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  1. Bellyracing

    Ghosting halo in cockpit cam?

    Also, can I add the UI to the cockpit cam because I use suggested gear and I need the UI to see it.
  2. Bellyracing

    Ghosting halo in cockpit cam?

    In F1 2018 we can remove the center post of the halo but it looks a bit weird. So can we just ghost the center post instead?
  3. What if Codies added tracks that F1 used to race at like Nurburgring or Sepang or historic versions of tracks like Hockenheim or Monza. I know the licensing might be an issue but they have licensing for historic cars so this might not be a that out of reach. Maybe as a DLC or update.
  4. I use an Xbox controller to play F1 2018 but I cant use the D-pad to change ERS or fuel mix without taking my finger of the thumbstick i use for steering so i can only change ers mode on the straits. Anyone can help?