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  1. @PJTierney Do tou have some news for the event WorldRX at 19th april?
  2. I am 13 position of steam players "Elweyro" Thanks for your reactivity @PJTierney
  3. Cool but I'm out only if steam players don't join on the grid... How will make sure to presence of steam players?
  4. It's very good for the world of simracing and for Dirt! But the next official driver that join on the grid, I'm out ...😭 Unless top steam players don't join... Thanks and I hope more event like this!
  5. @PJTierney , So my reasoning is correct? More oficial drivers less steam players...
  6. so 20 less the number of oficial drivers who joins on the grid? for now there are 4 oficial drivers so 16 steam players...
  7. Hello @PJTierney, One question : you just talk to the top qualifiers, what does this mean (10 first, 20, 30...)? Thanks for you answer! 🙏
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