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    On Screen Displays

    my triple screen, only visible the practice program.
  2. EduCalza

    On Screen Displays

    in the pause menu, we have option to custom hud and you can move all objects, there's hud for practice, race and pit stop that we can move.
  3. EduCalza

    F1 2020 Game Leaked Screenshot

    haha The new SMS engine on the work
  4. Yeah, would be great, I need to check that delay of the people are saying, but for now I can't, my pc are off, need new screen. The delay comes with last updates? because I noticied before patch 1.20.
  5. EduCalza

    Will DAS be in 2020

    Of course.....................No.
  6. What wheel are you using? there's an analog on there?
  7. I have the Fanatec FBlack rim, and I use the the analog for ERS/MIX functions. It's so light to move, for me is better than pressing a button to these functions. Up/Down used for ERS and Left/Right to MIX fuel.
  8. EduCalza

    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    NIce guide Barry, thanks for posting to us.
  9. They are working on it, said Lee Mather on twitter
  10. Oh boy...I have Fanatec too...and will check when get home...
  11. Maybe Formula Black v2 with rotary and flag on leds working now
  12. Yep, it's Brazil Club Champions. 2012 Season 1, 2012 Season 2 and 2012 Season 3 and others like First Win at Daytona in trucks, 2nd place IndyCar and 2nd ClassB Cup I need to back to iR...
  13. okay, let's see. thanks
  14. haha, Me sponsored by Exteme Racing...(I'm joking) I like this SimRacing company, you had to see my old steering wheell, shifter **** and other parts, all from Extreme, haha
  15. It's a China product that I found on our online Market, like ebay, the model is CLi07TS Neway
  16. But on ps4 we can set the pc ip?
  17. You mean UDP relay? or udp from game. because my friend said it's configured and ps4 and pc are on same network, but doesn't work, he have Windows 7, you know if need .net framework?
  18. Alex, how to do setup simhub to receive data come f1 2019 from ps4? I'm trying to help a friend, but I have no game for ps4.. only pc...
  19. PC man. I have cockpit Racing seat with Fanatec V2 Base, Fanatec Formula Black rim, two 7" usb screen attached on base and one of button box.
  20. very cool man. I make dashes too, but my is inspired from real dashboard. I have two published and F2 dash almost done. Alfa Romeo: Renault: F2 (fictional, because can't find vid/pic from real F2 Steering Wheel):