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  1. Jsd97

    F1 2016 Just had an update?

    Just turned me on Xbox on when to check to see if F1 2020 Performance patch had come out and to the shock F1 2016 needed an update, Anyone know why? 😂
  2. Jsd97

    Patch notes? 1.02

    Just downloaded 1.02 for Xbox, Does anyone know what was in 1.02 update?
  3. How awesome would it be doing long runs in practice to have the ability to switch tyres or just to change the front wing in practice or its starts raining so you can switch to inters or wet etc. Please look into doing this for 2020 or 21
  4. Jsd97


    I meant as in F1 2014 was hyped to be on Xbox 1 & PS4 then they released it on old gen
  5. Jsd97


    Think it’ll be F1 2014 all over again
  6. Will we see a final 2019 Update for Cars- Aero, Chassis, Livery, Sponsors Helmets- Helmet updates to match Either Abu Dhabi or Brazil with none one off helmets .i.e Hamiltons, Sainz etc Bugs-Safety Car, Etc Been really nice playing F1 2019 Game I’ve enjoyed every season every race every session. Thank you for continuing to make Formula One games Codemasters I hope we can finish 2019 with one massive update! ❤️
  7. Jsd97

    What is your driver number?

    Use to play with 28 til Hartley took it in 2018 now I use 22 stuck with 22 for 2019 as well 😂
  8. Jsd97

    Xbox - Patch 1.15

    Where the hell is patch 1.15 I wanna start season 5 but I wanna change game settings 😩