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  1. DataGhost

    Lack of interest

    I think it's the latter. I'm not playing the game anymore because it's not really great to play and I'm just lurking here to see if anything improves. I don't think I've even started the game in a week.
  2. DataGhost

    Fix the racing line please

    Because of this, I turned off the racing line. A piece still appeared to be present after turn 1 on Spa though.
  3. DataGhost

    May 13 Status Update

    Sorry not meant to flame you, but do you guys even play the game? "No changes to handling"? It's day and night! Not using any assists (never have) and I'm not oversteering almost every corner anymore, the grip is much much better now. How did that happen if there were no changes?
  4. DataGhost

    May 21 Update

    Yes, handling is a lot better now, but before this update it was just plain nonsense. The handling was complete **** and tuning the setup didn't seem to have any effect, or the wrong effect. I highly doubt that their intention was to change the handling according to the new rules, or they'd have announced it.
  5. I'm getting quite a few of "Too many connections" errors on the forums now as well. Maybe they're running on the same server as the game 😛
  6. I have the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy S9, first I thought it was because I am in Nepal, but the connections here are actually pretty okay and allow me to do almost everything without issues, including watching whole F1 weekends. It doesn't matter if I use 4G or wifi, I get a lot of disconnects either way. I noticed an increase too, I lost so much that I'm down from 3000+ back into league 2 (<2500), barely having been able to play any duels.
  7. DataGhost

    Perfect starts not being recorded...

    Assuming that the bugs that exist aren't intentional, it's quite logical that every bug will "negatively" affect players. It is so much more likely that a value that needs changing (e.g. number of credits) doesn't get changed because someone made an error, rather than that a value that doesn't need to be touched suddenly changes. The latter is a very visible bug in the code (you generally need a whole or even several lines of code which probably look out of place), the former could be as simple as a typo changing + into -, a conditional not being calculated properly, some calculation that inadvertently only runs in debug mode and not in production mode or vice versa, and many more other options.
  8. DataGhost

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    Not in the top right
  9. DataGhost

    Perfect starts not being recorded...

    Quite a few of them prevent me from having any will to play, so I'm saving time and frustrations and get to do other useful things instead 🙂
  10. DataGhost

    Partial acceleration/braking

    Maybe a good idea to schedule this for update 5.5 or 6? Now that the cars go crazy with oversteer exiting corners on the accelerator. The oversteer situation is probably more realistic now, but that also means we have to be able to realistically apply 70% throttle exiting the corner gradually up until 100% when the car is driving straight again. And again, tapping is idiotic. If anything, in a real car, quickly pumping the accelerator between 0 and 100% while the steering wheel is not perfectly straight would completely screw up the balance in the car and throw you off the track immediately.
  11. DataGhost


    But it makes no sense at all. My car is set up with 0 power and lots of aero and handling. That should make it very hard to get oversteer, right? Underlying issue is that the upgrade system should work as it's advertised, rather than this nonsensical random stuff where more power gives you less power and more aero gives you more power rather than aero. I also tried running with as much power as possible, by the way, and that resulted in a noticeably slower car with the same amount of oversteer.
  12. DataGhost

    Partial acceleration/braking

    I find this a strange argument. "Our competition does not do this, so neither will we". Usually companies try to distinguish their product from others, so this doesn't become another 13-in-a-dozen racing game. If you have this feature, you might attract more players from the enthusiast-group, who are looking for a racing game to play whenever they're not at home in their playseats. And to me, as a software developer, it does not seem so difficult to implement. The pedals already move around the screen whereever you click them, so the Y-coordinates are known already and it'd be relatively straightforward to map them to a 0..100 range (min/max Y configurable or sensible defaults) and use that for acceleration and braking instead. Of course, I don't know how the game is structured internally but I'd say just pitch it, there might be a developer who shouts that he can fix it in an hour and bam, you'll have a much nicer game (IMO). A lot of people aren't vocal at all about things they'd like to see added to/changed in a game/app. They just take it for granted the way it is and are surprised if anything changes after the first time of using it. Most will walk away if they feel that something is missing, and go look for another game.
  13. DataGhost

    Request for a new penalty system

    The problem is that whenever you implement something, you also have to think from the perspective of someone trying to hurt you as much as possible, that's why I left out some ideas and tried to make them as tight as possible. When you are in front of your opponent, you can see where and how far behind he is. When he is trying to pass you, you can move in front and do a brake check, giving him a penalty and you can drive on. So just stating this as a one size fits all solution is a bit naive.
  14. DataGhost

    Partial acceleration/braking

    Any response? Yes/no/goingtolookatit? Accelerating out of corners is rubbish and even into T1/2 on China the real drivers are keeping some throttle, while that's completely impossible with this game. I also don't see them fully slamming the brakes 5 times a second as we have to. And when going off the throttle to make that turn, you actually start to understeer. What the hell? What universe do these laws of physics come from? If anything, the weight balance would come more to the front of the car so you should be able to make the corner tighter (and possibly oversteer). That same balance would mean that the rear suspension would come up more, improving DF, which again should make you corner better instead of worse.
  15. DataGhost

    Request for a new penalty system

    IMO there seems to be a lack of DSQ as well, a lot of situations are very easy to recognize. I came up with a few and ordered them from no-brainer to maybe tricky to determine/enforce - driving over the start/finish line in the wrong direction: DSQ - not crossing the start line in the first 10 seconds after the start: DSQ - driving in the wrong direction for more than 10 seconds: DSQ - standing still (speed below 100kph?) for more than 10 seconds: DSQ - crashing into opponents (player and AI) more than 2+what_league_you're_in times in a race: DSQ. I've seen people ram just about everything off the road in order to block the opponent behind. The occasional crash can happen but the higher league you're in, the better you're supposed to be. In a real race you'd probably break your car into DNF before this DSQ threshold. - colliding with the other player in the first 5 seconds after the start: DSQ for the one that moved furthest left/right towards the other from their starting position on track Furthermore, there should be a 'protest' button that you can press during or after the race, that may or may not trigger an "investigation by the stewards" (probably not, but the option would be nice 🙂 ). The button only works if there has been any collision by the opponent, so it makes no sense to just press it every race just in case. Hopefully, it can be used to find out which players are *****. Maybe combined with the number of collisions (both player and AI) per race for that player. Since it's difficult to find out (because of lots of factors) who actually caused the collision, they always count for both players if they collide. Statistically, this number should stay on the low side for honest players, unless the game is flooded by crashers. Right now, there is no way to punish bad players besides putting them in their red bracket and I don't feel like it's working (and it's damn hard for honest players to get out of it because of the demographic in there). Of course I'm not "all players" but I got this game mostly so I could practice driving on the tracks before every race. Really the only reason I play duels is to unlock all the tracks, but I managed to reach league 2 now so I've got them all. Online is nice if you're playing against real players that actually try, but if that part sucks, there is really no reason for me to play anything but single and event anymore.