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  1. etnictrn

    Gameplay Feedback (League Racing)

    I would like to add a few more things: It is way to easy to stay in someone's DRS even if you are few tenths slower than them on raw pace. I wouldn't say that DRS/slipstream is too powerful but rather the dirty air needs to be increased or your tyres should start to overheat if you are following a car for few laps which would add some tactical aspect to the game. That also brings me to another point - tyre saving is almost non-existent this year. You don't get punished as much as you did previous year when you try to ask a bit too much from your tyres, you will be better of pushing as hard as you can in almost every scenario apart from few tracks where the softs are hard to manage. In real life, if you prepare a good exit out of a corner you are gaining time for the whole time on the upcoming straight that is not the case in the game. In game, you only gain a small amount of time for about 200 meters and it is not even comparable to what you gain in real life. This would make a cut back way more viable option to do when overtaking than it is now. Teams should be able to do a double stop in pits without losing any time. As it now, you always have to pit on a different lap than your teammate, this becomes hard when it starts raining for example. Also when you are in pits in qualifying for example and you are further away from the pit exit than your teammate and he presses go on track 10-15 seconds later than you, your team doesn't release you, they only do so after your teammate is out. The grip on pad is ridiculous, I understand that the pad needs to be a viable option because there's probably a lot of casuals that play on pad or simple people who can't afford wheel yet there's no reason for the pad to have such a good traction and if there are people who want to get good at the game they should be forced to play on a device that is suited for the game.
  2. I am also experiencing the same issue. It is not like I am getting strutters but the FPS is constantly way lower than what it was in previous patches. Never had an FPS issue in this or previous F1 games after a new patch was released. I've tried updating my drivers but that didn't fix it. I am playing on PC, dx11, unable to try dx12 because I am using win7.
  3. etnictrn

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    What I've also noticed is that changing resolution and anti-aliasing doesn't affect my FPS in this patch. Playing with lower resolution and AA on TAA Checkerboard would really help me increase the fps in previous builds.
  4. etnictrn

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    I'm on PC. I also never had an FPS issue related to newer patch and the guys that I'm racing with dropped even more FPS than me. One guy that I asked went from 200 to 100 FPS and the other also dropped half of the FPS that he was getting before this patch as he went from 80 to 40. They must have messed up somewhere in this update.
  5. etnictrn

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    The FPS is much worse in this patch. I went from 120 to 80 fps. It doesn't seem to be an issue on my end as few other guys that I'm league racing with have the same problem.