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  1. No, just if you buy a company and after 3 months a game comes out, you can improve the staff but don't give your footprint, that's all, I'm not saying anything bad😅
  2. No, actually I like a mess, but there are many people who complain a lot. But it is also true that to be strong in Monaco I have to drift. On the side of physics it is not in good shape, let's say
  3. Guys, remember that Codemasters was bought by EA for a reason, now they have all the money they didn't have before. Certainly EA has not yet made its mark on this game and it shows. But many things should change from next year.
  4. But in the end those are seen by the modders, so they can also call a car a "pony", the important thing is that it is done well😂
  5. So guys, who have spent less time on design this year, it is evident, however, as regards the news there are many, the problem of f1 has always been online and will continue to be so since they do not have dedicated servers. But if you are a company, would you improve singleplayer? or would you focus only on multiplayer without adding new features to singleplayer? I will tell you that as a company they do this reasoning well but they cannot continue to neglect multiplayer because it has always been a problem. To work perfectly you must have dedicated servers.
  6. Hello to all F1 2021 video players, today I wanted to talk to you about something that is bothering me a bit, it's okay to criticize F1 etc ... but remember that if there are new bugs it is because they have implemented too many things (for example braking point) any code can go against each other so I just wanted to say that you have to be patient, I know it's the worst F1 so far but let's remember that all F1s are not born perfect, except in a few cases . Guys, honestly said, it was the worst launch they could do, because the fixes serve to improve a game, look at the 1.05 patch notes, it is
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