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  1. Tranzitive

    Pit Coins

    Any update on my question above? Are the pitcoins only a preorder bonus or should they come included with the Schumacher DLC if you buy it as an add-on?
  2. Tranzitive

    Pit Coins

    Quick question: I bought the base game on PC (Steam), and a few days ago bought the Schumacher DLC as an add-on. Are you supposed to get pitcoins with the DLC, or were the pitcoins only a pre-order bonus if you pre-ordered the Schumacher edition? I have no pitcoins so just trying to work out what's going on. TIA.
  3. Tranzitive

    Project CARS 3 banners in DiRT Rally 2.0

    yeah 1 or 2 banners here and there i could understand but this is waaaayyy over the top. it's so blatant and in-your-face. actually makes me want to NOT by PC3 just because of how annoying the advertising is in DR2.0
  4. Tranzitive

    Project Cars 3 for Global Civilisation

    I hope they remove all the stupid Project Cars 3 advertising from DR2.0 soon. They just completely blanket-bombed the game with this stupid stuff. Really annoying.
  5. Tranzitive

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    PC2 is also garbage. ACC has an incredibly complex physics model which is very CPU intensive. And they've just patched it to 1080p 60fps on PS4 Pro now anyway, with a slight bit of a graphics downgrade when running it in 60fps mode.
  6. Tranzitive

    Dirt Rally 2.0 PS5 PSVR Patch?

    As much as I would love possibly VR on PS5 or some type of performance upgrade, I think we need to accept that this game is basically done as far as support goes. It was released over a year ago, CM supported it for over a year and rolled out numerous patches for it which is great. But it's time to look to the future. I'm sure they're already busy with work on their WRC title to be released in 2022 or 2023 or whenever. They can't support old titles forever.
  7. Tranzitive

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    I've been playing ACC non-stop on PS4 since it released. The 30fps isn't actually that bad and you get used to it after a while. The physics, sound, immersion, and detail are absolutely incredible. I tried playing GT Sport yesterday after 2 weeks of playing nothing but ACC and how 'simcade' leaning towards arcade the physics are really stood out after playing ACC. Yeah 30fps would be better but the game has dynamic weather and day-night transitions too. DR2.0 doesn't. GT Sport doesn't. Sacrifices have to be made somewhere. And let's not forget that DR2.0 was only 1080p and extremely blurry on PS4 Pro at launch. It took a patch and ton of community complaints for them to get it up to 1440p and soften the blur. ACC is 1440p on PS4 Pro or if you run it at 1080p mode you get better draw distance and anti-aliasing. F1 2020 and ACC are two different player bases imo so I don't necessarily think F1 is gonna take players away from ACC.
  8. Tranzitive

    DiRTy Gossip

    Interesting picture update on the CM Facebook page.
  9. This is something that has been a consistent issue since the game has launched. We seem to have had a ton of F2 kitcar events recently. Just did the F2 kitcar stage in Australia today (25 April), then did the NR4/R4 daily in Australia, and it was exactly the same stage 😪 Then today we also have a 'bonus' event which uses Group A (free choice, not just limited to the Legacy) in Argentina. This is not 'bonus' at all as my understanding is that the bonus events are supposed to use only DLC cars/tracks. And that has also been an issue for a while now, with tons of bonus events not being 'bonus' at all. Related to that is the incorporation of the DLC - 50% of the game is DLC, and yet there seems to be less than 50% incorporation of it into the community events. Really hope these issues can be looked at and addressed before the final patch.
  10. okay, great, thanks for the feedback. since we're talking about the community events might as well mention that the last week or two the selection was a bit off. there were a lot of F2 events, a lot of one other type of car (think it was H2 or H3 RWD), and a LOT of R2 events seem to have come up last week. and some events were basically doubles, for example, there would be two events with H2 RWD at New Zealand (I know the exact stages were different, but having two H2 RWD or something events at the same location is more-or-less a double). There was also recently a bonus event which, if I remember correctly, used Group A at one of the base 6 locations, when my understanding is that the bonus events should use the DLC. So it wasn't really a 'bonus' event. This week there seems to be more variety but the event generator seems to go a bit wonky every now and then. Since the game only has 1 or 2 patches left I'd really appreciate the team looking into it. Also, if there's an R2 monthly, for example, do we really need an R2 weekly in the same month since people can split their playtime for the monthly up over a longer time period, playing one event every week if they want? If certain cars and locations are used in the monthlies, ideally I'd like to see them appear less in the weakly and daily events for that month. Likewise if a car class and location are used in a weekly, would like those to appear less in the daily events. Just to give a bit more variety. Maybe that's too difficult to code in but just something to consider.
  11. @PJTierney cannot access the 2000cc class cars in career mode/community events. This is despite the fact that I own all of them (have bought seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4). Literally the only car that is showing up is the new Impreza 22b. the other cars don't appear at all. Someone else on Facebook reported the same thing. This is for the current (at time of writing) daily community event in Australia. I only have the Impreza selectable. All cars still available in time trial etc. PS4 (Pro), US PSN store.
  12. Tranzitive

    WRC 9

    this should be good. WRC 7 was a big step up over 6, and 8 made some improvements over 7 too. just hope they work on the physics more. WRC 8 is great with a gamepad but i find the handling too floaty with a wheel, and the cars have this weird tendency for the back end to just completely step out when going over bumps. and not been able to tune that tendency out no matter what tunings i've tried.
  13. also sounded okay to me but i honestly can't remember what it sounded like in real life. the missing audio for the Fabia was a fairly big omission though because it has a very noticeable sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEQ-pUxZgZQ&t=352s
  14. Yes I also saw that thing about rebalancing the audio. that is AWESOME. hopefully now the engine noise for the NR4 cars won't be so quiet. And new audio for the Fabia. Did they finally manage to get hold of an actual Fabia to record?
  15. My suggestions: 1) Stages/locations - would like to see two parts to each location rather than just one part cut up. WRC 8 actually does this really well, and it adds a lot of variety to the locations. In DR2.0 for example you just have El Condor in Argentina and not the flat bits at the bottom. So some of the locations get very repetitive and it can be difficult to even tell the stages apart. Some of them like Greece and New Zealand are not so bad (NZ has the forest sections, and also more open sections), but others get quite repetitive (Argentina and Monaco, for example). Also another snow rally in addition to or instead of Sweden. I love Sweden but it's been in the last two games now. How about adding the Sno Drift rally? 2) Codriver - mentioned this before but would like Seb Marshall (Kris Meeke's codriver) in. Would be nice to have a more recent WRC codriver in the game and his voice is pretty good. Also an option to choose between 'normal' calls (or whatever you want to call it) and 'detailed' calls, where detailed calls would have things like plus and minus and all the other things that WRC codrivers usually use. 3) Cars - as someone else mentioned, would like to see a fantasy category with 380hp 4wd cars with body kits like the current WRC cars. Just call it CM Rally or Group C (for Codemasters, geddit?) or something. I think Gran Turismo Sport does a similar thing with some of the rally cars in there. Also one or two more NR4 cars. The NR4 class is a bit limited at the moment with just two cars. Nothing else to add really with regards to the car selection. 4) More times of day added 5) Rallycross - add tire choice in. Used/new. 6) Community events - if there's going to be DLC in a Dirt Rally 3 I think there really needs to be better incorporation of the DLC into the community events. Maybe one way to go about this is to maybe just split the community events into two completely different sections - 'Regular' and 'DLC'. For example, at the moment there are no AI challenges for the DLC cars and locations, and being able to use the DLC is basically dependent on what shows up in the few 'bonus' events. DLC basically makes up 50% of the current game but seems to have far less than 50% representation in the community events. Those are the main things I can think of for now. Will add more if anything else practical comes to mind.