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  1. Tranzitive

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    I've been playing ACC non-stop on PS4 since it released. The 30fps isn't actually that bad and you get used to it after a while. The physics, sound, immersion, and detail are absolutely incredible. I tried playing GT Sport yesterday after 2 weeks of playing nothing but ACC and how 'simcade' leaning towards arcade the physics are really stood out after playing ACC. Yeah 30fps would be better but the game has dynamic weather and day-night transitions too. DR2.0 doesn't. GT Sport doesn't. Sacrifices have to be made somewhere. And let's not forget that DR2.0 was only 1080p and extremely blurry on PS4 Pro at launch. It took a patch and ton of community complaints for them to get it up to 1440p and soften the blur. ACC is 1440p on PS4 Pro or if you run it at 1080p mode you get better draw distance and anti-aliasing. F1 2020 and ACC are two different player bases imo so I don't necessarily think F1 is gonna take players away from ACC.
  2. Tranzitive

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Interesting picture update on the CM Facebook page.
  3. This is something that has been a consistent issue since the game has launched. We seem to have had a ton of F2 kitcar events recently. Just did the F2 kitcar stage in Australia today (25 April), then did the NR4/R4 daily in Australia, and it was exactly the same stage 😪 Then today we also have a 'bonus' event which uses Group A (free choice, not just limited to the Legacy) in Argentina. This is not 'bonus' at all as my understanding is that the bonus events are supposed to use only DLC cars/tracks. And that has also been an issue for a while now, with tons of bonus events not being 'bonus' at all. Related to that is the incorporation of the DLC - 50% of the game is DLC, and yet there seems to be less than 50% incorporation of it into the community events. Really hope these issues can be looked at and addressed before the final patch.
  4. Tranzitive

    What happens with Rally Sweden?

    the way they work in DR2.0 is much more realistic. they're fine. no update needed.
  5. Tranzitive

    How do Monthly AI Challenges work?

    this is not normal. this is an error caused when your data doesn't upload properly. did you get an error message like "cannot connect to Racenet" at any point? due to the coronavirus and so many people working from home, there is huge strain on all worldwide servers at the moment so there are a lot of online glitches right now. GT Sport has been having huge problems with its servers too, so it's not just Codemasters. And Sony have even said they will slow the speed of downloads in order to try compensate for the increased demand on their servers.
  6. Tranzitive

    How do Monthly AI Challenges work?

    you choose the car you drive the stage you beat the time you get the money. simple.
  7. Tranzitive

    Where is my Colin McRae?

    Have you gone into the PSN store to 'download' the content? You have to go to the PSN store, then click 'download' on the appropriate add-ons to add them to the game. This is the case for the Colin McRae scenario as well
  8. For whatever weird reason this only seems to happen on PC. Others have reported it too. I'm on PS4 Pro and don't seem to have any issues.
  9. Servers all over the world are at peak capacity at the moment due to everyone working from home because of the coronavirus. the Gran Turismo Sport servers have been terrible this weekend too. It's not just Racenet.
  10. Tranzitive

    Windscreen cracking too easily

    Good to know it's not just me. The crack sensitivity seems to be way too high it seems, or is reacting improperly to the suspension, if it's happening when going over jumps. I really like all the crack effects in general and how it can get progressively worse and how they slowly crawl across the screen - they obviously put a lot of effort into the effects - but seeing them almost every single stage can get a bit annoying after a while haha. Hopefully they can patch it out in one of the upcoming patches.
  11. it's more than likely going to just be the base game. probably to encourage people to buy the DLC. bit strange doing it at the same time as the GOTY edition though, I must admit. surely it would drive down sales of that? i guess the marketing and finance departments at CM know something we don't to do with numbers and finances and markets and stuff.
  12. Tranzitive

    Windscreen cracking too easily

    Anyone else feels like the windscreens in this game crack super easily? I play cockpit view so notice it a lot. What made me start this is that I just finished the daily at Scotland in the NR4 Subaru and the windscreen cracked after just going over a small bump! This was in the first sector too, so no prior damage to the car. Didn't hit anything and the bump was small too. I've attached a short video here to demonstrate the problem. On the replay even looks like the windscreen cracks in mid-air. 20200327_012538.mp4
  13. Tranzitive

    Advice on T-GT (PS4) Setup

    Yes soft lock does automatically change per car. I would suggest changing the mode setting on the base itself to 1080. You may have in the past decreased the rotation on the base using 'mode' and maybe just forgotten about it. Or maybe by accident. Also have you tried updating the drivers/firmware for the wheel? They released new firmware for the T-GT in Feb of this year. You can grab it here: https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/t-gt-en/ This is what I would try, in this order: 1) Push the mode button and the d-pad left a few times to check if it's in 1080 degree rotation mode 2) Make sure that you disable the KEEP APPLICATION SUSPENDED option on the PS4 system under REST MODE options. This has been known to interfere with the calibration of this wheel. You can find this under SET FUNCTIONS AVAILABLE IN REST MODE. 4) Turn off the console completely. Do not put it into rest mode. 5) Wait 30 seconds or so to make sure the wheel is fully off. Make sure the wheel is plugged in to the USB port BEFORE turning on the console, and turn the console back on again. 6) Recalibrate the wheel in DR2.0 7) If that doesn't work, update the drivers 8.) After updating the drivers, open the Thrustmaster control panel, and make sure the rotation is set to 1080 degrees 9) After the above steps, re-calibrate the wheel in DR2.0 again, and see if it works properly 10) If it STILL does not work, then do the following. turn off the PS4, and unplug the USB cable for the wheel. Plug the cable back in, turn on the console, and wait for the autocalibration phase to end. After that, turn the wheel fully to the LEFT until you reach a stop. The turn it fully to the RIGHT until you reach a stop. Then move the wheel back to center and make sure it's perfectly centred. While holding that position, push the SHARE, OPTIONS,and MODE buttons simultaneously and hold them. The LED on the wheel should briefly change colour, then change back to its initial colour. That means that the wheel's center value has been reset.
  14. okay, great, thanks for the feedback. since we're talking about the community events might as well mention that the last week or two the selection was a bit off. there were a lot of F2 events, a lot of one other type of car (think it was H2 or H3 RWD), and a LOT of R2 events seem to have come up last week. and some events were basically doubles, for example, there would be two events with H2 RWD at New Zealand (I know the exact stages were different, but having two H2 RWD or something events at the same location is more-or-less a double). There was also recently a bonus event which, if I remember correctly, used Group A at one of the base 6 locations, when my understanding is that the bonus events should use the DLC. So it wasn't really a 'bonus' event. This week there seems to be more variety but the event generator seems to go a bit wonky every now and then. Since the game only has 1 or 2 patches left I'd really appreciate the team looking into it. Also, if there's an R2 monthly, for example, do we really need an R2 weekly in the same month since people can split their playtime for the monthly up over a longer time period, playing one event every week if they want? If certain cars and locations are used in the monthlies, ideally I'd like to see them appear less in the weakly and daily events for that month. Likewise if a car class and location are used in a weekly, would like those to appear less in the daily events. Just to give a bit more variety. Maybe that's too difficult to code in but just something to consider.
  15. Tranzitive

    Advice on T-GT (PS4) Setup

    The Fabia and S4 have 540 degrees of rotation in real life, but some of the older cars have 1080 degrees. So it sounds like it's working correctly? The way you wrote that is a bit confusing. It seems like you mean the wheel is stuck on 540 degrees of rotation. Do you mean the rotation of the wheel in game is not matching up with the actual rotation of your wheel in real-life? Is your steering saturation set to 100? if it is and still not working correctly, try calibrate the wheel again. make sure you turn it to FULL LOCK when it asks you to, and not just half lock. Also something else you can try: on the T-GT you can decrease or increase the amount of rotation by pressing the "Mode" button along with the left or right D-pad at the same time. Make sure you press the D-pad all the way to the left to make sure that the rotation is set on the default 1080. You may have changed the rotation this way in the past which is why it's not working properly with soft lock.