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  1. you can't change it, I was thrilled when I saw it, it was enough to implement a menu ...
  2. if you look he got eau rouge going less on the curb than me, and he broke the floor anyway, so i don't think it's a problem to go up curb it is still half the car is on the curb, a piece of floor should touch, since according to the theory of some it is that it is the fault of the curb
  3. I will try, but the fact remains that it is not a normal thing, in Q I have never had any problems. last night in that race we started in 18 and we arrived in 5 for this problem
  4. wings: 6-5 suspensions: 2-5-2-5-4-6 if you look closely we both broke the floor in half eau rouge we do not know if it is a bug, in our opinion it is the fault of the track, because almost all the tracks are full of non-existent bumps, and with damage on simulation it is impossible
  5. between yesterday and today, shooting in Belgium, me and other people on the FiT broke the bottom in the race in eau rouge. we believe it breaks on one of the many bumps on the track. it's not a normal thing ... my video Another driver on FiT yesterday
  6. it is not accidental, on the FiT practically everyone who requested it received it, except me, obviously someone doesn't like me... I hope that maybe in the next few days it will be given to more people
  7. I don't see the beta topic, big F
  8. but will an email be sent to the selected ones?
  9. 1) in the export event when I click to load the setup, the rear view is blocked, only if I use the steering wheel (t300 Rs) 2)PS4 3)1.18 4) esport event 5) yes, just load the setup using the steering wheel 6) to solve it, I went back to the main menu and restarted the event 7)I went back to the main menu and loaded the setup with the pad 8 Thrustmaster T300rs + tm open wheel addon 64314480675__839F2A95-A0AE-48D7-9C08-AA110421530D.MOV
  10. 1) in Q in turn 10, I went off the track to let people pass behind me, but it canceled my current and next lap, and all that in the second sector 2) PS4 3) 1.18 4) unranked 5) wireless 6) 18 (15 in Q2) 7) I was not the host 8) I don't know if it happened to anyone else 9) i think i can recreate the bug 10) i don't know how to fix it 11) I don’t have the report code 12) I don’t stream the session, I have upload the video here. IMG_1616.MOV
  11. today I came up with something that could be very useful, the possibility of being able to make a pit stop as in the race, but during the free practice sessions, it would help a lot for the race simulation.
  12. sorry if I answer only now, I have hosted several times in the last few months in my league, I have not had any other problems, I think at the moment it was something temporary
  13. Nat type 2 Download Speed : 70 mbps Upload Speed : 15 mbps
  14. 1) when i create a lobby, the game return to main menu, with the error code HP557.3686 2) PS4 3) version 1.13 4) multiplayer no classified 5) i dont know, but its happen when i create a lobby 6) i re start the game 7) re start the game 8 ) Wheel, thrustmaster t300 RS
  15. Is it normal for me to see this beta topic without having received the beta?
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