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  1. F1 2021 Gameplay is dropping tomorrow. (Source: Tom97 youtube post)
  2. I had one funny one too, My DRS was shut closed due to a problem, Jeff says I can't use my DRS, 1 lap later: Jeff: Use your DRS to overtake... Jeff, My DRS is broken! You even said it!
  3. This is the list of F1 2019's compatible wheel I had a Hori Apex wheel, it was compatible with the 18 game but not 2019. (Luckily for me, it broke 1 month before warranty ended and I got a G29)
  4. Yes, We can change engine supplier between seasons.
  5. I just wonder if there will be some recorded fake/old team from the commentators. For example, When finishing a race, David Croft/ Anthony Davidson say your names team is in X position.
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