races, I lost the gears, but come back a few laps later, and the last 10 laps, the changes was to slow....DNF.
  9. EduCalza

    practice programs laptimes

    Yeah. After serveral tries, our tires can't set new good lap.
  10. EduCalza

    practice programs laptimes

    I hate Monaco haha. Each pit exit one front wing broken. Can't see the quali program, full power modes. Oh boy. But I will try, all the year Baku and Monaco are skipped, but now I have new pedal, and it's better than older and I can get a good results, So time I will try.
  11. EduCalza

    practice programs laptimes

    Yeah, depend on level diffcult, I'm started new career on Williams at level 90 and the Bahrain can't beat fuel program and quali program, in Baku, can't beat quali program, now I'm on Spain, and can't beat the race program ( on race program I only use MIX 2, ERS 2 and no DRS) so, cant' beat the target. I bet that quali program will fail again.
  12. EduCalza

    Please add more info on the steering wheel screen [R2]

    Yeah, I know. The teams don't allow to see their dashsboard too. When F1 YT channel release some 'driver's eye cam' they apply some blur on dashboard. Thanks for have UDP telemetry and us can make dashboard, like, that use LCD Screen (7") mounted in my wheel base, like Williams.
  13. EduCalza

    F1® 2020 | Zandvoort Hotlap

    Great video, Thanks. Looking forward to 2020 game.
  14. EduCalza

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    My honest opinion. I like so much Codemasters F1 Games, since 2010 (had on PS3) and 2011-2019 on Steam, Very good F1 Simulator, I say that, because, can simulate many things from real life. For me ' simulation ' don't mean about handling, FFB and car driving related, but in general, let's make a comparison from some things that we can see: Real Life: In car, the drivers can change multiple options by pressing or rotating switchs; Game: We have some that functions, like BBias, MIX Fuel, ERS modes; (of couse that actual car have engine mapping modes, but I said, simulate engine modes) Real Life: On The track have FIA Digital Flags; Game, On game we have this too, and works... Real Life: The weekend, have 3 FPs, Qualifying and Race; Game: We have option to choose full length sessions. Of couse there much more to we compare, but I will not list all, I do not want to be very extensive here. So, it's my opinion that I want to share with you.
  15. Yeah, sometimes this happens to me too and I restart game and works well.
  16. EduCalza

    Why not a F1 racing school mode in the game?

    Yeah, great ideia. I would like too, I play o level 90 and in Williams, I'm 3-4 seconds slow than AI, while trying to upgrade my car.
  17. I'm 3-4s slow then AI on 90, career 100% lenght, damage simulation, helps all off. Williams driver.
  18. EduCalza

    List your 5 most recent enjoyed racing games

    My last 5 are ( in order by play) 5- F1 2019 4- F1 2018 3- F1 2017 2- F1 2016 1- F1 2015 hahaha I'm joking, the real choices are: 5- F1 2019 - almost the time playing, for me the best F1 so far. 4- iRacing - I've recently back to compete online 3- Assetto Corsa Competizione - I like how we can control the car, like lights/rain light, TC-ABS- ENG MAP 2- Race Room - after update, the game is better and better 1- Automobilista - a lot mods I have, 10 years of stock car mod (2009-2019)
  19. EduCalza

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Good question, I think is the same the url profile page.
  20. EduCalza

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Done. Cross fingers
  21. EduCalza

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    the gamertag can be steam url profile page?
  22. EduCalza

    Future F1 game ideas

    I liked the weather graph, more realistic.
  23. EduCalza

    [PS4] - Delta Safety Car

    I know that when SC is deployed, we must to stay below delta time, and in some laps the delta disappears and we can speed up to catch car ahead, this always happens to me.