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  1. zon1bzh

    Daddy Stroll's at it again

    How is that possible?? He should get DsQ for not using 2 types of dry tires.
  2. zon1bzh

    Deleted Attachments

    I just looked at my attachments, 90% full. There is no way of deleting from what I've seen. Anyone knows how to delete attachments from the Codies forum?.
  3. zon1bzh

    Patch 1.08 | Patch Notes

    Coming soon as Barry said.
  4. Bumping is against the forum rules. I'm sorry.. @Ultra3142
  5. I I haven't updated to patch 1.07 yet.
  6. This is "by design ", when you start a race, building up the revs is very different to previous game. The throttle is more sensitive when you are about to start. It makes it harder to find the optimal Revs. If you are in neutral at any time, it's more sensitive than being in 1st gear 2and 3rd... You just need to get used to it.. Hopefully that helps you @Nick19
  7. zon1bzh

    Safety car

    The SC is a strange issue... One half of us gets a SC every race, The other half doesn't get anything (or barely anything). This has been an issue for the past 2 or 3 games and no fixe.
  8. zon1bzh

    No SC, only VSC

    I have the opposite of you guys, same settings but SC only, I did have a VSC in my last race though.
  9. zon1bzh

    Strange situation with Safety Car

    It seems you had the same bug as Matt212. 26 minutes 30 seconds. And onwards.
  10. Many thanks for the update@iRealHez
  11. zon1bzh

    Commentary by practice and qualifying

    It's sad it got removed by some silly music Intro... Maybe because many of us skipped these Intro??
  12. zon1bzh

    Black Screen after Simulating races

    @Bhk989 Switch off Formation lap as a temporary repair. I'm sure the Devs will be able to replicate and fix it in the next few weeks.
  13. zon1bzh

    Questions about RaceNet

    Hi, I tried getting answers here but no answer unfortunately, Would be Megga appreciated if someone as any info. Cheers.
  14. zon1bzh

    F1 2020 Split Screen

    I asked these questions previously, I don't have the discussion I had with Barry because it was a hidden forum which ended a few days before f1 2020. The response very shortened: Split screen is a casual fun game mode. You can't have 2 Jeff's Practice, S. Car , Formation lap, full quali won't be added in 2020. They told me they could add some of these in future games. I hope that helps you @BroSki0227
  15. I've found a fix. @trotamundos84 @Pac73 In your wheel setting, change the rear view button. You can change it to another one. Make sure your Look behind button isn't the same fast forward button in flashback mode. Once you have changed it, go in flashback mode and try it out, It worked for me.