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  1. I use a Rift and with 2.0 in VR I can finally buy it GREAT RIGHT??! well, no. As I read about it I am getting confused. some people have had to buy it twice for good VR and what not. So, where is the best place to buy it for VR? The oculus store? Steam store? can I get a direct download somewhere? Some places I guess get more add-ons than others but the vr sucks and what not. So. where is the best place to buy it? I dont care about the add-ons at the moment because if I have to buy it in another place (twice) the cost will totally TRUMP any add-on costs in the future so, I will be saving money I suppose.
  2. Sodacandan

    Dropping the ball again

    I was going to buy 2019 but when there was no VR support..................... ya it was a no buy. after I raced in VR, I dont use a monitor at all anymore except to navigate in the os. Maybe 2020?? I can hope. There is always hope. THANKS PANDORA with her stupid little box lol
  3. Sodacandan

    fanatec v3 pedals vibration supported?

    I would too have to agree with you guys on the rumble. Why in the world would you need a rumble with TC & ABS?? It makes no damn sense. That is some backward ass **** i gotta admit.
  4. Sodacandan

    F1 2018 Dedicated Setup Site

    lowering your settings will help just dont jump back up in numbers too fast or this happens. I started at 55 I think and after a few seasons I am at 70. I'm prob going up after this season again
  5. We are located in the US if that matters? 7PM UK time would be 1PM here. perfect
  6. Sodacandan

    looking for ps4 F1 2018 league

    A friend and myself are looking to either start a team or join a team for F1 2018 on PS4 if there are any slots open, teams looking for drivers, or anyone that wants to jump on a new team let me know. on PS4 you can send me a message to STR_SODA_CAN_09 we race AI'S at 65 Hard if that matters
  7. Hi, a friend and I have been kinda throwing around the idea of either starting a team or joining one for F1 2018 on PS4. We have been doing seasons on difficult levels of 65 it isn't the hardest but we are just about in the top 10 if not in the podium status every race. Idk if that is good enough or not for your league. we run 50% races, we use corner only for a line ( mainly because we didn't know the tracks all that well being f1 cars and all ) only use ABS, traction control on medium ect. PSN ID: I have 2 STR_Soda_can_09 I am on this one mainly because it is a team name I race with on project cars 2 STR ---> sore thumb racing & Soda_can_dan I will let my friend know what I have found. I hope to hear from you thanks. I'll fill you in a little more on a party chat with or without my racing buddy either way hope to hear from you
  8. Sodacandan


    Right on. hope ppl don't get sick of my input on some topics
  9. Sodacandan

    F1 2019 and VR...lets speculate

    I have a feeling that with the disappointment that Gts and VR gave us has put a bruise on the concept. Yes GTS was a huge failure to the sim community but please don't let their short comings be the reason for you not to try to improve upon and perfect the experience for us loyal fans. Do you want us to beg? I will. Trust me and I have a feeling there will be a few others as well. Where would the world be if a failure meant the end of an idea? we wouldn't have light bulbs, cars, ect ect. So, I BEGGING YOU FOR PSVR AND F1 IN EITHER A PATCH FOR 2018, F1 2019, OR FOR PSVR IN Dirt 2.0!!!!!! Thank you
  10. Sodacandan

    PS4 VR Support

    YES!!!!! PSVR PLEASE!!!!!
  11. Sodacandan


  12. Sodacandan


    My name is Dan ppl call me Soda. I'm a sim racer by heart and play on a Ps4 can t seem to get the cash together for a PC so I'm stuck for now and at the mercy of limitations on consoles
  13. Sodacandan

    F1 2019 and VR...lets speculate

    I'm new here. Name is Dan ppl call me Soda. HI. As far as HE coming to F1 2019?????? I really don't think so. As much as I wish it would because racing games and VR go together perfectly. I was so looking forward to VR to come to dirt rally 2.0 but I do t think it's coming there either. I personally am wanting to ditch the PlayStation and get a PC but the cost is above what I can afford so lime you all I am at the mercy of the makers of my favorite racing games. If I'm wrong I will gladly eat my words but I don't think we are going to get it when we are still buying the games without it. (2 much work to give it to us???) Or the ps4 can t handle the load for racing yet maybe ps5? I don't know the reason so Its just speculation here but I know us sim racers have been left out in the cold because GTS is not a sim. Dirt 4 was cool but again not what I was looking for. And don't get me started in drive club. WE WANT PSVR ON GOOD REAL FEELING RACING GAMES IF YOU ARE READING THIS!!!!