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  1. I get where you're coming from but I honestly don't think it's setup as seriously as you think it is. If it was to be taken that seriously, penalties would be modeled in a better fashion, bans would be a thing and the net code would be made better. As it stands each time we play (I can't speak for other people obviously), we always race each other to a 100% even to the point where we might damage eachother (not on purpose of course), unranked lobbies are filled with way more rammers and silly races whilst Ranked offers some higher quality games, it allowed us to race eachother seriously along with other people which unranked barely provides at the moment. If they really wanted to prevent abuse due to people being friends how can we still run into each other through the normal matchmaker? It's literally just a huge inconvenience to us. We still race in unranked mode or the Weekly event but it sucks having to rely on the matchmaker to pair up now. They could try adopting a "Co-op/Party ranked" type feature which is what Dota 2's Matchmaking offers but it would be a complete joke if you say Codemaster's matchmaker is as good as Dota's. Sticking to the topic, it was fun for us last year and a lot of other people, I don't think any friends ended up boosting each other to Master rank from what I've seen.
  2. Just had the chance to play the game again yesterday with the new patch, I don't know why but the game actually crashes for me way more now. I almost never got any crashes before but they definitely happen now, there's also major micro stutter back that used to happen a lot in F1 2018, I wish there was a way to revert the patch at this point lol. I'm on a i7-6700k, GTX1080, 8GB ram so not sure what's going on here.
  3. Couple of things: - The crashes on DX12 are happening on most machines I don't think it was just limited to the GTX 970 and people are still having problems with this. -We still need the R&D Patch, this is important because it makes Career mode feel too weird without the proper ones. -The AI is still quite inconsistent between qualifying and the actual race, I also feel like there;s a huge straight line speed gain which the AI seem to have, a friend of mine was racing with a Red Bull against a Williams (89% AI) and could barely catch it on a straight, this obviously needs to be looked at. -You really need to re-work Leagues, there should be an option for the Admins/Owners to not need to propose a vote to change settings and kicking should be at full discretion of them not through a vote, a friend of mine ran into a random user starting his league race before everyone else did as he pressed ready before everyone else. -Online Championship unranked should still be a thing, it's better when you just want to race with pure randoms rather than setting up a whole league each time. -Seems like there's a visual bug in the pits, the driver no longer turns the wheel when exiting/entering the pits, lol. -I'm not sure why you did this but please bring back the option to invite friends in Ranked. We have to rely on RNG to find each other in a lobby, people are going to ram regardless to be honest, this is only going to inconvenience people who don't. -There seems to be a bug with setups in online, sometimes people's setups/tire choices get swapped for some reason, maybe this was a one-off for my friend but it happened. -Time trial seems to have issues if you attempt a lap multiple times, I actually beat a time which did not register for some reason, I screenshotted everything but the game never updated it. My connection was 100% fine throughout this. It started to not count the Delta each lap for some reason. I hope we get a bigger update next patch guys, this was quite underwhelming to be honest.
  4. Dwardu100

    Wet weather

    I'll check this out properly, the main problem with 2019 is we don't have ballast anymore (for modern cars anyways) and no proper setups yet, so working with just the default is a little weird. I think what seems to really help is dropping the on differential to 50%, I still get some random snap oversteer though, some people in Ranked seem like they're driving in the dry lol.
  5. Dwardu100

    Wet weather

    Are you supposed to edit your dry setup to a large degree if the race is going to be wet? Say quali is wet but the race is dry, what would you do?
  6. Dwardu100

    [PC] Gene League

    Hey guys! With the upcoming feature of Leagues being directly implemented into F1 2019 we will be starting up a very casual league that will be hosted in accordance to the comfort of those that join. You don't have to be the fastest person in the world but clean racing will be enforced and we also allow the usage of assists. The plan we had is to run the calendar normally starting from Australia. This league is also only going to be on PC so anyone on Console sadly won't be able to join us. 😕 We are also based in Europe, CEST Timezone. If anyone is interested, feel free to join our Discord server and we can start planning from here: https://discord.gg/mwdwRWK Any questions? feel free to ask!