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  1. In terms of sound only Assetto Corsa Competizione comes close. Just fire up something like AMS2 or GT Sport and it becomes immediately obvious how far ahead the sound in ACC and DR2.0 is. Thirteen real-life rally locations, fantastic physics for the most part in DR2.0. Yeah the tarmac physics are not perfect but they are definitely serviceable. Tuning the cars on tarmac really helps a lot with the feel. Mainly dropping the ride height and stiffening the suspension. Most of the default setups on gravel are perfectly fine but for tarmac a bit of tuning does help with the feel. Best re
  2. Tranzitive

    Pit Coins

    Any update on my question above? Are the pitcoins only a preorder bonus or should they come included with the Schumacher DLC if you buy it as an add-on?
  3. Tranzitive

    Pit Coins

    Quick question: I bought the base game on PC (Steam), and a few days ago bought the Schumacher DLC as an add-on. Are you supposed to get pitcoins with the DLC, or were the pitcoins only a pre-order bonus if you pre-ordered the Schumacher edition? I have no pitcoins so just trying to work out what's going on. TIA.
  4. As much as I would love possibly VR on PS5 or some type of performance upgrade, I think we need to accept that this game is basically done as far as support goes. It was released over a year ago, CM supported it for over a year and rolled out numerous patches for it which is great. But it's time to look to the future. I'm sure they're already busy with work on their WRC title to be released in 2022 or 2023 or whenever. They can't support old titles forever.
  5. Interesting picture update on the CM Facebook page.
  6. okay, great, thanks for the feedback. since we're talking about the community events might as well mention that the last week or two the selection was a bit off. there were a lot of F2 events, a lot of one other type of car (think it was H2 or H3 RWD), and a LOT of R2 events seem to have come up last week. and some events were basically doubles, for example, there would be two events with H2 RWD at New Zealand (I know the exact stages were different, but having two H2 RWD or something events at the same location is more-or-less a double). There was also recently a bonus event which,
  7. @PJTierney cannot access the 2000cc class cars in career mode/community events. This is despite the fact that I own all of them (have bought seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4). Literally the only car that is showing up is the new Impreza 22b. the other cars don't appear at all. Someone else on Facebook reported the same thing. This is for the current (at time of writing) daily community event in Australia. I only have the Impreza selectable. All cars still available in time trial etc. PS4 (Pro), US PSN store.
  8. also sounded okay to me but i honestly can't remember what it sounded like in real life. the missing audio for the Fabia was a fairly big omission though because it has a very noticeable sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEQ-pUxZgZQ&t=352s
  9. Yes I also saw that thing about rebalancing the audio. that is AWESOME. hopefully now the engine noise for the NR4 cars won't be so quiet. And new audio for the Fabia. Did they finally manage to get hold of an actual Fabia to record?
  10. My suggestions: 1) Stages/locations - would like to see two parts to each location rather than just one part cut up. WRC 8 actually does this really well, and it adds a lot of variety to the locations. In DR2.0 for example you just have El Condor in Argentina and not the flat bits at the bottom. So some of the locations get very repetitive and it can be difficult to even tell the stages apart. Some of them like Greece and New Zealand are not so bad (NZ has the forest sections, and also more open sections), but others get quite repetitive (Argentina and Monaco, for example). Also anot
  11. yeah they really need to add a different area for each location they use in the next game. this is something that WRC 8 does and it's one of the things i like the most about the game. Even though they're aren't that many stages per rally location in WRC 8, the two different areas still make it feel like you're driving a full rally rather than just a small bit of it like in DR2.0. Co-driver: I think Seb Marshall would be great, and his voice should translate to a videogame well. Very clear and fairly neutral accent. We all love Nicky Grist but would love to see a more recent WRC co
  12. yeah the issue PeterB mentioned has been in the game since launch. I raised it myself months ago, as did others. I was hoping it would get fixed when they released Season 2, but nope. now hoping it will get fixed since Season 4 is out.
  13. i would suggest getting something like this and placing your rig on top of it if the vibrations are going through the floor. rubber is very good at absorbing shocks and impacts. and it will stop your rig from damaging the flooring too if you have vinyl or wood floors which could dent if you have a heavy rig on it: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001AMJLBG?linkCode=xm2&th=1&psc=1 if you want extra insulation you can even place a layer of those foam exercise tiles on top of the rubber. those are usually much cheaper but not as good at absorbing and dissipating impacts. if you want to go
  14. Loeb doesn't drive all the events anymore though. He just does a few here and there. He's basically semi-retired now. Last year he only did 6 of the events. It was more than likely already-scheduled that Breen would replace him for Sweden.
  15. the lack of Hyundai cars in this game is weird. i can understand the i20 R5 not being in the game due to licensing, since it's tied up with the WRC and Kylotonn probably wanted it as a WRC 8 exclusive. But no GRX Taneco i20? That's quite a big omission, especially since the team won 3/10 rounds of the 2019 Rx season. And there's no rallycross in WRC 8 at all.
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