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  1. ZONES

    Why we can't do solo session in unranked?

    It's not the same. In GP are annoying bots otherwise it's stupid 😂 It should be easily enable to do solo session
  2. In my opinion it's stupid thing which should be changed.
  3. ZONES

    Delayed start

  4. ZONES

    Delayed start

    Hello , i saw that situation a lot of times ,but first time for me. it's really annoying when you racing. It's happened in TOP SPLIT in AOR - Best league dawdwa.wmv
  5. ZONES

    Input lag since Patch 1.18

    Hello i feel the same after reinstall my system (windows 10) everythink was be ok , i was driving without Vsync and i didn't had somethink like lags (?) . But after i need on the vsync becouse i feel somethink like lags , i have 120fps but i feel lags. And when i on the vsync on my steering wheel i feel somethink like delay?