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  1. have you got a download link for that?
  2. Hello guys As you may know, a lot of people are experiencing a common issue related to the computer software: Not been able to start the Game because of some bulls*** drivers. All the people running on Windows 7 with an Nvidia graphics card (incluiding myself) are not able to play because of this. Please, PLEASE, release a patch this week for all this people because we want to play the game we purchased. And if you say we can run It on Windows 7(as said in the game requirements), please dont lie either.
  3. Mistersergy

    F1 2019 EGO Dumper Crash

    Exactly the same thing happened to me. Its RIDICULOUS and EMBARASSING by Codemasters not being able to run the game on windows 7 when the game spec info shows it can. If they dont patch this MASSIVE error soon, I think refunding is the best thing you can do.
  4. Mistersergy

    F1 2019 does not start [ZX]

    Still nothing
  5. Mistersergy

    F1 2019 does not start [ZX]

    Hello guys, I have just downloaded the game and whan i exceuted it on steam, it didnt even load up the main screeen. It just stayed in black. I waited 5 minutes and nothing, only black. What do I do? I already have directx11 by the way