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  1. It would be great to see new locations like San Remo, Corsica, Portugal.. or at least new stages for the current locations.
  2. I lost ALL my progress due a connection failure!! Hundreds of hours playing this game and now I don't have any credit, any car, NOTHING!! How is that possible!? Never happened to me!!
  3. Here one stage of Rally Germany in DiRT Rally 2! https://youtu.be/AZE4jJ-b4z8
  4. Great to see Germany back in DiRT Rally! https://youtu.be/AZE4jJ-b4z8
  5. I don't enjoy circuits. RX was included in other Dirt games and I never enjoyed, so why I would lose my time playing this in DiRT Rally 2 having a lot of rally stuff to do in this game. And I don't have a lot of time after work, so I have to optimize my free time.
  6. It looks a lot that it will go to this way. Despite that, I was expecting now new rally locations, like Portugal, Corsica, San Remo.. it would be epic. But it looks like all we are gonna have is a season 3 with the last two rallyes (Greece and Finland), and that's all. I would buy all seasons if they add new rally locations after season 3.
  7. What a disaster of season! We only have Wales ahead! I don't like RX, in fact I never played RX races in DiRT Rally 2. I only want pure Rally content.
  8. I would love to drive the Focus with the BP and Abu Dhabi colors.. I don't understand why Codemasters doesn't solve this problem.
  9. I gave up because of this in masters. Elite was difficult, but I won the championship on my first try (I had some bad rallyes but overall, with the right setup I won some of them and I always finished in a podium position). But Masters is just horrible, I can beat them. Now I only play online events, but it's frustrating because I like career mode and select wich category of car I want to play.
  10. It's massive. It's impossible. I had to abandon completely career mode because of that. Now I will play online events and custom events (witch doesn't make money, another problem). I hope this stuff will be fixed soon because the game is really good, but AI is wrong.
  11. What happens if you reset your progress in profile options? Do you loose your money, cars, upgrades, team upgrade..?
  12. I tried Master Championships and my God, it's just impossible. How you can return to the prior level? I restarted the campionship like three times, but I'm stuck in Masters. Greetings!
  13. I won Elite Championship in the first try with the Skoda Fabia WRC. Maybe you should try with this car. I always did some time trial sessions before every rally just like "test sessions" in the real life, and in my opinion it was a Key factor. Some set-up, trying to know a bit more the bigger stages and then go for the rally. Even in Poland I finished second, and for me this was a total victory. Now I will try Masters Championship, but I suppose its gonna be almost impossible to win it. Maybe I will have to return to Elite. Anyway I'm totally agree with you, AI is crazy. In normal co
  14. I finished 7th, 3th and 1st on the first three rallyes in Elite, so ‘I’m struggling a lot to do it better. If this is so difficult, I can’t imagine how difficult Masters can be. It’s too much. I’m driving the Skoda Fabia WRC.
  15. Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it. The truth is that I just make minor adjustments in career mode in the Shakedown, just to set the car more in my driving style. But you are right, I should take a break and try to make a good setup for the car for every rally. Maybe with that I would have a better experience in Career mode. I play with a wheel, but like in a pad, car set up can make an important difference. Greetings! 🙂
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