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  1. Tranzitive

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    for some reason the headlights on Poland in particular work really badly. hope they can fix it soon.
  2. Tranzitive

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    not sure what happened during that 1 hour Racenet outage to deploy the patch but Racenet connectivity is worse than ever for me now. last time it was this bad was on the launch weekend for deluxe edition users and that's not an exaggeration. it's been getting progressively worse over the last week and now i can barely load anything in career. even when i try to click on the 'events' main box it just says 'failed to load event'. i have tried restarting the game, restarting the console, re-testing my network connection via the PS4 XMB and nothing helps. hope this can be fixed when the new DLC is released next week. btw i think someone else mentioned this before but if you use the PS Home button on the controller to exit the game, and then go back into it you'll get an error message saying something like "you must be signed into the PS network to access this content" (can't remember the exact wording but it's something similar) even though you're already signed in. this also happens when long pressing the PS Home button to adjust settings through the pop-up menu it brings up.
  3. Tranzitive

    Massive Improvement to PS4 Graphics

    Pro. can't speak for regular PS4 unfortunately. definitely not placebo. it's much crisper and clearer. the difference is very noticeable. there is no mention of anything in the patch notes but they did mention on the forums here that they were going to try and fix the 'bluriness' on consoles. i'd say they've succeeded, at least on PS4 Pro. i've heard the graphics on the One S are not great, but if you can i would upgrade to an Xbox One X, out of all the consoles it's by far the most powerful, and i include PS4 Pro in that. Xbox One X version looks amazing, same thing with F1 2018, it looked incredible on One X, almost PC-like. if i didn't like the PS4 exclusives so much i'd actually sell my Pro and get a One X myself.
  4. Just fired up the game after the update. I've been pretty vocal on here about the graphical issues on PS4 so think it's only fair to say that they have been massively improved. The game looks pretty damn incredible now. Much less bluriness, far crisper, the lighting even seems to be better. Really happy CM managed to get it sorted out and make the game look as glorious as it had the potential too. Can't wait to play Sweden with the improved graphics now.
  5. Tranzitive

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 08/04/19

    in response to Skiddy: Where is your source for your claim in number 1? both games still use EGO, which is based on Sony's PhyreEngine. so the engine base is the same, and both games quite clearly have that 'EGO engine look' about them. to call them 'completely different engines' is a misnomer at best and outright false at worse. regarding your comment on looped tracks: you think Dirt doesn't re-use assets? you really think they didn't re-use assets from Australia, Cataluna, Michigan, and the RX locations from Dirt 4? of course they did. and of course they re-use assets both within and across rally locations. not every single tree and bush is uniquely different. and the RX tracks are looped so why are there massive frame drops then with only 5 other cars on track at most, and why do entire sections of track pop in on some of the RX circuits? the fact is as well that there are multiple other games on PS4 that are far more graphically demanding than DR2.0 and that also have constant movement and objects continually coming in towards the player that look far better than DR2.0. Spider-man, RDR2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn are just some examples. so your comment about hardware limitations doesn't hold any weight at all, especially since numerous people with PCs more than powerful enough to run the game have reported poor optimization as well. If you want to compare even to previous CM rally games, the original Dirt Rally looks arguably better than DR2.0 does on console. and again i must ask, if the poor graphics on console are down to hardware limitations than why have all the ancillary effects (god rays, bloom, lens flare, etc.) been turned up to 11 on consoles? why not give console players the choice between two options then in-game - 1080p with full effects, or higher resolution with low/no effects. your arguments fall apart at every level of analysis. i get that as a moderator you feel the need to defend CM, but doing so using mis-truths does no-one any favors, CM included. it's abundently clear that they had to rush the game towards the end (not just the graphics, there are multiple hints to this in the game) which is why it's so poorly optimized, especially for console. you don't play on console anyway so really are in no position to comment on the console graphics.
  6. Tranzitive

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 08/04/19

    thanks for the info i was looking up some other CM games this morning and Onrush has the option of either higher resolution or higher frame rate on PS4 Pro (user can choose). Could we not have gotten this option for DR2.0? 1080p at 60fps or 1440p at 30fps (or variable frame rate)? this is what's baffling to me. Options available in other CM games are missing from DR2.0, like a motion blur slider, those Onrush options, and then there's the fact that F1 2017 (yes, '17, a game that came out 2 years ago) runs at 60fps with 4K AND HDR on PS4 Pro (check out the list Mastoideu posted above).
  7. Tranzitive

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 08/04/19

    Bogani's post reminded me that you actually had the option to disable motion blur on F1 2018 on PS4 (at least the Pro). i think it may have even had a slider. so in DR2.0 we don't even get the same graphics options that are in older games by the same dev. I understand why they used TAA, in a rally game you have a lot of objects loading in all the time and coming towards you at a high rate, so TAA is probably the best choice. but as i said before the image really needs to be sharpened, give us a slider for motion blur or at least a simple on/off option so the player can decide. It also looks like CM haven't taken advantage of the capabilities of the PS4 Pro. Spider-man also used TAA but it was done through a sort of 'temporal injection' from what i've read, and that game looks really crisp and clean. granted it runs at 30fps compared to 60 for DR2.0 but Spider-man also runs at 1440p checkerboard 4K, while DR2.0 is only 1080p. 60fps with temporal injection at 1080p should be doable, no? ideally i'd like 1440p but i'll take a lower resolution just for a crisper-looking game. or 1440p at 60fps with some of the ancillary effects turned down? it seems like CM thought console players would complain if they didn't get the same ancillary effects (god rays, bloom, lens flare etc.) as PC players but they seem to have just guessed wrong and the majority of people want things the opposite way. issue could have been solved with a beta program, or even if they'd just run focus groups with some people pre-release to gauge what people wanted. if they did run focus groups and people preferred all the extra effects over a higher-resolution, crisper-looking game then i don't know who they got
  8. What is the plan for these issues? Why have they been so bad over the last week? Are CM even aware of this? Is a fix going to be rolled out in the patch coming this week? A little bit of communication would be nice. The issues have reached a critical stage now. Paying customers are becoming increasingly frustrated and no doubt potential customers are going to be put off from buying the game if these issues not only persist but continue to get worse, as they seem to have. @ChristinaMc https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/bcty5c/racenet_seems_to_be_failing_under_the_weekend/ https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/bcn3tf/fiber_optic_connection_isnt_enough_for_racenet/
  9. What has been going on with Racenet this past week? Loads of people reporting connection problems, myself included. It seems to have just gotten worse this last week.
  10. Tranzitive

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 08/04/19

    this is not correct at all, for two main reasons: (1) F1 2018 looks absolutely gorgeous on the PS4 Pro, and that's from the same developer using the same engine. The difference in graphical quality between the two games on PS4 Pro is quite large, at least in terms of blurriness (I have both). F1 2018 looks clean and crisp. And F1 2018 also runs at 60fps, with barely any frame drops (unlike DR2.0), and with a ton of other cars on track. (2) If they've had to reduce the graphical fidelity due to a lack of processing power then why have they enabled every single ancillary effect you can imagine (god rays, bloom, lens flare etc) and turned them up to 110% or something ridiculous? Does it not make more sense to reduce those effects that actually make the game harder to see than to have 127 lens flares at the same time blinding the player on a stage? The simple fact is that the bluriness is caused by the use of Temporal Anti-aliasing (TAA). TAA is arguably (probably) the best choice for this game on console but they need to add some image sharpening. The game was also quite clearly developed for PC first and then the PS4 port was just rushed over without optimizing it. It's blatantly obvious they ran out of time to optimize the game for consoles, there is a lot of stuff about the game in general that just screams the fact that they ran out of development time and had to rush it towards the end.
  11. Tranzitive

    Season One, Stage Two

    i don't actually care about the M1 to be honest, i just want the proper audio for the Skoda. it has a very unique anti-lag launch control sound, and the fact it doesn't have the proper audio really stands out like a sore thumb.
  12. Tranzitive

    Season One, Stage Two

    another DLC car without the proper audio? so that's literally half of the DLC cars that don't have the proper audio now.
  13. Tranzitive

    Glorious HDR

    pre-patch the game was unplayable with HDR on. so i set it to off and that's the way i left it for a long time. enabled it again for another game i was playing (coincidentally Res Evil 2), forgot to turn it off before going into DR2.0 and yeah, have to agree with the OP, the game looks waaayyy better in HDR now after the patch. I would still like the bluriness fixed though. hopefully once they've done that after the next patch the game will look even better. and the lighting effects need to be toned down, they're a bit overkill on PS4 (god rays, bloom, lens flare etc.). i don't think they necessarily need to be turned off, just toned down. if we could at least get the option to turn them off or some kind of slider that would be best.
  14. makes sense, didn't think of that. it's still annoying when you get into an event you don't want to do though, especially when it takes so long to load an event, connect to racenet etc. only for you to see it's a 16km stage at night in heavy rain or something. i'd like to see this too at least. sometimes i just don't feel like doing a long stage. i don't do a lot of dailies to be honest, due mainly to not being able to see the weather conditions/time of day and how long it takes to get into and out of the events (and Racenet issues .... ) but do they even have shorter stages in them? they always seem to be the longer ones.
  15. had two Racenent connectivity issues yesterday, once when completing a daily event and once in career mode. this has to stop. when are we going to get a proper fix?