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  1. Yes i have the same problem with so many other problems. This is by far the worst game in YEARS depending on glitches and working patches. Really a shame because there is so much possible when you have an F1 license to make the game😔😔
  2. kevar84

    What are the patches doing?!

    Thanks man✌️💪. Yeah it tried it in the past sevaral times but it never fixed any of those bugs it only became worse😅😒😒
  3. Hello, After a week no playing of F1 due to birth to my child. I came back yesterday to do my league race like normally on Saturdays. No is there every week something with some kind of crazy bug. And i have enough of it so thats why i send this here, in the hope codemaster will do something with it. After so many patches you should think the disconnections and the VSC glitch should be gone. But no it has only came back worse! This is ruining my fun to play the game and i guess also many others. Because why would you practise for a race if you: 1. disconnect 2. returning in the lobby and all your settings are gone! 3. VSC glitch. It is just crazy we need to be patient so much do to just a relax 18 min qualy and a 50% race. This is totally unacceptable and happening to A LOT of drivers!!!! DO SOMETHING WITH IT!!!!!!! IMG_3213.MOV IMG_3214.MOV
  4. kevar84

    BIG PARTY, Force feedback issue

    Comments like this, are really not helping to solve my and other problems. PLEASE people read my post GOOD before posting in my opinion useless comments. I want help not this..
  5. kevar84

    BIG PARTY, Force feedback issue

    I do not have a plug in for a headset on a LogitechG920 and on the Thrustmaster TX. If you have it you are the first one🙂
  6. kevar84

    BIG PARTY, Force feedback issue

    PLEASE read my problem correctly. I only use the controller when i have the headset connected. I need to talk somewhere when i am in a party, or in a competitive race with an engineer..
  7. Hello, Because this issue has been on this game for years now, i think it is time to change! This problem is really annoying while playing the F1 game. And for driving league races and having an engineer this problem is BIG!.. The problem: When i connect my headset with my xbox controller. My Force feedback from the wheel is just GONE. And the game only recognizes my controller... Because i play on the wheel this is really annoying. Because when i hit a kurb, my controller goes shaking like i am driving on the controller. When i try to turn off the controller in Force Feedback it is just selecting the other controller feedback settings. What in the world is this? I just want an game wich i can play without having this stupid glitch. For me it is just not possible to play with the wheel and being in a party in the same time, because the game only recognizes the controller. This is not how it should work i guess.? PLEASE codemasters do something about this problem. Its makes playing the game less more fun when everybody is in Party’s and i need to turn my controller off every time i hit the track, just to be sure i do not have the force feedback glitch. This problem was in F1 2018, F1 2019 and now again in F1 2020! So please do something about this for once really. This problem i had on the LogitechG920 and on the ThrustmasterTX, so this is 100% not a wheel related problem. Because also the game just selects 2 force feedback settings wich u can not delete.... Help me!! And i guess also some other people who are playing competitive! Thanks, and have a nice day! IMG_3131.MOV IMG_3131.MOV
  8. kevar84

    The STATE of this game....

    yeah i am buddy. Forum and iracing is on the same PC btw;)
  9. kevar84

    The STATE of this game....

    haha one word about iracing, and i get the whole codiesarmy against me. Grow up guys..
  10. kevar84

    The STATE of this game....

    You must be joking right?
  11. kevar84

    The STATE of this game....

    Lol, at least i can play that without problems at the moment. I can not say that about f1 2020 right now. For me it is hard to take you seriously. And me Complaining and then returning to iracing? It just looks like im talking to people from codemasters on there own, Because everything you guys say is out of context. All those things from i heard i heard. We have nothing to that. I just spoke out what i think of this game at the moment, And im getting the most useless comments. All you guys want to do is defend this game, but not realizing we need fixing. Because every patch the game has gone backwards!! On Xbox at least. If you do not expierence that just be quiet. And do not try to score points right now. Like i said i hate to say this.
  12. kevar84

    The STATE of this game....

    I have enough of this forum. people dont take me serious, but the game is in a worse state it has ever been. goodnight i go have some fun on iracing;)
  13. kevar84

    The STATE of this game....

    You guys do really not understand... The game is unplayable on XBOX. PC the game works fine, you can not argue with me because we are not on the same console.
  14. kevar84

    The STATE of this game....

    Yeah because the game on PC works FINE they say. Trust me when i say the game on xbox is in a bad state, it is really in a bad state. Its hard to believe for you guys when you play only PC, but its horrific at the moment and yes it is unplayable on xbox! If your game stops every 15 minutes and lots of things are missing, while i payed 70 euro's. Yes its unplayable for me..
  15. kevar84

    The STATE of this game....

    For you it is a nice game then. I can tell you the game on XBOX is a big big nightmare unfortunate. So its hard for you with only on PC to talk about those problems, because the game works fine on PC Thanks anyways