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  1. jordb_

    Braking glitch on f1 2019

    This is an issue with ABS on, as my post mentioned.
  2. jordb_

    Braking glitch on f1 2019

    This issue is still persisting in patch 1.05. I'll post the video again for a reminder: To clarify this is an issue with braking in full wet with ABS on, the racing line is completely inaccurate, this happens in all tracks across the calendar. @Faya
  3. True! If they was to allow custom text (as you say I could never see that happening), they would have to really improve the bad word detector. And if codies think that's still a bit risky with online handles, they could add our career commentary names to it instead I guess.
  4. So in career, I think it would be awesome if you could @ your name on the halo like the drivers do for their twitter handles IRL (see pic below). Really quite a small idea I had, but nonetheless, would love the communities feedback. I wouldn't imagine it would be hard to implement, I love little details like this in career mode.
  5. jordb_

    Lap times are down.

    @EstrayOne Austria pole time in real life is one second quicker than the world record time trial in the game currently. I think you could be right about the lap time issue.
  6. jordb_

    Contract negotiations on f1 2019

    You're correct, this is a workaround, however some people want the choice regardless of skipping the feeder series or not. I myself want to fight Russell at Williams, whilst still having all the official 2019 drivers on the grid (skipping feeder series), this is not possible yet.
  7. Your opinion doesn't matter, and people don't like being told how they should play a game. Your thoughts on ABS aside, the video clearly shows an issue with the line (the games a day old by the way, and posts like this help improve it for everyone).
  8. jordb_

    Braking glitch on f1 2019

    Oof. I haven't experienced that myself on PC at Bahrain. Have you tried running 90-100% brake pressure and 52% brake bias?
  9. jordb_

    Braking glitch on f1 2019

    You are missing the point, this is not a debate about "how ABS ON should perform". The issue is the racing line shows the incorrect braking point for ABS users in full wet conditions.
  10. jordb_

    Lap times are down.

    Interesting you say that about the midfield teams, I'll have to go test that. The Mercedes seems to be bang on the money right now at Australia, I can achieve a 1:20:900 in qualy trim with a default setup (that's me pushing hard). I'm sure when setups start to get understood more we can get to the low 1:20s (real life pole was a 1:20:486).
  11. jordb_

    Braking glitch on f1 2019

    I see what you are trying to say (& you could be right hehe :P) but lets say you WERE right about them dialing down the brake inputs the game it would be consistent in all conditions, and it isnt. As I said the racing line works well for both ABS on in dry and inter conditions, but in full wet the people who use the line are left guessing where to brake. Codies either have to relook at how the line works for ABS users (making braking zones longer) or make ABS stronger in full wet conditions. It's currently hurting the casual player who plays career for example in dynamic conditions and are left a bit screwed in full wet conditions. This isn't a debate about "how powerful ABS should be" it's rather about polishing up the game. And you did explain it well enough, hopefully I did too with my reply!
  12. jordb_

    Braking glitch on f1 2019

    ABS has always been, to an extent "nerfed", more so this year than ever before from initial testing. However the issue at hand here is that the racing line completely does not match up with the braking points whilst ABS is enabled in full wet conditions. Where as the racing line braking points are completely fine with ABS on dry and inter conditions. I think the issue here is a tyre bug with ABS in full wet, or maybe even a racing line issue, not a nerf.
  13. Tom Cruise wasn't actually laughing at your post, you're right. Sorry for the misunderstanding and any offence caused. Few words of advice, channel all that negative energy you have towards learning better grammar. I won't be replying again, please try and keep relevant to the subject next time. Enjoy F1 2019.
  14. jordb_

    Braking glitch on f1 2019

    Your point is demonstrated quite well in this clip --> In my opinion it's just a bug currently with the full wet tyres (when ABS is enabled), the inters aren't as bad. Hopefully codemasters have already realised this and will fix soon.
  15. We are nothing more than "fast boyz" racing in assisted lobbies. Because we use the onscreen circuit map, proximity arrows and HUD.