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  1. rallyemania

    How to get best launch at start?

    I never did the best launch with any car yet. With a FWD car, I struggle seconds to get it speeded up. The same with RWD's. 4WDs better. But never get the hang of it. I feel it is harder for controller users like me.
  2. rallyemania


    I happened to drive in a really dark night in heavy rain. When I raced under similar conditions in the game, I was completely surprised by its verisimilitude, particularly the bleached rain drops. It really causes much annoyance when driving in heavy rain, not to mention in a dark night. However, I agree that the rain drop graphics on windscreen is not polished yet. There is still room for making it even more like the real. But I don't think it is a right move to get the true-to-life effects off.
  3. I tried the event with super 2000 Skoda, in heavy snow during night. It was not easy. The car was good for handling. But I couldn't help bumping into roadside snow banks. Persisted and finished as 500th-ish place. However testing and daunting, it is still appealing, I think.
  4. rallyemania

    Why this Subaru

    Yes! That is the car I have in mind when I hear Phil's callings. I hope the car in your picture could be in the DLC's.
  5. rallyemania

    Why this Subaru

    I like the 2003 spec Impreza WRC better than others. The nozzle on its hood looks formidable and distinguishes it from other competitors. I hope we could be catered with a Solberg decalled car.
  6. rallyemania

    Why this Subaru

    Cool, man. You own the car in those photos? There is a roll cage fixed in! Looks awesome!
  7. rallyemania

    Best R5 car

    I tried Fiesta , C3, Skoda and VW R5s in custom rally events. I made comparisons on the shortest track in New Zealand , using identical set-up. The fastest record was made by C3, followed by Skoda, then Fiesta and VW the last. I tried several times with different running orders . C3 comes more to the top. Strange . I know Skoda races better than C3 in real . But I just couldn't make it with the same setting . Perhaps my setting up the cars are questionable . But it felt that I succeeded in balancing them from understeering .
  8. rallyemania

    What I love most in DiRT Rally 2.0

    I hope you are right in their plans for improvements on graphics on PS4. Because I really love this game, even at current quality level. I agree with you on the point that Dirt 4's tracks are obviously better in variety . But I feel the tracks in DR 2.0 are better designed and made. Responses from the surfaces in DR2.0 are more impressive , I think .
  9. rallyemania

    My Team Questions.

    I only employed one extra mechanic. Is it true that if you fully upgrade the team the cars could be significantly faster? If true, I should start planning my schemes for wins.
  10. rallyemania

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    I think the dust patches are caused by drones flying above, considering there are occasions where you see the replay from a drone's angle .
  11. rallyemania

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    I still see some unexpected moments on my ps4 game . I find dust patches stirred up by drones annoying but realistic.
  12. rallyemania

    Suggested Dirt Rally2.0 Improvements

    Some cars' dark visors are truly blocking the view, the Ford Fiesta R2 for example . It daunts me with its visor which covers up more than half of the screen.
  13. rallyemania

    no more marshall please

    I prefer driving to the marshals to a cinematic flying finish . It gives me a sense of realism.
  14. rallyemania

    How often do you use the handbrake?

    I use handbreak occasionally when I miss the optimal breaking point on tarmac tracks or when approaching a tight corner covered by very loose gravel. But not quite often.
  15. rallyemania

    What I love most in DiRT Rally 2.0

    Pity I don't have a PC to run this game on . My PS4 does not render it so well .