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  1. @McLobe thats a great idea as well! I think generally speaking the game would profit it the users have as many options as possible to set up lobbies. In the end of the day, that would make things more enjoyable, because no one would be annoyed like "ouh, why is this and that in the game", because if they don't like it, they could turn it off.
  2. Hello, first of all, I think it only makes sense that the game can't judge every situation perfectly, which is why I feel like the game should allow you to customize your own penalty system. Right now we only have "All Rules and Flags", "Corner Cutting only" or no penalties all together. I would suggest adding a "Customized" option. Basically I invision myself a menu in the lobby/race settings in which ALL possible penalties + causes are listed and you would be to uncheck and check every penalty individually. This would especially be important for league racing. Often drivers would get un
  3. Hello, I feel like we need a 3rd corner cutting system, because regular is too forgiving, often you can cut or exdeed corners by ridiculous amounts, which makes it unavailable to use for any sort of somewhat competitive racing. With strict however, its a system that many people simply dislike and don't enjoy, because the tracks nowadays are build in a way where the intuitive racing line doesn't get definied by the white lines on track edges anymore, the intuitive line often goes off the track, which is a flaud by the track designers, but nothing the game can fix. Therefore I would l
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