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  1. I'm not gona stop asking just because you keep ignoring this codemasters... I asked politely for information on a faulty behaviour in a product I purchased... Actually a faulty behaviour in at least three or four products that I bought over the past couple of years. The only thing I want is some information on why this behaviour, that seems to be fixable with a simple timeout, is not so simple and what your plan and timeline is to fix this. I even indicated to live with a simpel workaround.
  2. @Codemasters??? Any infors or details why this keeps happening and why a time-out is not a solution? Assuming the bug is known, however if you need more details please let me know... Also again, if fixing is impossible could you at least implement a workaround to avoid restarting the game...
  3. Same bug as in the previous three or even four games. During the loading screen for multiplayer race it seems that one player is not getting ready and you are stuck on the loading screen. The obvious solution seems to be to build in a time-out which automatically disconnects players after a certain amount of time. However since this seems so obvious I can't imagine you guys from codemasters haven't thought about that yet. I therefore assume that the screen information with a stuck player is not the full story. What is happening in thosse cases? Is there a way to prevent it? Also
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