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  1. Rango

    Save Replay

    I know the 'highlights' are available in the theatre in main menu, but not sure about saving a full race replay. Don't rely on highlights either, they usually miss the best bits
  2. Rango

    Pit entry issue @ Spa (Xbox)

    So every Sunday when my race group get together we do a few predetermined races (prior to starting our mini league - come on performance update 🤞🏻) then usually run one at Spa because, well, it's awesome. However, for 3 weeks now a couple of us (not me or I'd have recorded / bug reported it) there's been an issue where on entering the pits, my opponents' cars just stop dead for a second or two before continuing down the pit lane. Now I've usually pitted already in order to undercut them so haven't seen it myself, but has anyone else experienced this? Happened to two of them last night. Unfortunately just getting them online to race is a task in itself so I doubt I'd be able to get them to record it as its happened. Not tech types haha.
  3. Rango

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    For one year, only fair considering the amount of it they've had from this years game (and previous) that doesn't work properly. They won't, I agree, too much $$ at stake. Directors won't go for it. Something needs to change though
  4. Rango

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    I've said previously on here that maybe CM should release next season as a DLC update considering the raft of changes they've made this year, which would hopefully give them more time to concentrate on clearing out the gremlins before the 2022 changes come in as the cars will need a complete overhaul. I'd be more than happy with next year's iteration to come in a dlc package and just have updated liveries and drivers etc if it means the core game is fixed.
  5. Rango

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    Similar thing happened this season with division, I'd completed all 100 levels pretty soon compared to some so just have to wait until the new season. I'm sure cm will have planned ahead in this respect. My concern is I'm at level 16 now and don't have my VIP pass yet due to lack of podium points, really hoping I don't miss out on unlocking the first season's VIP rewards because of this
  6. I finish all programs in 2 sessions then load up the third and ffwd through it. That way, no extra engine wear. I refuse to do any extra laps than absolutely necessary to keep the wear down. Jeff hasn't moaned at me once yet
  7. Rango

    This is why we need more AI mistakes/errors

    I've seen many in aarava's my team youtube series, but not so many in my own. I am only 5 races in though
  8. Rango

    Livery mclaren obsolete empty

    There are so many alternative fake sponsors and regulations that it's impossible for CM to be able to keep up. Remember mission winnow on ferrari? Marlboro. Crafty way of getting the logo on the car. Had to be removed in the end. Leave cm yo concentrate on the important things, like my pitcoins! Oh and maybe some performance thingy
  9. Rango

    Sponserships and livery decals ideas

    I know points 5 & 6 have been brought up a few times. It seems crazy that they weren't even thought of in the first place. Would also love to see Pirelli and engine name/logos as options too (like aarava has done on his custom livery on pc), considering the game has the licensing to use the names and logos already.
  10. Rango

    Livery mclaren obsolete empty

    You'll be asking for the gulf logo next... Or LN's new lid... Do you want them to fix the game or do you want them constantly updating pointless things?? Car performance will happen, just let them get on with it.
  11. Rango

    Bring Hülkenberg in MyTeam-Career

    Knew it wouldn't take long. It was mentioned within minutes of CM tweeting about his return.. Shot themselves in the foot there lol.
  12. Rango


    Thanks. Thought I'd seen it somewhere. Guess I'll have to save my measly 2500 pitcoins and wait for it to come around again
  13. Rango


    Weird thing is, it doesn't show as a 'locked' livery. All the other podium pass unlocks do, like cosmos, united and splattered, but not fibre optic. I'm wondering whether it is only available as a daily / weekly item in the shop...
  14. Rango

    Questions about RaceNet

    I think it's something for online tracking of your stats etc, but the last F1 game racenet 'knows' anything about is 2014. I believe it's having a revamp tho
  15. Rango


    That'll be why I've not experienced that gem then. Haven't complained until now as I've been quite lucky in avoiding the bugs. Preorder 'bonus' yet we're the only ones to go without. I'm sure If they really wanted to, they could issue us codes for the pitcoins