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  1. Rango

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    If you're going to be realistic, you wouldn't pick a Ferrari engine anyway...
  2. Rango

    Spa pit issue

    Pit assist is on, but it is always on and this never happens in any other pit lane. Will try and get session codes and fill out the other template should it happen again
  3. Rango

    Spa pit issue

    @BarryBL still happening.. Every time we run Spa, at least one of us experiences this
  4. Rango

    Tier reset to tier 1

    Yep, new season. Everyone is the same
  5. 1. Without fail, while in multiplayer friends session, there's a glitch at the entry to spa pit lane (see video). 2. 1.09 but had been there since day 1 3. Happens to at least one of us every time we race is. 10/10 4. Nothing we can do 5. Logitech G920 or controller 6. Video (below) Forgot to get the session code VID_20200918_002043.mp4
  6. Rango

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Ignoring the actual race at monza, because it was a bit of an anomaly, it was clear in practice and quali (as it has been for many races now) that the Ferrari is poor. Midfield team at best this year unfortunately. Game now needs to reflect that (just in case it hasn't been said on this page of the thread... 😝)
  7. Rango

    Cars update?

    Did OP not mean the livery updates, which are due about now..?
  8. Rango

    "Oooh friends" achievement

    So, apparently you don't get this if you set up the league, only if you join one. Which means all my mates got it and I didn't. That's a bit harsh..
  9. Rango

    This is My Vietnam

    Have you reported this as a bug? Hard to recreate obviously but it's clear that you were overtaken under yellow flag which simply shouldn't happen.
  10. Rango

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    Doubt it, they fall out every time I move it 😂
  11. Just another thing to make me wish I had this on PC (and a PC to run it on) instead of console. Looks fantastic
  12. Rango

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    Assume that comes with the base to slot into the front stand? Not exactly clear in the description
  13. Rango

    G920 xbox 1 pedal settings

    All i did is go into the wheel/pedal settings and checked what kind of pressure applies what percentage of throttle etc. My throttle wasn't hitting 100% tweaked that. You really do have to be gentle. Don't give up, I'm not there yet either but it does get easier. Race starts are the hardest to get right
  14. The G923 has exactly the same buttons as the G920 in terms of the LSB/RSB, so IF cm do manage to incorporate Trueforce I would hope that they also look to unlock the function of these buttons for it which surely can only help for it to work on G920?
  15. I wouldn't expect any of extra buttons on the G923 to work in F1 on Xbox, considering the LSB & RSB buttons still do not work on the G920, whereas they do in other games such as Assetto Corsa or Project Cars 2. Ultimately they are the left and right stick buttons so why CM have so much trouble integrating them into the F1 series is beyond me. If they add the "Trueforce" tingle before this, I honestly give up.