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  1. Tranzitive

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Loeb doesn't drive all the events anymore though. He just does a few here and there. He's basically semi-retired now. Last year he only did 6 of the events. It was more than likely already-scheduled that Breen would replace him for Sweden.
  2. the lack of Hyundai cars in this game is weird. i can understand the i20 R5 not being in the game due to licensing, since it's tied up with the WRC and Kylotonn probably wanted it as a WRC 8 exclusive. But no GRX Taneco i20? That's quite a big omission, especially since the team won 3/10 rounds of the 2019 Rx season. And there's no rallycross in WRC 8 at all.
  3. Tranzitive

    Something is coming closer...

    1988 Vauxhall Nova? also something regarding the binary code - in the original series of Colin McRae games, the Impreza 97 was called the 22B because 22B is the hexadecimal number for '555'. If you take the binary numbers in the thumbnail and convert them to hexadecimal you end up with '1DC' (or 01DC). no idea what that means, if anything. might just be meaningless.
  4. i have been playing rally games for probably close to 20 years and Dirt 2 (on PS3/PC/Xbox 360) still remains the best arcade-style rally game i've ever played. the stages are great, the graphics still actually hold up well, especially on PC, and it has a large selection of cars and disciplines.
  5. Tranzitive

    Something is coming closer...

    what a beast of a car, can't wait to drive this in DR2.0
  6. yeah some of the stages might be a little bit wider than in real life, but overall i think people tend to overexaggerate the narrowness of rally stages. general impression on the internet seems to be that rally stages are just barely wide enough to fit a car and a pubic hair on, but in reality some of them are actually pretty wide. for example, the OP mentions Monte Carlo. well, here's some footage from the current rally Monte Carlo, and you can see that in a lot of places the road is at least two car widths wide. and this is with the modern WRC cars which are pretty wide to begin with due to the body kits. check out the video from around 1:19 for an example of how wide the roads are in places: https://youtu.be/doBh1seZcvU?t=79
  7. just wondering if these and the Xmas liveries are going to be available again at a later date? I'm on a business trip for the next 2 weeks and won't have access to a PS4 at all ... so gonna miss out on these. i don't care much for the Xmas ones tbh and managed to get them, but i know some people on the forum really liked them and couldn't get them due to travel and/or family commitments over Xmas. i understand wanting these current liveries to tie in with the real rally Monte Carlo, but it's such a narrow time window ... same with the Xmas liveries. any chance of just making these available for download on the 1 year anniversary of the DR2.0 release or something? at least people who complete the challenge this weekend will have them as an 'exclusive' for 1 month then.
  8. yes, what a pity Codemasters didn't put actual, real stages in the game /sarcasm
  9. Tranzitive

    Patch 1.12

    Super happy the 2019 Rx cars snd locations have been added in World Rallycross championship. Been waiting for that for a while. Also, re: the wipers. These are supposed to go off in the dry to wipe the dirt away, right? So you can see properly. Have people been complaining about the wipers going off in the dry? One of the things I really like is the fact that they DO go off automatically in the dry. WRC8 doesn't have an option for auto wipers and it's such a pain in the ass to manually turn them on all the time to wipe the dirt off the wibdscreen in the dry if you use an interior view like i do.
  10. Something weird going on here with the display name of the event. Only this event. All others are fine. This is on PS4. See attached photo.
  11. Tranzitive

    Something is coming closer...

    Feb 25 2019 was the DR2.0 release date. wonder if we won't see a new content drop in about a months time.
  12. Tranzitive

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    so the people who finished 1st and 2nd in RX qualified on Xbox and Playstation. funny how so many people said that console players were too slow and there should be separate events for each platform. will be interesting to see the rally final now.
  13. Tranzitive

    Something is coming closer...

    Season 4 is great, sorry. also, this year is the 20th anniversary of Colin McRae Rally 2.0. I wonder if the teaser/potential new content doesn't have something to do with that. would kill for that Martini livery on Colin's Focus 2001.
  14. Tranzitive

    Better view of livery backside

    i also like looking at backsides.
  15. Tranzitive

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    i tested traction control using a PS4 pad a few months ago. all 5 levels of it. same car, same stage, that i know well. there was a noticeable worsening of my time as i increased the level of the traction control. it definitely slows you down. if anyone really wants to use traction control then level 2 seems to be the sweet spot, just by the way. anything above 2 seems to really slow you down, but at a level of 1 it's not doing enough for you to have any benefit so you might as well just turn it off completely. on the subject of assists and realism ... so when people drive the 2000cc cars do they turn ABS and traction control ON for the added realism that would bring? at the end of the day it's a game, and games are supposed to be fun. just let people drive the way that brings them the most fun. some people might find the fun in the difficulty of driving an older car with full 1080 degrees of rotation and using the clutch + h-shifter. there are other people i've seen who drive the modern cars using an h-shifter as a sequential rather than the paddles as that's the most fun or easiest for them, even though a lot of the modern cars use paddle shifters. i drive all the cars using 540 degrees of rotation and the paddle shifters on the wheel with no clutch because i find the fun in the excellent driving model. i also use the 'new' dashcam (the one from DR1) because that's what i find the most fun even though i'm faster with bonnet cam.