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  1. It's never finished ! There are always possible improvements 😄. However, for various reason, I don't have the time and the technical capabilities to bring new updates currently. But it might come, one day...
  2. By DLC do you mean the new tracks, Imola and Portimao ? Some data are missing, like the turns numbers and the track limit on the trajectory map, but otherwise it's working fine.
  3. @Magikoo19 Check that : - You properly configure the telemetry settings in the game as it is explained in the "Quick instructions" - Your console and your PC is connected to the same local network - You set the the IP address of your PC in the telemetry settings in the game, the software display an address which normally work, but sometimes it is not the correct one. - You don't have another software which read the UDP data of the game If it works, the track should appear in the top left corner of the app on the tracking page when you are in a session.
  4. Hi, The data is recorded in files saved in the folder you have selected on the Tracking page. Then you have to select these file on the disk by clicking the "Add laps" button on the analysis page.
  5. Ok, I'll send you an invite. But note that the server will be more for people who really want to involved themself in the development of the software. If someone want to make some simple suggestions, it's better to write them here. Thanks
  6. That would be great already. Thanks ! Ok, I will try to set up a discord next week so that all people who want to help can share info. (There is also @Nuvolarix which help me for the testing 🙂). Unless you to do it, I don't mind.
  7. That would be amazing, but I won't do that myself. I'm already busy with the coding and I have a lot in my todo list. I'm doing that in my free time. But if someone is willing to help and invest some times for this, he is welcomed 😀.
  8. @ShelbyUSA Indeed there is not enough data to analyse the ride height. Personally, the data I am looking for a race setup is the tyre wear and the tyre temperature: I try to adjust my setup to make the wear more or less the same on all wheels. The data is not easy to analyse because it depends on the setup but also on your driving. If you are not consistent, comparison are not always relevant. I don't have a discord channel. I might make one someday.
  9. There is no such thing right now. But it's a good idea, I might add it. Don't worry. The app only use data provided officially by the game. There is no hack so you cannot get banned for this. Also in online games, the players have an option to restrict the data send by the telemetry (it is on by default).
  10. Yes, see this link: https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/mh40616/mac
  11. Thanks for reporting, I'll take a look at that bug. Yes, this behavior is intended in order to simplify the code. It is not supposed to happen frequently. But maybe it could be improved by making it work like a flashback.
  12. Great ! I'll contact you in private. By the way, for those who have F1 2021, the new topic is:
  13. Thanks, however there is nothing yet. I don't really need donation, but since multiple people asked for it I might do something in the futur.
  14. This is a good idea, I'll add that in the todo list for the futur.
  15. That would be nice, but again I'm not sure how to make something correct and useful. Any help for this would be appreciated. For the graphs: indeed, it seems that it come from the game. Nothing I can do.
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