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  1. Rango

    Fanatec / Drivehub

    How do you adjust the brake force?
  2. Thanks bud. Should have looked really shouldn't I?! That's really helpful actually, though that funky switch is a bit low, would take some getting used to. Guess I'd be in the same boat I am now lsb/rsb-wise, just with a much fancier wheel lol. Really need the LC pedals to up my game though
  3. Ok, so no 'Microsoft' reason that the wheel can't work as it does on other titles. GRID not supporting buttons again leads me to believe it is a CM problem. Not sure why they continue to drop the ball on this one but only for xbox... Really puts me off upgrading to Fanatec. New mclaren wheel for example doesn't have any kind of d-pad - how am I meant to navigate mfd? Can't go PC, all my race buddies are on xbox.
  4. Seems mental to me that in some games I can get an extra button box to work but not a few extra buttons on the wheel already being used in this game. It can't be that difficult surely?? Can't be a fanatec only issue either as logitech and xbox work fully together on other games (like acc/pc) but not in f1? @PJTierney does grid also support all g923 buttons in addition to Trueforce? If so, why can't f1 devs do it for that and the g920?
  5. Rango

    Fanatec / Drivehub

    I am also thinking about this, did you ever take the plunge? I'm after the load cell pedals but can't afford the rest of the setup yet... I wonder how you would adjust the brake force without a fanatec wheel
  6. Rango

    Do I upgrade to a wheel

    I'm on xbox and went from controller to Logitech G920 with a basic gt omega wheel stand and i cannot go back. It's a considerably better experience and while initially you will be slower, once you get used to it you'll find you'll get quicker, but more importantly you'll enjoy it SO much more. I've even recently replaced the basic wheel with a 3d printed f1 version and it's even better again! Do it!
  7. My G920 still has no LSB / RSB functionality on Xbox which I find quite unbelievable these days to be honest. ACC, PC2 and probably others have the ability to map any button now, so it is definitely no longer a Microsoft issue. It's an F1 issue. I've been looking into upgrading to Fanatec with the new Mclaren wheel but I'm very hesitant especially if I'm unlikely to be getting any extra button functionality. If everything is mappable on PC, why not xbox?? (what I find very funny too, is that there are a plethora of options for mfd shortcuts, which is ironic considering the button limits)
  8. Still an issue... since day 1. @BarryBL is this going to be looked into?? First reported July 9th 2020!? It's now nearly 2021.
  9. Rango

    F1 2021

    I hope they do this just so they have time to overhaul the AI. They. Are. Stupid. Said a long time ago that 2021 should just be a seasonal update to drivers / teams / tracks to give them more time for the 2022 overhaul. Probably won't though..
  10. I love how I manage my fuel through the entire race but Jeff's still like, ok 2 laps of fuel left... Yup. Kinda the plan. Maybe tweak it to only tell you if you're well over or actually under the remaining laps?
  11. Mine works perfectly. The wheel can be a bit iffy on this game in general on initial connection. Just make sure in the menus that turning the wheel actually turns things, i.e. Item shop where the displayed item turns or showroom mode where turning the wheel spins the car around. If it doesn't work, unplug the usb and then reconnect it & try again. Happened to me once on my One X but no problems on the Series X so far
  12. Rango

    aarava AI suggestion

    This isn't specific to aarava's myteam. The AI in this game sucks! I love the game but my god the AI ruin our weekly mini league races on a regular basis (xbox). Unfortunately we're not good enough for top level difficulty where it apparently improves, but they're always crashing into us and because of the wonderful penalty system this game has, we get penalised or they just spin us completely! Example below, two human drivers (ren, rbr) vs AI Hamilton. Hamilton barges both all the way up the long straight at Canada and at the chicane, spins the rbr driver. This was one of many crashes caused by AI during the race.
  13. Rango

    Improving Claire Williams' design

    What's the point? She's not even part of the team anymore irl
  14. As per the title (again..). Is there any chance of getting these buttons on a G920 wheel working on xbox in this game in the near future?? It's been an issue for a few years now but other titles, including ones that codemasters now own, have them working fine. I understand there was a problem initially when the wheel came out but it seems crazy to me that a wheel that let's be honest, doesn't have that many buttons compared to some (especially the fancy fanatecs) still has buttons that do sod all. The equivalent buttons work on other platforms.