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  1. Ive got limited buttons on my G27 wheel - anybody found a way of using a keyboard mapper to mimic the menu functions like Rich/standard/lean Fuel etc etc so I can action with one key on keyboard. If so could you tell me which one and let me have your config file?? Grateful thanks
  2. SteveHaz

    F1 2019 not Launching

    Have you tried to run other games? If your pretty sure your computer is running OK and your 1080 drivers are up to date. Verify the game files through your steam app if that doesnt work then.. uninstall f1 2019 , uninstall your steam app, run a registry cleaner, reboot, reinstall steam app and f1 2019. 5 hours later!!! It will work now he says with confidence...
  3. SteveHaz

    Voice Control Disabled

    The game works perfectly except that my microphone doesnt work with 2019. I have tried reinstalling etc etc. I noticed when loading there is a little comment on one of the loading screens saying "Voice Control Disabled" Is there somewhere to turn this on..
  4. Ok it appears we are not going to get a fix for this... so does anybody know how "effectsetup.xml" in forcefeedback relates to the individual tracks. Is it possible to correct this ourselves.. anybody know how?
  5. There are other threads on this... but the problem is with the environmental effects file for Force Feedback with these wheels. Other wheels seem ok... is it possible to compare the files between a working wheel and the Logitech wheels and fix? You must have a G25 or G27 at Codemasters HQ, so drive off the racing line at the start of the back straight at Malaysia, and see the problem. Evidently its more severe at other tracks I havent got to yet. Love the game, but this is a real nuiscance, and surely a simple compare and fix? Please!!
  6. SteveHaz

    F1 2014 G27 Force Feedback Problem

    There is definately a problem with FFB on G27. Racing at Malaysia off the racing line on the back straight, the wheel has convulsions, the same at Bahrain through the straight bit between corners 3+4.  If you turn off the environmental effects then its ok but no feel whatsoever of the track or kerbs. Same at Abu Dhabi down the second DRS straight ... hope someone can fix
  7. SteveHaz

    Welcome Back to the Forums!

    Great news that F1 2014 is under development. Could you give us PC users some ides of what the minimum and recommended specs will be... this will give time to upgrade should we need to. Thanks