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  1. I love how I manage my fuel through the entire race but Jeff's still like, ok 2 laps of fuel left... Yup. Kinda the plan. Maybe tweak it to only tell you if you're well over or actually under the remaining laps?
  2. Mine works perfectly. The wheel can be a bit iffy on this game in general on initial connection. Just make sure in the menus that turning the wheel actually turns things, i.e. Item shop where the displayed item turns or showroom mode where turning the wheel spins the car around. If it doesn't work, unplug the usb and then reconnect it & try again. Happened to me once on my One X but no problems on the Series X so far
  3. Rango

    aarava AI suggestion

    This isn't specific to aarava's myteam. The AI in this game sucks! I love the game but my god the AI ruin our weekly mini league races on a regular basis (xbox). Unfortunately we're not good enough for top level difficulty where it apparently improves, but they're always crashing into us and because of the wonderful penalty system this game has, we get penalised or they just spin us completely! Example below, two human drivers (ren, rbr) vs AI Hamilton. Hamilton barges both all the way up the long straight at Canada and at the chicane, spins the rbr driver. This was one of many crashes caused by AI during the race.
  4. Rango

    Improving Claire Williams' design

    What's the point? She's not even part of the team anymore irl
  5. As per the title (again..). Is there any chance of getting these buttons on a G920 wheel working on xbox in this game in the near future?? It's been an issue for a few years now but other titles, including ones that codemasters now own, have them working fine. I understand there was a problem initially when the wheel came out but it seems crazy to me that a wheel that let's be honest, doesn't have that many buttons compared to some (especially the fancy fanatecs) still has buttons that do sod all. The equivalent buttons work on other platforms.
  6. Rango

    Manual race start (assists off)

    Problem with time trial is that it's no fuel / softs only, and some tracks are way harder with assists off than tt would have you believe
  7. Rango

    Manual race start (assists off)

    It's hard, but it's all down to throttle application and short shifts. I've spun so many times off the line and am still trying! I tend to find it easier on softs but occasionally you need to quali on medium for the strategy so I've been known to have tc med for the race start then quickly switch it off at the first opportunity (usually the next straight). Determined to get it eventually. My advice is to try and keep revs about 10-11k and then short shift into third at which point you should get the grip required to get to max revs. Try starting a GP, then restarting it after the first corner to practice. Really wish this game had a practice start mode
  8. Rango

    Multiplayer car faults

    Has anyone had any experience of any car faults during a multiplayer race? I didn't believe this was a thing, but during a league race yesterday, the all knowing Jeff came on the radio to tell me that "the team have noticed some unexpected data from some of the sensors and are keeping an eye on it". No fault occurred (prob just weren't expecting the data to show me in p2!) but I liked the variety and hope that somehow something like this could be added, even if it's like the random drs failures etc in career mode. Sure it'd be annoying, but how realistic!
  9. Rango

    Codies, Please don't sell to Take Two

    Take two have probably just seen the increase in racing games being played due to lockdown and thought "we'll have some of that". I'm hoping that should the takeover happen, codies will remain to function as it does but maybe with an increased budget, allowing them to polish the game more effectively in the 'short' time frame between iterations. Also, maybe some investment in the AI would be good... Let me dream ok 😂
  10. Rango

    unpossible lap times

    I think it's pretty impossible to stop modding on PC. They will always find a way.
  11. Rango


    If anyone sees the fibre optic livery in the store at any point please let me know! Missed it in the first few weeks after release due to pitcoin issues and not seen it since
  12. Rango

    Multiplayer - what's the point?

    Agreed. Most people racing this online unfortunately are the same that race forza etc. They do not know how to leave space or feel that there's even a need. It's frustrating but like previously suggested, maybe join a league? Most they're will play the game alot more and have the etiquette required. I race a mini league with 5 mates weekly so luckily we're all in a party and get on so there's no crashing (intentionally at least!). If it makes you feel any better, the ai aren't much better!
  13. Rango

    How do you qualify?

    I have always done one shot for quali on career in F1, but this year I've gone from this, to short, to full quali sessions. Yeah it takes longer but I'm enjoying the whole thing of will I make it into Q2/Q3 etc. Currently on 80 ai (think that's my limit until the car improves!) with only abs and pit assists (G920 wheel).
  14. Rango

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    If you're going to be realistic, you wouldn't pick a Ferrari engine anyway...
  15. 1. Without fail, while in multiplayer friends session, there's a glitch at the entry to spa pit lane (see video). 2. 1.09 but had been there since day 1 3. Happens to at least one of us every time we race is. 10/10 4. Nothing we can do 5. Logitech G920 or controller 6. Video (below) Forgot to get the session code VID_20200918_002043.mp4
  16. Rango

    Spa pit issue

    Pit assist is on, but it is always on and this never happens in any other pit lane. Will try and get session codes and fill out the other template should it happen again
  17. Rango

    Spa pit issue

    @BarryBL still happening.. Every time we run Spa, at least one of us experiences this
  18. Rango

    Tier reset to tier 1

    Yep, new season. Everyone is the same
  19. Rango

    Racenet issue

    Does anyone else have a problem logging in to the game with your existing racenet credentials? Granted its a super old account (community's 'latest activity' refers to F1 2014!) but the website allows me to log in so not sure why the game won't?
  20. Rango

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Ignoring the actual race at monza, because it was a bit of an anomaly, it was clear in practice and quali (as it has been for many races now) that the Ferrari is poor. Midfield team at best this year unfortunately. Game now needs to reflect that (just in case it hasn't been said on this page of the thread... 😝)
  21. Rango

    Cars update?

    Did OP not mean the livery updates, which are due about now..?
  22. Rango

    "Oooh friends" achievement

    So, apparently you don't get this if you set up the league, only if you join one. Which means all my mates got it and I didn't. That's a bit harsh..
  23. Rango

    This is My Vietnam

    Have you reported this as a bug? Hard to recreate obviously but it's clear that you were overtaken under yellow flag which simply shouldn't happen.
  24. Rango

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    Doubt it, they fall out every time I move it 😂
  25. Just another thing to make me wish I had this on PC (and a PC to run it on) instead of console. Looks fantastic