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  1. rallyemania


    I happened to drive in a really dark night in heavy rain. When I raced under similar conditions in the game, I was completely surprised by its verisimilitude, particularly the bleached rain drops. It really causes much annoyance when driving in heavy rain, not to mention in a dark night. However, I agree that the rain drop graphics on windscreen is not polished yet. There is still room for making it even more like the real. But I don't think it is a right move to get the true-to-life effects off.
  2. rallyemania

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    I think the dust patches are caused by drones flying above, considering there are occasions where you see the replay from a drone's angle .
  3. rallyemania

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    I still see some unexpected moments on my ps4 game . I find dust patches stirred up by drones annoying but realistic.
  4. rallyemania

    WRC 9

    To be honest, I didn't see anything in WRC 7 that outshone Dirt Rally games. I am not an optimist that this time WRC 8 could make any remarkable difference from its predecessor. But as a fan, I will buy it just to show support.