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  1. Are there any advantages for steering wheel drivers with the PS5 FFB compared to the PS4?
  2. It's an example I've seen a lot, much worse. I respect your opinion, respect mine and that of many league colleagues.
  3. Why do they have a weather radar that is more accurate in itself? It shouldn't be exact, but it shouldn't be that far off either.
  4. The weather calculations get better every year.
  5. No deviates too much. Don't predict the weather like they did in the 18th century.
  6. Hi Barry I like the idea of can be slightly off
  7. 1. A detailed description of the problem. Please enter all error codes here. The weather forecast is far too imprecise. League race yesterday. Weather was set in 4 slots in the race: light rain / light rain / light rain / cloudy This was also implemented by the game before the race. It was indicated that the last lap will probably be dry. The problem, in the race it was dry from lap 37 ... I think it's good that the weather is not exactly reproduced. However, being so wrong is unrealistic. Please check and adjust something. Thank you so much! 2. Platfo
  8. I think depending on the attitudes and grip conditions that people have in different places. (I found it very clear when I was driving an extremely slow outlap in Zandvoort) But also clearly noticeable under racing conditions
  9. This has nothing to do with brakes and occurs even without brakes. Had already made a thread in the beta forum. The problem occurs when you turn into the curve and the FFB suddenly breaks away. Although the car is not understeered, not oversteered and does not lock wheels. David Greco doesn't know what it can be either, it's probably Fanatec's fault. It is mostly with the PS4 on and with Fanatec Base DD and CSL. With me and some other drivers I know. The handling of the game is perfect, but this error destroys it.
  10. What is the perfect rpm when starting in the dry?
  11. Interesting with Jarno. Do you have a link for that?
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