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  1. Seeing the hype Portimao has created in the hole community I think it would be a great to have extra circuits. I honestly prefer them from classic cars. Nice circuits to have are (any circuit that have been removed from past games, like Vietnam) Nurburgring, Mugello, Turkey, Malaysia, or outer Bahrain. I hope it can be done in future games.
  2. Great job Codies, the elevation changes are incredible, it is a really enjoyable circuit. I think it is perfectly designed. Looking forward for Imola and Jeddah, I'm sure they will be perfect recreated. Honestly, great job
  3. I'm on PS4, now it is 75.01 GB. I don't how much was before. If it is useful on the case says it is at least 50 GB
  4. I had the game updated and it is physical version. It is really strange.
  5. My game updated 31 GB with 1.09, I don't know if they have already been added but not activated. Even with 2 or 3 new circuits I think it is really heavy.
  6. @BarryBLWhy the new update is 31GB? My game was updated and I have the disc, it is not digital.
  7. CP8


    With the new calendar photo, I believe it will be Portimao but maybe Imola too
  8. As I remember from recent years the car models don't get updated, as helmets. The liveries normally get updated but later in the year, so that the game ends with Abu Dhabi liveries. I think the performance patch should have been already released, but because of the massive quantity of bugs it will be delayed. I hope Imola and miraculously Portimao (not to mention Jeddah) are released in the next podium Pass update.
  9. Hi @BarryBL, I've got a question about the new tracks. Will Codemasters wait to have all the tracks ready and then upload them to the game or each track will be uploaded separately? I don't know if you can answer this, but thanks anyways.
  10. The game is not aimed to be a full simulator, but each is getting closer. This year for example some kerbs will make your car spin at the moment you put one cm on it, or last year with the change of tyre pressures on all the tyres. Each year is a step closer to simulation, although I think it is closer than we think to a simulator if we compare it to games like Need for speed. It obviously can't be compared to ACC, but it is getting closer.
  11. It is true, but in qualy laps where tyre wear is not important it will be like that, I hope this gets fixed
  12. Hi guys, In F1 2020 as you all know, in every set up the brake bias was at 50%, but this year isn't supposed to be like that, so codies have introduced a massive snap of oversteer if you are running a close to 50 brake bias. This snap of oversteer looks like it is not enough in circuits like Monaco. I think the pros will learn how to brake like this and they can gain really important tenths. If this remains unchanged the F1 Esports Series will look like a Dirt Rally 2.0 event, I hope this will be changed. Look at Loews corner https://youtu.be/tNdlBi1OyLc?t=28
  13. I would love to see a dlc like in the Schumacher edition or Senna and prost but with the biggest rivalries. For example Alonso, Hamilton and Raikkonen in 2007 or Vettel, Alonso, Webber, Hamilton and Button in 2010 (these cars are already in the game). It would be a great thing to see with the licensed drivers and more cars from the same year. But I would prefer new tracks whether classic or others like Mugello.
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