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  1. Does anyone know what was in the patch update just loaded up on Xbox One and it updated to version 1.09 or am I just early? 😂
  2. Just edited it let me know if it needs more information etc, I’ve never had to do this before
  3. A detailed description of the issue - Williams Racing right Mirror is a copy of the left mirror, No adjustments seem to fix the issue Report Code - None Platform? - Xbox One S Game-mode? Driver Career Mode Thanks
  4. Hello Just a quick post to ask if Codemasters are aware of the Williams 2021 car mirror bug this also appeared in Bahrain so I guess it’s an all round bug Thanks
  5. Why is the update number so long, Shouldn’t it just say 1.06? Was something added
  6. Figured it out now, Had to change “Race Style” in top right corner! 🙂
  7. Watching Tiametamrduks F1 2021 My Team episode 1 and he has loads of Career settings yet when I set my team up I only have the top three, What gives?
  8. Jsd97

    F1 2021

    New F1 game
  9. @cpthammer Thank you!!
  10. Anyone know how I can get my TV Pod to look like this had it before but game data got lost everything TIA
  11. Logged onto my Xbox to play F1 2020 and the game loads up starts asking me to create a profile etc? What the hell just started season seven as well of my team after all FOUR departments had a reg change was so looking forward to that screw this game
  12. It’s super annoying you get messages from Jeff? I think saying you should spend some money what a pointless thing to say lad 😂
  13. Nope 😂 I’m on season 7 450M
  14. He retired in mine when Lewis won his 7th title 😂 lewis won in US? I believe and Bottas announced his retirement the race after 😂
  15. And the race start lights 😂
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