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  1. When will we finally get a fix for this issue ? Can you please hurry on releasing it ? It's more than annoying at the moment, not being able to enjoy half of the game because the online features are blocked because of an issue you're responsible for
  2. I playd after the 1.06 patch without encountering any issue but now I can't play online anymore. Is this for real ? This is seriously annoying and preventing me from participating and coordinating a league race... I'm not running any UDP telemetry tools whatsoever I use DX11 (and couldn't even use DX12 as I'm on Windows 7 and will not install Windows 10, ever) I don't use any mods I can't play in either ranked or unranked multiplayer and Time Trial doesn't save my times either. I rebooted my computer and game countless times to no avail. I verified the integrity of the game files and installed the latest Nvidia drivers, still nothing. When Itry to create an online session, it says "You were banned from the session" and when I try to join one it says "You've been kicked for cheating"