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    Lack of interest

    same here, I haven't raced in over 2 weeks; even skipped the Monaco event. Maybe if there is a new release I might five it another try, otherwise maybe F1 2019 on a console or something.
  2. mkymouse


    Totally agree, I posted something similar a few days ago: And since then I haven't found any new motivation. No way I'm participating in the Monaco event, and I can't bring myself to do more duels lately. I guess it's over; oh well, the same holds for any other game; at some point you've basically beaten the game and it is time to move on. I'm not 100% at that point yet but getting close.
  3. mkymouse

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    I often have this as well and I am on Android. I get the impression that this is when your opponent DNFs, or is so far behind that you have already closed the results screen before the final times for the opponent have been shown. I might be wrong, but all of the times I noticed a best time not being recorded it was one of these two scenarios. Looking at your screendump, I do not see a color for the final sector (top-right) and your opponent is really far behind, he/she probably DNF-ed so that could be the reason.
  4. mkymouse

    What's left?

    Yes! I managed the "learn to fly" suggestion. Also got another gold in the Spain event (currently in first place in my league). I am really wondering whether or not I want to train for the absolute most awful track on the calendar (Monaco).
  5. mkymouse

    What's left?

    I've been playing this game for a while and spent a lot (too much?) time playing it. As I am goal oriented, playing without a goal seems pointless. So while playing the game I set myself a number of goals. However, it seems like I've done all I set out to do so I am wondering what is left. My goals: reach the maximum score of 9999 (done, a few times) drive more than 10K races (done, almost at 12K now) drive around the world (done, well almost, just a few more kilometers) get to the maximum "player rank" (done, when this was added somehow I was only at 21 but got to 25 pretty quickly) perform well in events (done, 7 events gold, 1 event I could not race so I only got silver) become good enough to beat most other players (done, I can get to 9999 pretty easily, and after throwing away all my cup points got back to league 1 winning all races I did not crash in) reach a safety rating of 5.0 (done, but impossible to stay there) see what playing at a really low safety rating is like (done, less fun that at higher SR ratings) beat the real-world track record on all tracks (done, but that is not really that hard) see how far you can get with a PI 0 car (I got to about 1700, after that it was no longer enjoyable) reach 100K Research Points (almost there, but that's a pretty useless goal as there is virtually nothing left to spend them on) I don't see another goal to strive for. At the higher cup points levels (about 7000+ or so) there are still quite a few players that are a lot better than I am, but I don't really care, as I can still get to 9999 if I want to. And now I can even pay for stuff: redo events (why? I get gold in them anyway) get more research slots (why? I am beating enough players with the car that I have) get an extra daily box (see previous point) get a choice of Epic parts (see previous 2 points) get a gold car (kind of nice but does not really offer anything special either) I really can't think of anything else to do in the game. Now if I could get a real season/career mode as was available in F1 2016 that might be interesting, but I don't see that happening any time soon. So I am wondering, what keeps others motivated to keep playing? I really hope for some great suggestions, otherwise I will probably participate in the Spain event this weekend, but stop playing afterwards.
  6. mkymouse

    Spain Grand Prix

    Probably they have one sector recorded as 0 seconds. This happened in a number of previous events also but apparently has not been fixed. Or they found another way of cheating. Hopefully those times will be deleted as they have been in previous events. I get to about 1:09 with full aero.
  7. This is the third event in a row where some people get a free sector. For the Spain event, people are getting times below 1 minute. Totally impossible. Why does this keep happening? Can this be solved once and for all? This takes the fun out of events, and that is just about the last thing that is fun in the game at the moment.
  8. oops, "Eden", sorry 🙂 Was playing another game just now hence the "Epic" in my mind I guess.
  9. bots not as in "cheaters driving automatically" but as in "AI opponents that Codemasters/Epic inserts sometimes". So, you are driving against an AI, not against someone cheating. I find that when I get into a lower league, say league 5 or 6, I often get these "bots" but not so much in league 1. It probably has something to do with a suitable opponent not being available at a certain time so you get to play an AI instead of being told "well, we have nobody so go away".
  10. mkymouse

    New Azerbaijan event

    @ChrisGrovesMCM Chris, I assume you guys/gals will fix this problem, but it will be after the event ends. How are your going to make sure that us (Android?) users that could not participate because of a hanging loading screen get another chance? And no, paying 50 credits to "redo" the event is not a good solution, neither is having to redo the qualification. I spent too much time getting a reasonable qualification time to do that again on one of the most awful tracks on the calendar.
  11. this is probably related to muliple researches at the same time. I had one slot finished and tried to start the next one before opening -> error message as shown above. I tried a few times, with even a phone reboot in between with the same results. I then first opened the box, and afterwards started the new research -> worked fine. So I guess in addition to not being able to enter the race in Baku, we have another bug related to research. Can I volunteer to be a beta-tester for the next release to help avoid issues like these? Oh well, or just do the common-sense thing and do not release right before the weekend, you know that time of week when people have leisure time to play but also the time that the developers take a well deserved rest?
  12. mkymouse

    New Azerbaijan event

    same here, stuck at loading at the same point as both of you. I will try again in a few hours. Great idea, realeasing a new major update just before the weekend (not).
  13. ok, this is impossible: I can see a time a bit below the rest, but about 30 seconds faster? No way. Can this score be deleted?
  14. mkymouse

    Well, that´s it for me I guess

    I don't like it either (so far). Especially since everything regarding handling changed. Plus, I cannot even get to within 4-5 seconds of my track records on most tracks. I guess the cars changed, but would it be possible to (optionally?) remove the track records as they seem impossible to beat and that is not very motivating? One thing I do like is that you now get a bit more credits per 3-hour window, up to 4 from 2. Then again, it used to be even better (5 per 2 hours I think).
  15. mkymouse

    Paid cars vs custom cars

    I agree with Xoloth. I tried the same thing, bought the Merc and then did some races. I broke my own personal records in almost all qualifying duels and the car feels a lot different. The only disadvantage is it does tend to break out at the rear sometimes, and that has never happened to me with the standard (custom) car. Now I understand why I got beaten a lot more often in duels when my opponent drove in a merc.
  16. mkymouse

    2019 Season Update Announcement!

    Just skipped through the video on Youtube: I was less than happy. It seems that events will now cost 100 credits? Or you buy a season pass (20 bucks) to enter them all. And then there is an additional monthly subscription (6 bucks) that you probably need as this gives you a choice of epic rewards and an extra research slot. Wow, seems like 20 steps backwards. I think I may like the new 2019 cars but this seems like a huge money grab to me. If this is really how it turns out, I will probably stop playing, no way I'm spending that much money/credits on the events and that is the only thing keeping this game interesting.) Disclaimer: I watched without sound, so maybe I just misunderstood?
  17. mkymouse

    Baku event laptime and setup

    OK, you mean the parts that you put on the car? To do that, go to R&D at the bottom of the screen (next to Duel/Single/Shop/...). Adding/removing parts is the only "setup" you can do on your car, no further tweaking.
  18. mkymouse

    Parts from research

    some parts are unlocked in certain leagues, and parts from research are random, but that leaves the question what parts are in the random-pool. So, what parts can I get from research? There are a number of possible different leagues involved: league you were in when you got the box league you were in when you started the research league you were in when the research finished league you are in when you open the research highest league you ever reached For example, let's say I am on a huge losing streak, I get a box in league 2, start research in league 3, it finishes in league 4 and I open it in league 5, but I once was in league 1. What parts can I possibly get from this box? The parts from league 1 (I once got there so I "unlocked" them), the parts from league 2 (that's when I got the box), etc. Or is the pool all the parts that I at some point unlocked and actually got? If you get to say league 1 you unlock a part but if that part is not received from a box it will get re-locked when you get demoted, so maybe in that case I can get all parts from league 1 except for this one? To me this is unclear but it affects my decisions. After all, if it is the league the research finished in or is opened, and after hard work I get promoted, I might stop playing until the research is finished to increase the odds of a special part from a better league. I guess the only one that can really answer this is @ChrisGrovesMCM ?
  19. mkymouse

    Can’t load Quali event

    Let me guess... Just as in the real world, the problem is a loose manhole cover?
  20. mkymouse

    Game play sucks

    Yeah, things can absolutely be better. As for sprint races, I found by listening to the sound that my engine cuts out right before the "go". Up until that point we are mostly about level, but after that my opponent pulls away. Since then I stopped pushing the gas pedal "down" a bit before the start, at about somewhere between the "2" and the "1", and accelerating after that. That often gets me level with my opponent or a bit ahead. I would assume that nothing before the "go" actually does anything but in my case what I do does seem to influence things. Maybe it is the placebo effect, but for me this makes sprint races "fun" again.
  21. mkymouse

    started a new account

    I think you are a better driver than I am. I got to about 1550 but could not get any higher. I lost a few duels then won a few but never got any higher. Oh well, I just loaded my best parts and powered back to league 1 in "a few" duels afterwards. Now I just need to figure out what the next fun thing to do is. Normally I train for the next event to make sure I get all liveries, but as this one does not have any graphic rewards I basically stopped caring for the event. Oh well, maybe I will just stop playing for a while, at least until the next update.
  22. Am I the only one getting annoyed with qualifying in Mexico? Somehow at this track there always seem to be 10 extra ghost cars in addition to your opponent. They are not too fast so getting in front of them is not too bad, but I keep thinking "why?". Why are these ghosts here if they are not present at any other track?
  23. mkymouse

    started a new account

    I really liked your idea! I sometimes threw away all my point to see how quick I could get back to league 1, but I never tried to see how I would do with PI=0. So, I decided to follow your lead and try also. I must say it is a lot of fun. The lower leagues are easy (playing mostly against slow bots it seems) but I agree that it gets more interesting in league 5. I am back up to league 4 now, and just beat a PI=1216 car; it was close but I won I guess experience counts for about 1200 PI in my case.
  24. mkymouse

    Comment faire une course en mode duel?

    Those challenges are marked as "Duel" so no matter how perfect you perform in solo mode, you will never get the reward. The only thing to do: watch the ad to skip the challenge. By the way, I fully understand not the entire world is English-speaking and my French happens to be reasonable, but I think you would get more response if you tried posting in English. As far as I can see, your message is the only non-english one on this forum.
  25. mkymouse

    Comment faire une course en mode duel?

    This has to do with your phone being regarded as too slow to do anything other than qualifying. So, there is not much you can do. See the help in the app; there is a list of "too slow" devices there. Also, see here: Help info