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  1. mkymouse

    Parts from research

    sorry to reply to my own post, but we can eliminate option 1. I received a box in league 2, started/finished/opened it in league 1 and got a new league 1 part.
  2. mkymouse

    Partial acceleration/braking

    @ChrisGrovesMCM I see your point. But how about adding support for bluetooth controllers that have analog inputs?
  3. mkymouse

    china event

    according to that there are more than 11000 cheats in this league alone? My time is in the 1:28s and I stayed on the track the whole time and all sectors were counted correctly. Even in training I get 20 seconds for sector 1, 26 for sector 2, 41 for sector 3. That adds up to 1:27. And better is absolutely possible.
  4. mkymouse

    Tripping at the start of races

    I keep seeing these screenshots and video's with people flying or sinking through the track. But it has never happened to me in my over 9500 races (maybe I play this game too much?). It would be nice to at least encounter this once (but not too often). Maybe this is phone/OS related?
  5. mkymouse

    china event

    I agree that the rewards are lame. The trial-events before the season started at least made it worth trying your best in the event as you got a real reward. The common parts (who needs them?) and RnD point (why would I need more than the 50.000 that I already have) are totally useless. However, it is still very mildly fun to see how I am doing compared to others.
  6. mkymouse

    Parts from research

    some parts are unlocked in certain leagues, and parts from research are random, but that leaves the question what parts are in the random-pool. So, what parts can I get from research? There are a number of possible different leagues involved: league you were in when you got the box league you were in when you started the research league you were in when the research finished league you are in when you open the research highest league you ever reached For example, let's say I am on a huge losing streak, I get a box in league 2, start research in league 3, it finishes in league 4 and I open it in league 5, but I once was in league 1. What parts can I possibly get from this box? The parts from league 1 (I once got there so I "unlocked" them), the parts from league 2 (that's when I got the box), etc. Or is the pool all the parts that I at some point unlocked and actually got? If you get to say league 1 you unlock a part but if that part is not received from a box it will get re-locked when you get demoted, so maybe in that case I can get all parts from league 1 except for this one? To me this is unclear but it affects my decisions. After all, if it is the league the research finished in or is opened, and after hard work I get promoted, I might stop playing until the research is finished to increase the odds of a special part from a better league. I guess the only one that can really answer this is @ChrisGrovesMCM ?
  7. As I got bored I decided to do an experiment. I went all the way back to league 8 to see how much I had improved. And I noticed something strange. As expected, I won most races by 10-15 seconds difference. But, more often than not the PI of my opponent was more or less the same as mine (1200-1300). Now, I it is possible that I would beat real players like that by margins this large, but not so often as I experienced. Also, these opponents seem to stay in P6 or P7 in grid starts and sprint races; weird if all the AI-cars are so relatively slow. My assumption is that these are bots and not real players. But if that is the case, the ratio between real players and bots seems to be way off, I think (at least in the lower leagues) I am driving against way more bots than people. Or is there another explanation? Is there any way to be certain whether you are racing against a real human or a bot?
  8. mkymouse

    Personal track records

    Question for Codemasters: In my profile I can see the personal track records for each track. Great! But... I recently got knocked down a from league 4 to 5 and now the records of the new league 5 tracks are not shown anymore. Why is that? Sure, I will not encounter them in duels, but I can still play them in single mode. Also, it would seem there are multiple records per track (qualifying, sprint, grid start), and maybe even separate track records for single mode? Anyway, I guess the primary question is: why hide track records for tracks even if I drove on them before?
  9. mkymouse

    China Event

    As probably more of you I am trying to "train" for the upcoming event using Single mode. I find I am having a hard time finding the best way to go through curves 1-2-3 as well as the corner after the looooong straight (curve 13-14). Any tips would be helpful! For now my best sector times are 20.04, 26.35 and 40.76; but I have a feeling there is a lot of opportunity for improvement. What are your times?
  10. mkymouse

    Quick end-of-week update

    I can get a bit below 1:25 without exceeding the track limits, and I think by training more you can get a bit below that. But, 1:17 is something I cannot see happening without exceeding the track limits. I've seen video's of someone doing a 1:18 (https://reddit.app.link/ohUKVA2RqV previously posted by StKnowhere), but even that looks like "cheating" to me.