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  1. Rango

    RS30 wheel or MVH cosmetic upgrade

    Well in the end I've gone for the MVH now that it's out. Cracking looking wheel add on and actual carbon face these days apparently.. Just couldn't justify the extra for an untested wheel and pedals, as nice as it would have been to have a capture button. Just gotta wait now..
  2. Rango

    Official Hud and Halo Hud for the next releases

    As with the current hud options, if added you'd be able to turn them off if you prefer I'd imagine. For those who race in car, you wouldn't see this anyway as it's a tv view overlay which you wouldn't be racing in.
  3. Rango

    RS30 wheel or MVH cosmetic upgrade

    Yeah, by MVH I mean the newer F1 rim they are due to release any minute now... (have been waiting a few weeks now tho since he said it would be released). It's having a refresh similar to what they did with the gt wheel (might even just get one of those instead). I love how a 'cosmetic' upgrade dramatically changes how driving feels with the g920. I agree with the RS30, looks good for the price, but it's likely to have the same issues with lsb/rsb.
  4. I agree. I run myteam at around 80/82 which is fine for me mostly and don't seem to have too many issues, but a few of us have a multiplayer league and it's set a bit lower as we're not all at exactly the same level, and you'd swear the level is ai intelligence rather than difficulty! Countless times we get driven into because it seems the ai cars simply will not budge off their predetermined race line, no matter what. Irl a driver would give up the line / position to avoid contact, whereas the ai just seem to keep going regardless. Its caused many a rage quit.
  5. Hey guys. Just looking for thoughts on what to do wheel-wise. I play on Xbox and have a logitech G920 and having given up on the Fanatec dream for now, I have been using a custom 3d printed wheel which actually added to the experience more than I was expecting, but it was a dodgy print so it broke. So I'm considering either replacing it with a MVH studios F1 wheel (new version due imminently I believe) or taking a risk and investing in one of these, I just worry about the support / game compatibility: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rs30-pro-grade-force-feedback-sim-wheel-pedal#/ Less than half the price of a fanatec setup but probably as compatible (or not as the case may currently be) with this particular game. Thoughts? (I'd love a PC/Fanatec setup, but all my mates are on xbox and it's simply unattainable as things stand)
  6. Rango

    Any update on G923 support?

    Holding on to my slim hope that LSB / RSB will finally work on xbox for 2021
  7. Rango

    Track situation for F1 2021

    TBC now confirmed as Portimao
  8. Ok so ridiculously an invite only session doesn't actually let you invite someone haha! To get around it, we have had to have it as friends only session and either leave the cars we know we're racing off the AI list or just run with no AI at all, to ensure that the car is "free" to be taken over. Maybe this is the same reason you guys have to be in the session to start it? Try leaving out the AI for the cars you want to join in @steviejay69 We can start the practice session alone this way and the others can join in afterwards, as long as they ready up (rather than choose spectate)
  9. Rango

    Track situation for F1 2021

    Everyone conveniently forgetting that hanoi and zandvoort were probably already built (for the most part at least) before covid-19 was even known to be a thing, yet still expecting 3 new tracks to be made this year with all of the major restrictions everyone has been working under, before even knowing the calendar until quite recently (one race still tbc). Using 2013 as a comparable situation is completely unrealistic. Less detail required back then for a start not to mention a pandemic to contend with. We will get what we get, and I for one will be thankful for it and not throwing a fit because I didn't get what I wanted.
  10. Rango


    Absolutely, release 2021 as dlc with (hopefully) updated tracks, teams etc. Tracks is a difficult situation to gauge as while last year there were last minute changes to the intended schedule, there's a bit more notice this year. Whether that's enough to get the tracks scanned and ai "trained" is another matter.
  11. I've just had a play around with the settings and I think the issue relates to adding all other drivers as AI, it doesn't then allow anyone to join the session and take control of any of them once the session has launched, only spectate. I'm able to join random sessions with no AI drivers and take control of any car not in use. Guess I assumed that you could take control of an AI after the session starts. Usually a max of 6 of us on so we like to race with all AI to make up the full grid.
  12. Is there any particular reason I can't join a session in progress that's set as friends only or even open? Lobby asks me to ready up or spectate but no matter which I choose I cannot take control of any cars. I am on xbox series x, as are the other people in trying to join. We tend to have an open practice session before our Sunday league race but for whatever reason, no matter who sets it up, we cannot join it once it's started. We can spectate, but no option to take control 😞 I'm convinced it used to work..
  13. Rango

    Fanatec / Drivehub

    How do you adjust the brake force?
  14. Thanks bud. Should have looked really shouldn't I?! That's really helpful actually, though that funky switch is a bit low, would take some getting used to. Guess I'd be in the same boat I am now lsb/rsb-wise, just with a much fancier wheel lol. Really need the LC pedals to up my game though
  15. Ok, so no 'Microsoft' reason that the wheel can't work as it does on other titles. GRID not supporting buttons again leads me to believe it is a CM problem. Not sure why they continue to drop the ball on this one but only for xbox... Really puts me off upgrading to Fanatec. New mclaren wheel for example doesn't have any kind of d-pad - how am I meant to navigate mfd? Can't go PC, all my race buddies are on xbox.