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  1. Basically the AI is good/bad pace wise depending on the track. It’s really a guessing game whether they’ll be quicker than you or not. I recommend doing practice, seeing how you compare, and then adjusting based on your performance in practice relative to the AI.
  2. Layeo

    enhanced understeer on or off?

    Is it really an assist though? We’re not in an actual car that we can feel understeer in. Literally every major sim has the same feature. Anyone that uses it isn’t a noob, they just understand that you can’t feel the force and responsiveness of the car that you could IRL. It’s a real effect when driving at the limit of a car regardless.
  3. Layeo

    Car Brakes by its own

    Is your brake calibrated
  4. A monitor will make a huge difference in your gameplay. Once I switched to a monitor (1ms input lag) I felt more in control with my setup. Now I can’t even play on a regular TV without thinking “Goodness it’s so far behind my actual input.” Of course it won’t give you raw pace but it should surely help with being consistent with driving.
  5. I owned the G920 and it’s a total skip tbh. The TMX is a better buy overall with the pedals. Logitech G920 pedals have an insane toughness to the brake pedal claiming “realism.” However it’s very much the opposite and it feels cheap. Thrustmaster is much much better. Wheel should work straight out the box with minimum setting changes for the majority of people.
  6. If you’re using gmail, be sure to check the “Important” tab. My beta email was hidden in that tab because Google thought it was a promotion.