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  1. Tranzitive

    Lingerie business email list

    bro we just want the Latvia Rx DLC, not lingerie, sorry.
  2. Tranzitive

    No Latvia Rx (US PSN store)

    Yes there are one or two things not included. The Kadett is one thing that isn't included. Latvia is definitely included though.
  3. Tranzitive

    No Latvia Rx (US PSN store)

    It's showing in the store but you need to purchase it. Here are some screenshots. I am a deluxe edition owner. As you can see from the one screenshot all the other content is showing as 'purchased', but even going all the way to check out it still asks you to purchase Latvia. Seems like there is something wrong with the entitlements here across more than one platform. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. Tranzitive


    Funny as i have not needed an expert to calibrate my monitor for any other game besides this one and all of them look fine. Bottom line is if expert monitor calibrators are needed for the player to have an even remotely pleasant viewing experience then something is wrong with the game, not the monitors. Before changing careers I was studying sound design and one of the first things they teach you is to check your mix and master on multiple different pieces of equipment - headphones, hi-fi speakers, in a club if you can, even in your car. If your mix sounds precisely tuned on the expert-calibrated equipment in the studio that costs 1,000s of dollars but sounds unlistenable in a club or on a regular hi fi then you've failed in your job. Same principle applies here. If the game looks great on an expert-calibrated 2,000 dollar monitor but is almost unplayable in certain section on a 200 dollar TV then something is wrong and it's not the TV that's at fault. On the subject of sound, don't even get me started on how bad some of the audio mixing is in the game. The sound DESIGN is incredible but whoever did the final mix of all the elements didn't do a very good job imo.
  5. Tranzitive


    Probably because they work on US$2,000 Asus HDR monitors. or i would assume anyway. this is why it's vital for games companies to have at least a few different types of monitors to test their products on, including some mid-range and even lower-range monitors. how many people out there have monitors/TVs in the $1-2,000 range? not a lot i'd guess.
  6. That is a massive mistake. How can they just forget to send the file to one of the biggest gaming regions in the world? Over 300 million people in the US alone, then add Canada to that too.
  7. Tranzitive

    No Latvia Rx (US PSN store)

    6 hours after the US PSN store is supposed to update. Not good. Especially since it's the 4th location they've released, and we're in Season 2 now. There shouldn't still be teething problems this long after launch. I just checked the UK PSN store and it's on there so what gives? Are CM aware of this problem? Well... Just checked and saw it's 10:30pm GMT so no-one from CM is going to be in the office. We're going to have to wait at least 10 hours more now to get this track, and will end up getting it more than a day after everyone else. Completely unacceptable.
  8. Tranzitive

    No Latvia Rx (US PSN store)

    Where is it? Not in the US PSN store at all. Store generally updates at 9am PST, it's well after that time and still missing.
  9. Tranzitive


    it has absolutely no graphical adjustment option at all, just brightness. you have this issue on ps4 as well although from what people have been reporting it does seem a little bit worse on xbox. i constantly have to adjust the 'black stabilizer' setting on my monitor (LG UL600) depending not only on the time of day in the game but also the location, which is bizarre as the lighting seems to be applied inconsistently across the locations. the consoles versions also have all the effects turned up to 11 - bloom, god rays, lens flare etc. which doesn't really help things much either, and no options to turn them off.
  10. that is just a website though, not an actual server. two very different things. look, i'm not an IT professional but the inability to connect to the Racenent server started at the same time that the Chinese ISPs started blocking connections to external (overseas) websites and servers due to 'political events' that occur every year at the start of June. in my amateur opinion the only thing that's going to fix it is if Codemasters either reset the IP address of the Racenet server, or if the Chinese ISPs stop blocking connections to it, which must have happened as a by-product of the connection blocks to overseas websites at the start of June. I can connect fine to the Racenent servers with a VPN on which confirms that the problem is coming from China-side. if i ping prod.egonet.codemasters.com from the command prompt with a VPN on i get a reply from the IP address no problem. 4 packets sent, 4 packets received no problem, 0% packet loss. if i ping the same address with the VPN off over my China Unicom connection i get 'request timed out' with 100% packet loss. so again it confirms the issue is China-side. tell your ISP that you are getting 100% packet loss to the IP address which is a game server and ask if they can't unblock the connection or investigate what the problem is. i would also send an email to custservice@codemasters.com which is their official customer service email address and explain what the problem is.
  11. Tranzitive

    D+ Livery #5 Is Already In the Game

    thanks for the list of liveries, wish CM had released something like that. i know they mentioned in the announcements in-game and in various other places which cars had the liveries but still nice to have them all collated. i am still a bit peeved at those Focus liveries, especially since it's paid extra content. if it was a car in the base game i could understand but if people are paying extra for a car it should have at least one decent livery. and some of the cars have something like 17 liveries too and that one just has 4 or 5 shockingly bad ones. okay, maybe the design team ran out of time as they were working so hard on the Subaru which had to be made from scratch. sure, i get it, anyone whose been working for a while has probably experienced a situation where they've had to scramble to finish a project due to unforeseen setbacks or something taking longer than expected. but at least give us one nice livery now. or sometime in the future. i also think CM really missed a trick by not getting the community involved in the D+ liveries. could have run a design competition for fake liveries with the winning designs ending up in the game and the winners getting a free copy of the deluxe edition or F1 2019 or something. plenty of really talented livery designers out there. could have done the same for the Focus livery. and the prizes would have cost them virtually nothing. would have also taken some strain off the design team. something to think about if they run a Season 3 of DLC and are planning to offer extra liveries for that as well.
  12. The reset here was not caused by going outside track limits though. This was a reset caused by 'hitting' a spectator. If you hit the people you get an automatic reset and 4 second time penalty. Quite annoying especially when you don't actually hit anyone like in my case.
  13. Here is the second image, sorry for the multiple posts, having trouble with these uploads. Perhaps a mod could just merge my posts into one?
  14. Images of what i was describing from the Argentina daily. the first pic is just before the track reset triggered, the second pic is as the reset is triggering, which is why the image is fading to black. you can clearly see how far away from the cameraman i was, was not even driving over the rock in front of him. these spectators and camerapeople seem to have HUGE hitboxes.
  15. not really a bug per se but in Argentina, there are some spectators and cameramen that are right at the side of the road who need to be moved back as their hit boxes are too big and are causing the player to get reset on track even without touching these spectators/cameramen. it has happened to me on two different stages. the one stage was on yesterday's daily (June 15) in Argentina with the 2000cc class. in the final sector there is a left hairpin with a cameraman right on the inside of the corner and if you take the corner very tightly you will trigger the cameraman's hitbox even without hitting him. the other stage i can't remember at all but it's on the outside of what i'm pretty sure is a 4 left. there is a spectator right at the edge of the track and letting the rear end drift a bit too wide will trigger the hitbox even without hitting the spectator. in neither case was i off the road at all, in both cases completely on the road, just very tight on the inside of the left hairpin and right at the edge of the outside of the road on the 4 left.