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  1. With a PS4 pro, I only need a cell phone and that's it? Or does the laptop always have to be on?

    About patch 1.10

    Not 3 seconds maybe 0,5-1 second

    About patch 1.10

    When will the advantage of the PS4 Pad driver be eliminated? I wish fair races.

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    Helmet design, that's the main problem of the game🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    way too much rain in career mode

    1-2 rain races are enough in 1 saison!

    way too much rain in career mode

    weather does not work at all cloudy before the race said At the start of the race, the middle of the race is raining in the race in the middle rain and at the end sorry that is not so, the weather forecast should already fit reasonably! next mistake, it generally comes in the race too often rain .... is not realistic the whole in online mode

    T300 FFB is broken since patch 1.06 ps4 uk [SG]

    What platform you are on (including pro or base version if on PS4) PS 4 Pro What make and model of wheel you are using, plus any pedals and other controllers you might have connected Fanatec Direct Drive F1 2018 Limited Wheel What firmware your wheel is on (and what driver version you are using if on PC) Firmware 340 What control scheme you are using (preset or custom) Custom What advanced steering wheel settings you are using Wheel rotation at 300 degrees What game modes you are playing when noticing these issues. Please also check to see if this occurs in Time Trial too as this is the simplest test bed for checking handling issues. In the time trial it is ok. In Grand Prix mode too. The problem with too little grip you have in online league races. The cars are set equally strong. But you have less grip in the same weather conditions as the Mercedes in GP mode. Partly unpredictable. When everything is going bad, it's like ice! Next big problem is that pad driver does not have the problem. Whether the issue occurs from a fresh boot of the game and going straight to the track Yes, it occurs without a fail A detailed description of what problems / changes you have noticed in the wheel behaviour. One has the feeling that the track has much less grip than it really has. Or that not all drivers have the same grip conditions. One feels the FF less than in time trial or GP mode.

    T300 FFB is broken since patch 1.06 ps4 uk [SG]

    FFB is broken since patch 1.06 or maybe since patch 1.05!?

    No response to problems

    Du meinst das sicher so: Ich glaube bei CM arbeitet momentan ein Mitarbeiter an den F2 2019 Autos und der andere sitzt an GRID.
  10. The sound has improved compared to F1 2018. If Codemasters improves the sound even further, as realistically as possible, people will not stop playing!

    Sound Bug?

    Sound Bug? Yesterday in the league race, I did not have any sound in Q2 and was eliminated. The sound worked again in Q3, but did not help me, I was out When will the bug be fixed? Have heard about it often System PS4 Pro

    Tire temperature bug?

    Tire temperature bug? Have for the second time together in the league race in the front left tire before the WarmUp Lap only 68 degrees core temperature. (In the picture already a little more temperature generated) Please fix this error. Or are the electric blankets broken? System: PS4 Pro

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    The problem with the force distribution Wheel / Pad started with the 1.05 patch! Affects all wheels, such as Fanatec CSL Elite / Fanatec Direct Drive .....

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    @Faya @Codemasters What's new about the balance change between pad and wheel?