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  1. Yeah I think that's a good thing as long as no one is gaining an advantage then it should stay as is but we'll see as the game goes on
  2. Yeah I think you're right I just tested it with the delta the you do gain a bit on entry but you lose it on exit compared to staying on track, I think you would have to perfectly extend it then maybe it is faster. Not sure if it's worth changing it because you then probably punish genuine mistakes in races to maybe stop people gaining a tenth in qualifying. I just thought I should report it since it reminded me of an issue with Stowe corner in previous games that eventually got patched
  3. The Williams is the video of me recreating the issue in grand Prix and the Ferrari is the video in TT where I went off and wasn't able to recreate the issue(or I got a warning)
  4. Description: The lap is not invalidated in Time Trial despite clearly running off track in order to keep the throttle down. I also tried this in grand prix mode and was able to repeat the same thing with strict corner cutting. I could have gained time from this although I think that if you go off and clearly don't gain time you shouldn't be punished. Report Code: TDBE-RXHG-HJHE-GMEG Platform: Xbox (xbox one x) Game mode: I have seen this in both time trial and grand Prix mode so I assume its happening across all game modes In terms of troubleshooting I don't think ther
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