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  1. Tranzitive

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    i think we found the guy in the video
  2. Tranzitive

    Golf Skin

    hopefully both are in the game, i like the silver one better myself personally.
  3. Tranzitive

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    since this thread has been revived, i'll mention something here that i mentioned in another thread previously: if they give people the option in the game to select a lower difficulty once you've passed that level, i think it will help a lot with people's frustration with the AI. so, for example, if you get to elite, let people select clubman, open, etc. if they want. if you've reached masters - the highest level - let people select any of the previous four difficulty levels to race their AI championships at. yes, i know you can just do a custom championship but you don't earn any credits for those. and yeah i know you can just abandon a championship enough time to get dropped down a level but it's an annoyance to have to keep abandoning championships. seems like a solution that should be relatively easy to implement.
  4. don't care much for this track as it was pretty boring in real life, but .... although it is a fantastic recreation of the (boring) real-life track, i'm soooo happy they finally gave us a proper livery for the '07 Focus.
  5. Tranzitive

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    i never said using 360 rotation was unfair. just that it's kind of ironic that people complain about people using assists like TC and ABS while at the same time using assists themselves like less than 540 degrees of rotation and bonnet cam. sorry, but using less than 540 degrees of rotation on a wheel is most definitely an assist. Appendix 1 of the sporting regulations for this CM DR2.0 esports says that assists are not allowed. so why allow people to use 400 or even 360 degrees of rotation? if they're going to do that then allow people to use TC and ABS. i mean, if someone feels comfortable using ABS then they should be allowed to, if CM are going to allow people using 400/360 degrees of rotation to use it if they feel comfortable with it. and people complain about other people using chase cam while at the same time using bonnet cam, which is just as arcadey. i actually see in the sporting regulations that exterior cameras are set to 'on' for the quarters, semis, and final. probably to appease all the bonnet cam users who would be in an uproar if they couldn't use that view. but isn't it going to be fun if one of the top 3 in the finals or even the winner ends up using chase cam. imagine the uproar from the bonnet cam users.
  6. Tranzitive

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    people keep talking about cuts, and using ABS/traction control, but what about people using hacks like 400 or even 360 degrees of steering rotation, and also bonnet cam? from what i gather most of the top guys on PC use 400 degrees of rotation, from what i've heard Joona uses 360 which is the same as an F1 car. i'd love to see the real-life final played with ABS, traction control and stability control off, the wheel rotation locked to 540, and the camera locked to cockpit cam. that would be a proper final. people can't complain about people using gamepads or assists if they use less than 540 degrees of rotation on their wheel and/or bonnet cam.
  7. Tranzitive

    Daily M2 GT

    haha love your sense of humour. it is quite strange that they just kind of forgot that the M2 has a turbo. re: your question - i find the 911 the worst of the R-GT cars. The Aston is my go-to for that class. i don't even bother with the 911. it's okay on tarmac but i won't even touch it on gravel.
  8. and Sony decided to do maintenance on the US PSN store at the same time 😂 i'd rather have updates than no updates though. maybe they can change the ending time of the qualifiers to be a little bit before the updates are pushed out for consoles. might help avoid the situation the OP is describing in future. just end the qualifiers a few hours before the updates are due to come out.
  9. Tranzitive

    Kenya & Japan back in WRC 2020 !

    AFAIK Australia hasn't been permanently dropped, but it's going to alternate with New Zealand. One year Aus, next year NZ, next year Aus, etc.
  10. Tranzitive

    Kenya & Japan back in WRC 2020 !

    here's a vid to celebrate NZ being back on the calendar. getting deja vu when i watch this, stage seems familiar 😛
  11. nah can't do it mate, only possible in custom championship. i've suggested a few times before being able to select a lower difficulty once you've passed it so people can go back to lower difficulties if you want but the response from CM was that the difficulty in career is curated and they're not going to allow anyone to change the level of difficulty in career. FYI if you finish in the bottom 3 enough times or abandon the championship enough times it will drop you down a difficulty level.
  12. This happens because of the way the game is coded to end the stage in the time control area. Basically the stage will end if you do anything in that area that will trigger a car reset. So coming to a complete stop will trigger the stage to end because coming to a complete stop on the stage will trigger the icon asking if you want to reset the car. Hitting a person in the time control area will trigger the stage to end because hitting a person on the stage will trigger a car reset. Driving all the way to end of the time control area will trigger the stage to end because you've driven out of bounds, and driving out of bounds on the stage itself will trigger a car reset. Personally i always knee-cap the officials at the end of the stage because it takes too long to come to a complete stop and then wait the few seconds for the stage to end.
  13. Tranzitive

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    when the "into 3 left" is called the car is already in the middle of the tight turn 2. and if you look at the corner sequence, it's a tight turn 2 into an immediate tight left 3. that should be called continuously. the guy playing the video sucks as well, he's not going that fast, if you approach that sequence of corners at a decent speed it's going to catch you out a lot of the time. also notice that there's a bale on the inside of the tight turn 2, and this hazard isn't called at all. an example of some of the missing information in the notes.
  14. An example of what he might actually sound like (in the WAV file) Stephen Hawking Codriver.wav
  15. Tranzitive

    world championship player numbers

    i would expect those numbers to go up too as Tuesday approaches. always happens with the weekly and daily events etc as Tuesday comes. when i check the leaderboards after every payout on tuesday i've always dropped down a ton of places compared to even a day before, especially if i finish a weekly event early in the week. lot of people leave doing the events till the last minute, i do that myself as well sometimes.