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  1. @BarryBLwhat's going on with the ffb loss issue? Have devs just given up on trying to fix this game now? I'm out of ways to try and relay my frustration with this game. Just because you have sole ownership of the licensing isn't enough CM! You have to continue to support those who paid good money to get as close to f1 racing as most of us will ever get. We're still 6 months away from the next disapp... I mean instalment. You can't seriously expect us to just live with it?
  2. Absolutely, I will not be buying 2022. Not at launch and certainly not at any point while at full price. I'd apply for the beta if I thought that any feedback I provided or issues I highlighted would actually be acted upon and resolved, but based on this year I can't see that happening. It's astonishing that we are now in 2022 and the game is still so flawed. My friend has to restart his wheel between quali and race or he loses all ffb, an issue present since beta. Worked fine on 2020. How do you break something so badly with a copy and paste game??
  3. Having given this game a miss for over a month, we went back to test it last night. It was better, but still not great. At Jeddah, AI would not overtake me while I was going slow to let them past (which worked fine on other tracks?), so cars just piled up behind me. They also blocked the first few turns after their flying laps (no clip, my friend experienced it). At Spa, AI still slow down too much after finishing their flying lap, see below video. Starting my flying lap and oh look, AI in the way. Barely a car's width to get through one of the hardest parts of the track.
  4. My friend has this issue, makes 2021 unplayable in multiplayer. Feedback disappears after half hour of racing, XSX & TMX 150. It was happening way back and due to numerous issues we went back to 2020. We tested 2021 again last night and while it seems most other issues are fixed, the tmx ffb problem still persists. He has to unplug and replug the wheel in twice when it happens, once to bring the FFB back and then again to get his pedal input back. Works perfectly in 2020 and other racing games. How is this still a problem?? This has to be, hands down, the worst release of any game, ev
  5. I take it that this was never looked into by the devs? My friend has this exact issue, makes 2021 unplayable in multiplayer. He has to unplug and replug the wheel in twice when it happens, once to bring the steering back and then again to get his pedal input back. Works perfectly in 2020 and other racing games.
  6. This has been "with developers" for 6 weeks... nm the fact that it was raised at the start of August... 6 weeks! At the very least we deserve an update. How about now that the season is almost over and there are no more tracks and liveries to add ( watch them update the Mclaren now :| ), the priority now becomes fixing AI in multiplayer?? My entire league has lost interest in this version and will not be buying the next, not only due to this issue, but the lack of attention it's been given. A pretty fundamental flaw for those of us that only really play online. I've literally never been
  7. Nothing again in 1.14... Just wow Codemasters. Way to stick two fingers up to your dedicated customers. Who's up for a boycott of 2021?
  8. Yet unsurprising... We've already changed ours to use 2020. It's unmanageable on '21. 14 patches now and still nothing about fixing it, I'm done with that game.
  9. Baffles me how this game got between 85-88 on Metacritic.. User reviews more accurately 3-5. Just shows the quality of life in this game is non existent.
  10. AI are just broken in quali full stop. They don't get out of the way, quite often block the track and incur illegal blocking penalties between themselves as a result. Been complaining about this for literally months.
  11. My experience is online, Xbox, 18 min quali. Without fail the AI will do their lap and then practically stop and just crawl along (as per numerous videos), more often than not in groups of 2-4, causing complete track blockage not only ruining your hot lap but also causing illegal blocking penalties for AI or collision penalties for both AI & human drivers. I haven't tried career, can't bring myself to waste time starting one just to be disappointed. I only play online for league racing anyway.
  12. Any update on this @BarryBL? Just seems like we're all being ignored, probably because devs don't know how to fix it so are just hoping we'll go away. Still getting core gameplay issues 4-5 months in and there's zero communication or apology from CM. How is this acceptable?? While it might look better, this game plays as badly as GTA trilogy. At least they came out and admitted it. Lost faith in this series completely now
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