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  1. Yes i have the same problem with so many other problems. This is by far the worst game in YEARS depending on glitches and working patches. Really a shame because there is so much possible when you have an F1 license to make the game😔😔
  2. Thanks man✌️💪. Yeah it tried it in the past sevaral times but it never fixed any of those bugs it only became worse😅😒😒
  3. Hello, After a week no playing of F1 due to birth to my child. I came back yesterday to do my league race like normally on Saturdays. No is there every week something with some kind of crazy bug. And i have enough of it so thats why i send this here, in the hope codemaster will do something with it. After so many patches you should think the disconnections and the VSC glitch should be gone. But no it has only came back worse! This is ruining my fun to play the game and i guess also many others. Because why would you practise for a race if you: 1. disconnect 2. returning in
  4. Comments like this, are really not helping to solve my and other problems. PLEASE people read my post GOOD before posting in my opinion useless comments. I want help not this..
  5. I do not have a plug in for a headset on a LogitechG920 and on the Thrustmaster TX. If you have it you are the first one🙂
  6. PLEASE read my problem correctly. I only use the controller when i have the headset connected. I need to talk somewhere when i am in a party, or in a competitive race with an engineer..
  7. Hello, Because this issue has been on this game for years now, i think it is time to change! This problem is really annoying while playing the F1 game. And for driving league races and having an engineer this problem is BIG!.. The problem: When i connect my headset with my xbox controller. My Force feedback from the wheel is just GONE. And the game only recognizes my controller... Because i play on the wheel this is really annoying. Because when i hit a kurb, my controller goes shaking like i am driving on the controller. When i try to turn off the controller in Forc
  8. Hello everyone😁

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