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  1. 17 hours ago, gleylancer571 said:

    😍Season 5 :classic_love:

    I hope for new rally locations and new rally cars

    It would be great to see new locations like San Remo, Corsica, Portugal.. or at least new stages for the current locations.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, thatDutchguy83 said:

    I really dont get this... how can u not like RX if you havent ever played it? For me (and many others) its really a blast! not comparable to stages but a lot of action guaranteed and definitely not easy..  And its a blast for real rally drivers too i guess, cause why would they participate in it otherwise? 

    I don't enjoy circuits. RX was included in other Dirt games and I never enjoyed, so why I would lose my time playing this in DiRT Rally 2 having a lot of rally stuff to do in this game. And I don't have a lot of time after work, so I have to optimize my free time.

  3. 1 minute ago, gleylancer571 said:
    if there will be three in season, there will probably be 2 rallies and 1 RX track
    Which 2 rallies that will be you can already think ........

    It looks a lot that it will go to this way.

    Despite that, I was expecting now new rally locations, like Portugal, Corsica, San Remo.. it would be epic. But it looks like all we are gonna have is a season 3 with the last two rallyes (Greece and Finland), and that's all.

    I would buy all seasons if they add new rally locations after season 3.

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  4. 26 minutes ago, Cdnrally said:

    So I’m back..... I started a second Masters season for the hell of it (still 2000cc class -C4) and Rally Australia was first. I could not believe it but I won every single stage and finished first by almost two minutes!!! (see image). I actually thought that maybe Codies had fixed the AI.... but.....no. 🤦‍♂️ Second rally in (NZ) and I’ve completed 6 stages and I’m down by a over a minute in 5th place (was as far down as 13th but fought my way back up with some serious white knuckle, sweating driving....😓) Still, I was 22 seconds slower then P1 on the long 16km stage at night in the rain pushing like I’ve never pushed before......***??!

     What a friggin mess of a system (or whatever they use) Codemasters has implemented for the AI! How is it they don’t test this stuff out before signing off on it.... I mean it’s not like this is their first rodeo when it comes to rally games...Crikey Codemasters!!!

    I think we should all keep posting on here until our frustrations and concerns are addressed! I don’t actually have a lot of interest in playing the Career mode with this train wreck for AI but for the sake of this thread and in the hopes (🙏) that Codies actually listen or pay attention, I will persevere! 




    I gave up because of this in masters. Elite was difficult, but I won the championship on my first try (I had some bad rallyes but overall, with the right setup I won some of them and I always finished in a podium position). But Masters is just horrible, I can beat them. Now I only play online events, but it's frustrating because I like career mode and select wich category of car I want to play.

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  5. 23 hours ago, bn880 said:

    Even Jon is quite a bit behind the AI as I found out by chance yesterday, these are times from one stage of New England:



    It's massive. It's impossible.


    I had to abandon completely career mode because of that. Now I will play online events and custom events (witch doesn't make money, another problem). I hope this stuff will be fixed soon because the game is really good, but AI is wrong.

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  6. 35 minutes ago, LeynadJee said:

    1.3 doesn't seem to fix the crazy AI-times and so i hit the 'retire' option once I'm in Elite again and fall back to Pro-level within a few minutes. I wouldn't mind some better times than Pro, but Elite means hitting restart a lot and often for lousy places in the middle or even dead last. In Pro i can play the game like it's designed for, so very few restarts if any and 10 stages per Rally is a bit too much repetition anyway. 

    When i'm running those daily challenges it seems for me, that the assists are too powerful or maybe the gamepad-helpers. I loose like a second in every corner, which certainly wasn't the case in Dirt 4. 

    I won Elite Championship in the first try with the Skoda Fabia WRC. Maybe you should try with this car. I always did some time trial sessions before every rally just like "test sessions" in the real life, and in my opinion it was a Key factor. Some set-up, trying to know a bit more the bigger stages and then go for the rally. Even in Poland I finished second, and for me this was a total victory.

    Now I will try Masters Championship, but I suppose its gonna be almost impossible to win it. Maybe I will have to return to Elite.

    Anyway I'm totally agree with you, AI is crazy. In normal conditions you can set fastest times, but in the night or specially when it rains it's just impossible. They go like there is no rain or dark at all.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Sammoo said:

    From what I have found is that there is a huge amount of time that can be gained or lost with setup changes. 

    I had thought previously that I had a good setup, coming third most stages on Master. I did a few time trials and noted that I was way off the pace with global times.

    It took and an evening to get a new setup sorted, but after doing so I started posting top 20 global times.

    I used this setup in my career and, putting in 95% effort, I was winning stages regularly.  

    My advice would be to experiment with the setup because in some peoples eyes, mine included, the AI is actually a little on the weak side. And by no means am I great player- I use a pad on ps4, not a full sim setup so I will never be all that fast.

    Of course, this is my personal experience and thoughts, I am well aware that you may disagree with me here. But, hopefully, my advice might help you enjoy the game a little better. 🙂


    Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it. The truth is that I just make minor adjustments in career mode in the Shakedown, just to set the car more in my driving style. But you are right, I should take a break and try to make a good setup for the car for every rally. Maybe with that I would have a better experience in Career mode. I play with a wheel, but like in a pad, car set up can make an important difference. Greetings! 🙂

  8. 56 minutes ago, RallyLover19 said:

    But it was occoured in Poland only. My times always set in the Top 1/3 of world rankings.

    In my opinion, Poland is the rally where AI is even more broken. I can set really fast stage times too if I practice with one stage until I memorize it. But even when I don’t know how is the stage I can set very fast stages too, always in the first quartile, for example. Clearly, AI does not work properly on this game, where AI set times only can be achieved if you know exactly how is the stage, and even with that, it’s still difficult (and unrealistic, in rally the driver never goes 110% flat out all the time).

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  9. 38 minutes ago, RallyLover19 said:

    I lost my faith on career mode when i set all sectors Green everywhere in Poland, then i was able to finish 23rd only over all!!!
    How that is possible? nonsense.
    Only occoured in Poland

    This is normal since maybe you aren't the last runner of your class. What is not normal (in my opinion) is the times that AI is able to set. Stage times are not well balanced.

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  10. In my opinion, and for what I saw in other forums, AI is totally out of reality. I’m a totally experienced rally player, I have tones of hundreds of hours playing rally games in my life, and of course, DiRT Rally is one of my favorites (and maybe the best one). I totally love DiRT Rally 2.0, they improved all areas, and Monte Carlo is spectacular. But I really don’t understand how AI times are so much unreal. I’m stuck in Elite level with the Skoda Fabia, setting times that almost always are out of the TOP 10 even doing a good job (going very fast with no errors). If what I have to do is totally memorize every stage to make a TOP 3 then this is not Rally, is another thing, but not Rally. This is not a racing circuit. For what I have seen, AI stage times sometimes are even better or closer to the world record times, those that of course, are made for people that repeat the same stage again and again just to set the fastest time as possible. But as I said, that is not rally.

    Codemasters should adjust as soon as possible this issue, because stage times are totally out of reality. DiRT Rally was an incredible game with AI stage times well balanced, to be a great challenge. DiRT Rally 2.0 is even better in all aspects, but this horrible AI makes this game a lot less enjoyable.

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