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  1. CarlesWRC

    Subaru Impreza wrc S14

    I play 2000's championship, I can confirm this Impreza is the WRC. I saw this car starting the stage in front of me today. Also the Focus!
  2. CarlesWRC

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    What happens if you reset your progress in profile options? Do you loose your money, cars, upgrades, team upgrade..?
  3. CarlesWRC

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    I tried Master Championships and my God, it's just impossible. How you can return to the prior level? I restarted the campionship like three times, but I'm stuck in Masters. Greetings!
  4. CarlesWRC

    Subaru Impreza wrc S14

    It would be great if this Impreza is the WRC!
  5. CarlesWRC

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    I won Elite Championship in the first try with the Skoda Fabia WRC. Maybe you should try with this car. I always did some time trial sessions before every rally just like "test sessions" in the real life, and in my opinion it was a Key factor. Some set-up, trying to know a bit more the bigger stages and then go for the rally. Even in Poland I finished second, and for me this was a total victory. Now I will try Masters Championship, but I suppose its gonna be almost impossible to win it. Maybe I will have to return to Elite. Anyway I'm totally agree with you, AI is crazy. In normal conditions you can set fastest times, but in the night or specially when it rains it's just impossible. They go like there is no rain or dark at all.
  6. CarlesWRC

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    I'm glad to see that they improved a lot the graphics for consoles! In PC the graphics are amazing, the only weird thing is the fps drops in some parts (like crowded ones), and the not enough powerful headlights in night-dark areas. But overall graphics in the daylight are just incredible, at least in my PC (GTX 970).
  7. CarlesWRC

    Best R5 car

    I like all R5 cars, but normally I drive the Ford Fiesta R5. I'm a big WRC fan, and what Malcom Wilson did the last two years with Ogier was just spectacular. And this year despite not having Ogier anymore, they are doing a great job with Elfyn Evans.. It was very disappointing the puncture that Evans got on Corsica. So come on M-Sport!! 🙂 Pd: I can't wait for the Focus WRC 07.
  8. CarlesWRC

    Dirt Rally 2.0 real life locations

    Thanks for sharing! Very interesting thread!
  9. CarlesWRC

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 08/04/19

    Maybe I have a different opinion because I don't have any problems like you (or at least, for now). I just have some fps drops but only in crowded sections, so overall the performance is good, despite that I'm not playing in a high end PC (GTX 970). The game itself is really good (despite some problems like dark areas, AI balance..), and I'm enjoying a lot every hour of gaming. But the problems that you have really sucks, you can't play with this kind of problems, so I can understand you. In wich platform do you play?
  10. CarlesWRC

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 08/04/19

    I couldn't be more agree with you. Some people just don't understand how much amazing is this game. A lot of years passed, I'm a rally fan since the beginning 2000's, and there are a few really good rally games. I can count them with only one hand and I don't need every finger to do it. Some people maybe need some fresh air.
  11. CarlesWRC

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 08/04/19

    Clearly is not the same a game of racing circuits than Rally. Circuits are circuits, always are the same circuits in a closed area. Rally is a completely different thing, and I love every location of DiRT Rally and DiRT Rally 2. Every rally is different and you can see clearly how close the virtual ones are to the real ones! Sound and the handling in DiRT Rally and DiRT Rally 2 are excellent. And this is really important for me.
  12. Feels better after some adjustments, I know we don't have any update for this for now.. Greetings! Edit: I edited my first post, maybe I wasn't clear enough. I'm not an english native so sometimes I can't express exactly what I want.
  13. Check your system, because I can listen to Phil Mills calls loud and clear. I never miss a note.
  14. Happy to see some improvements for the co-driver calls. Phil Mills voice is excellent, and almost all calls were already correct before this new patch. I hope now I will be able to avoid some accidents caused because of some incorrect calls. In the other hand, this afternoon I will check if the performance now is better in my PC. Almost all goes very smoothly with a GTX 970 with all in medium-high-ultra. But crowds are an issue, especially in some sections of Poland or Argentina, with some occasional and important fps drops. We don’t have an update for FFB but they said last week that they are working on it. It’s something that it takes time. Anyway, after some adjustments the system works well so I’m not unhappy with that.
  15. CarlesWRC

    What I love most in DiRT Rally 2.0

    For me this is the key of DiRT Rally and DiRT Rally 2. This, and the stages, wich in my opinion are perfect, challenging and very detailed.