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  1. Tranzitive

    Possibility of Purchasable Skins?

    i don't think we are ever going to see the Martini liveries due to alcohol licensing restrictions in certain countries. even in F1 2018, which of course had all the official skins since it's an officially licensed game, the full Martini livery was missing from the Williams. they used the plain blue and white one. here is the real-life livery Williams ran last year: and here is the car in game. they used the same livery for the game that Williams ran in places with alcohol restrictions like Abu Dhabi: wouldn't mind seeing some other classic liveries in the game though like this one: and i know CM did some licensing with Ken Block in the past for Dirt 2 (maybe 3 as well, can't remember), so wouldn't mind seeing some Ken Block liveries for the Focus or Escort, like this: or this one. technically this was for the 2008 Focus but only 1 year off:
  2. Tranzitive

    Feeling a bit disenchanted...

    the launch price of the the Deluxe version was completely in line with prices for games these days, at least in the US, EU, etc. $60 for the base game, $80 for deluxe. I could get on the US PSN store right now and find a ton of games that follow the same model. In fact some games like Mortal Kombat 11 go up to $100 for the 'deluxe' edition. The base game had 6 rallies and even more rallycross than DR1. So the content is at least equivalent. Greece and Finland were not removed from Season 2 due to poor sales. They didn't trick anyone. They said from the outset that Season 2 would be focused on rallycross. It would have been nice to get at least one of those rallies during S1 or S2 but it is what it is. Of course they were going to hold back the two most popular locations for an extra season, it makes financial sense. But the DR1 rallies we got during S1 and S2 were really good ones. I'm sure nearly everyone wanted Monte Carlo and Wales, and Sweden was necessary to include in order to have one snow-based rally. We needed Germany too so we could have one more tarmac rally. The individual locations are cheap enough, i think only $3.50 per location so to buy just Greece and Finland will cost only $7 extra. Fair I think. I'm not entirely happy with them recycling locations and would have liked just one new location but let's be fair when evaluating the DLC. it's not a bad deal overall.
  3. Tranzitive

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Clubs

    how can you race in more than 32 clubs at the same time? really curious. 32 just sounds like an insane amount of clubs to be in at the same time. why not join like, 5 clubs or something that are decently active and post new events regularly? then you won't need more than 32.
  4. Tranzitive

    Dirt Rally 2.0 real life locations

    from around 3:10 (video starts here) is in the game, right? pretty sure i remember those sequences of corners. but for the life of me can't remember the name of the stage in the game
  5. Tranzitive

    We should NOT buy any new DLC until the game is FIXED!

    The game was quite obviously rushed to begin with, but they've done a good job of trying to iron out the issues. it is much, MUCH less buggy than it was on launch. barely anything to complain about bug-wise on PS4. It is possible for them to release additional content and work on the remaining bugs at the same time. They really need to sort out the issues with the deployment of the DLC though, especially since they're offering more of it now.
  6. Tranzitive

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Seasons 3 & 4

    some of the 2019 RX cars have great liveries though. The 2019 Audi liveries in particular are fire:
  7. Tranzitive

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Seasons 3 & 4

    thanks for the clarification re: the Subaru livery. and not gonna lie i actually stopped scrolling at the Rx pics and had to do a double-take to check if they were screenshots or real-life shots.
  8. Tranzitive

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Seasons 3 & 4

    glad that Greece in particular and also Finland are coming with the updated graphics and physics/handling. but not entirely sure how i feel tbh. they're essentially selling everyone DR1 twice. and after Season 3, only 3/12 or 25% of the locations (Argentina, New Zealand, and Poland) will be new. the fact that the picture of the '01 Subaru doesn't have it in its official livery doesn't bode well either. Looks like we won't get an official livery for that car. which is pretty disappointing especially after how things went with the '07 Focus and its livery. the RX content looks great though.
  9. Tranzitive

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Peugeot 206, oooohhh can't wait.
  10. Don't know why they can't just let us choose 0, 5, 10, or infinite restarts. Let people play the game the way they want. Here's an idea too: allow the player to choose 0, 5, 10 or infinite restarts and then create a trophy for winning the Master's championship with the zero restarts settings.
  11. Tranzitive

    The DiRT Roadbook

    Thanks for the new liveries, i really liked the Dirtfish ones in previous games and looking forward to driving the Impreza with the Dirtfish one in particular. but STILL no decent livery for the 2000cc Focus? Myself and a few other people have requested that a few times, but every time new liveries get released they're liveries no-one has really asked for, for cars that already have decent liveries. Meanhwile the 2000cc Focus which is paid extra content continues to be neglected. It's not possible to do even just ONE decent fake livery for this car? It has BY FAR the worst liveries out of all the cars in the game. And even if you're on PC you can't mod the liveries for the DLC cars, so it really needs a decent one. If the art team is busy with other stuff why not just run a competition to design a livery for it? Or ask for user submissions. There are a lot of great modders out there who have done great fake liveries for cars for Dirt titles in the past.
  12. Tranzitive

    Night stages

    there are definitely too many night stages. i started playing the career championship again recently after the AI adjustments and it's bonkers, 3 night stages out of 12 stages per event, then you have dusk on top of that .... easiest solution would be to just make it so that 'daytime' appears two times in a row every time. it would be more realistic anyway as multiple stages per day take place during the actual day.
  13. Tranzitive

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    Andreus Bakkerud did Pikes Peak in some crosskart thing.
  14. Tranzitive

    Lighting and Colour Palette Improvements

    New England is by far my favorite location but it REALLY needs one more time of day added. Or at least the 'day' time of day doubled in career mode. Most of the time especially in career mode you end up driving in the dark. One of the times of day - can't remember what they call it in the game - is so dark that it's practically night time, and then you have night time on top of that. That's my only gripe with New England really.