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  1. It should be adjusted minimally!
  2. Many have the problem, no matter b CSL or DD ....
  3. I think depending on the attitudes and grip conditions that people have in different places. (I found it very clear when I was driving an extremely slow outlap in Zandvoort) But also clearly noticeable under racing conditions
  4. It's not because of that, but it feels just like that!
  5. This has nothing to do with brakes and occurs even without brakes. Had already made a thread in the beta forum. The problem occurs when you turn into the curve and the FFB suddenly breaks away. Although the car is not understeered, not oversteered and does not lock wheels. David Greco doesn't know what it can be either, it's probably Fanatec's fault. It is mostly with the PS4 on and with Fanatec Base DD and CSL. With me and some other drivers I know. The handling of the game is perfect, but this error destroys it.
  6. Translation error, unfortunately the problem is not gone ....
  7. League colleague has tested, the problem is always there ... too bad
  8. Already driven someone with Fanatec DD or CSL? Is the FFB error gone?

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    What is the perfect rpm when starting in the dry?
  10. Interesting with Jarno. Do you have a link for that?


    160hp like in reality
  12. Then CM should listen to such people and read what is in the linked text / picture! If you don't take normal players seriously ... Just the many views that this thread has make clear how important the topic is.
  13. I understand the arguments very well and even share them! I just don't understand why the ABS off advantage is not twice as big? There would still be no world difference, but the reward would be fairer!
  14. This is how you can end a discussion. Since CM has more data than we do, I ask. How much faster without ABS versus ABS according to internal calculations and tests? And under what conditions? I think it should be at least 3 tenths. Because if it is less, no e-sports guys will train little to little and drive easily in the middle of the field with ABS and have exciting fights. If you train more, you can easily ride at the top because it's too easy and the difference is too small. Especially when you remove the tires etc. just step in with ABS like stupid and you're fast. (That's why TT is only half the truth) Sure, the e-sports guys without ABS are faster, it's their job and this 1 tenth is very important. It's just that the benefit is far too small without ABS.