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  1. Trumpfbuur

    Ranked Multiplayer revival

    I have played the F1 Games a lot and tought that the introduction of ranked multiplayer was great. I had the impression that in F1 2018 25% S Rating lobbies the driving was generally quite nice and fair (of course every now and then someone breaked to late into the first corners and hit you, but that even happens in real life). However in F1 2019 ranked multiplayer for at least S Rated players seems to be dead. Every time I check it throws me into an empty lobby. I tried the unranked races but that is like mario kart, unless you are in the front you will not be able to pass anyone because your just forced off track and even if you are leading, one of the backmarkers will put you out. I also don't really want to play leagues, since I will not be able to attend such a fixed schedule... So please, do something to make ranked more attractive, award Points or let people invite friends again, just anything that brings back the comunity... @codemasters: Is that something you also see in any statistics or is it just my impression that ranked is not really used anymore? And did the matching engine signifficantly change from F1 2018 which might be the reason for this impression? To everyone else, what are the reasons you're not playing ranked anymore? Or what would need to happen to make you play ranked again? Would really hope we would find a way to revive this game mode... Its a shame for such a nice feature...
  2. Thanks @Faya, repairing the game files via Steam did the trick! Appreciate the quick help!
  3. After finishing the Singapore GP and trying to proceed to the Russian GP in career mode, the Game crashed. I tried to get into the career again after restarting the game, however the game keeps crashing now while on the loading screen of the career mode. I tried both, DX11 and DX12, crashes at the same time. Platform is PC. Attached is also the bug report created by the Game. Is there any workaround i could try? Even if this means to manipulate the savegame to proceed with P2 instead of P1 for example and try again? Help would be appreciated. Thanks! 546144-20190729-122628-0.zip
  4. Trumpfbuur

    Formula 1 2018 Gave Me An Epileptic Seizure

    I can confirm that I have seen the same thing happening every once in a while on PC. Often during Mutiplayer Races but also seen it in Career and during all weather conditions and on multiple tracks. The flickering usually only starts once I get close to a car in front and stops once i pass or the other car pulls away.
  5. Awesome, also got in (PC). Thanks, will do my best to provide valuable feedback and help creating an outstanding Anniversary Edition...