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  1. My console has shut down twice tonight due to this very issue. Attempting to view a replay from my online coop career in theatre mode, full shutdown about 5 seconds in, twice. So i do not believe that 1.05 has fixed this (also it went out on other platforms before Barry's last update)
  2. Set radio output to "main audio device" in audio settings
  3. Just unplug it and plug it back in. Could be related to the fact that F1 doesn't do quick resume very well, due to always needing to be connected to online services. Have found joining lobbies difficult in both 2020 and 2021 if the game has been left in the suspended state rather than clean booted.
  4. Just tried party chat with wired headset on Series X in social lobby with another X user (wireless), worked fine. No audio issues whatsoever. Curiouser and curiouser
  5. So in my experience so far: Zero issues on Series X with wireless headset and wheel when with other Series X / wireless users. Did however experience it with same setup for me but with a friend who has XB1 with wired headset into controller. Can't comment on wireless headset on XB1. Will try Series X with wired headset into controller.
  6. Just to add to this, not sure if it helps at all, but I have only experienced this in one session with a friend who has a wired headset (xb1). Everyone else i race with are on xsx with wireless headsets. Sounds like it's a wired headset issue
  7. Issue: like irl, my outlap is usually gentle, trying to take as little life out of the tyres as possible (as I do with in lap also), as well as create a gap between me and the car in front for clean air. The problem with this, is that very often the AI will not go past me. Even if I slow right down (I suspect this is because of the yellow mini sector it creates, with AI not 'allowed' to overtake in yellow sectors). I have found no way around this, and it was something that happened in 2020 too. The real issue is that unless you pull completely off track (risking a penalty depending on the trac
  8. Set radio output to "main output device" - you then should hear Jeff say a short message which indicates it will then work in race
  9. Not of me joining the lobby then launching etc, I only noticed when checking my replay after the race was done. Then checked the replay of the other race and saw that one did have my number... Clip attached of that - you can see 15 on the front as I approach the corner (Alpine). Same lobby, preceding race c8c75e98-fb7c-4107-af52-3be30dd6aa7b.mp4
  10. Ok, but I started the session from the lobby. I didn't join mid session. It did follow quite a bit of difficulty getting in to start with but I was in the lobby before we launched into quali (no practice). It was also inconsistent as the race we ran before this did have the race number...
  11. When online in 2021 cars, your car doesn't show your custom driver's number, but the number for the car you're taking over. As per below, I am in Sainz's car and rather than 15 (my number) it shows his. (AI drove into me constantly and I couldn't turn, so that's why the track position lol) This was a fix needed in 2020 too iirc
  12. Change your radio output to "main output device" in audio settings (with headset connected)
  13. I'm not sure how many others have the same issue on XSX, but it took me about an hour to get into a friend's only (plus ai) lobby last night. Every time I would: - open a social lobby - set as friends only (also tried invite only) - invite party - wait for members to join - get kicked to dashboard, with game being killed off. - reload game to main menu, try and join lobby (either through invite from friends who are all still patiently waiting for me in the lobby, or join game option in xbox guide menu), see joining screen, get kicked to dashboard. W... T..
  14. I get that the + / - buttons and dials are a Microsoft problem, while trueforce is currently unsupported in F1, but how can LSB and RSB still not work? How many iterations is that now? I can't say for before this, but it certainly hasn't worked since F1 2018 and I know that MS have enabled their function since then for it to work in AC, PC2/3, ACC etc. Control pads have left and right sticks that respond correctly when clicked, so why do their g920/923 counterparts not work?! These buttons work in other titles (including those mentioned that are now owned by the same company) so this is purel
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