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  1. Achilles7

    Wheel is nerfed?

    Why have all PAD drivers been so much faster since the last patches? I am starting to feel that the PAD driver has clear advantages over the steering wheel driver, that's just not normal. I do not want to talk about the assists at all, because there is hardly a difference. And what are you doing in Singapore, there is always a wall bug, that's so since your 2017 game, unbelievable.
  2. I agree with everything you say. Codemaster what did you do there? The game is now much worse since patch 1.06
  3. Achilles7

    No Assists vs. Assists [F1 2019]

    Yesterday there was a league race because somebody did 2 laps in the time trial to save a setup for the race he did not do any more practice for the track and won the race and what a surprise it was a PAD driver. And this driver was much slower in the 2018 game, he has practically without more practice a jump of 0.5sec.- 1sec. made from 2018 game to 2019 game. I'll just say THANK YOU Codemasters for the 100% Arcade Game you should probably join the series NEED FOR SPEED because you have a lot of competence for. And there are simply no real differences between driving aids on and off. I've tested it with assists you beat the car in the curve and everything stable and without braking that is an absolute joke.
  4. Achilles7

    FFB Less In Online

    Codermasters, why do pad users have such a massive advantage?
  5. What changed with the 1.06 patch? The game looks like a 100% arcade game. Pad riders are kind of in the advantage. The driving aids brakes as well as not more that is an absolute joke. I am sorry, but the 2019 game is one of the worst games you have developed and where you had a great base in 2018 to develop it in the right direction.
  6. Was wurde geändert mit den 1.06 patch ? Das Spiel wirkt wie ein 100% Arcade Game. Pad fahrer sind sowas von im Vorteil. Die Fahrhilfen Bremsen so gut wie garnicht mehr ein das ist ein absoluter Witz. Tut mir Leid aber das 2019 Spiel ist eines der schlechtesten Spiele das ihr Entwickelt habt und das wo ihr mit 2018 eine super Basis hattet es in die richtige Richtung zu entwickeln.
  7. Achilles7

    Fanatec V2 functions on PS4

    I can't understand why the features aren't built in. There is finally a great setup from fanatec for the PS4 but the game doesn't support it. It is incomprehensible to me how the official supplier of the F1 Esport series does not have full support for its steering wheels. For me, this is the biggest disappointment of F1 2019. As an official partner of the F1 I expect as a customer that the latest technology is available.