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  1. zon1bzh

    Mechanical failure

    I'm really hoping for random failures to come in the next game.
  2. zon1bzh

    Mechanical failure

    You can't get a random engine blow up unfortunately. Only AI so far. A component will blow up only if that component is 100% worn. (You might notice a loss of power entering 65% worn components) We've been asking for random failures for years now.
  3. zon1bzh

    Logitech G29 Brake Pedal Deadzone

    I went on F1 2019, put my brake as my g29 brake pedal, I looked in settings (calibration), pressed the brake, So at ~85% the brake is linear, after that its non linear (when we hit the rubber),its quicker to hit 100% but a bit less accurate. You are right. I got my words wrong in the previous post. Btw, brake pedal is fine. (1 month wheel)
  4. zon1bzh

    Logitech G29 Brake Pedal Deadzone

    Taking out the rubber doesn't change a thing. The software integrated in the brake pedal is different to the clutch and accelerator. (Its programmed like for "a realistic feel") With or without the rubber, when you start to brake, you will reach 100 % brake application at ~70/80% of your brake pedal. I have a G29, I have my clutch as my brake and my brake as my clutch. I love it like that. (Without assists asuel). Give it a try.
  5. zon1bzh

    reset F1 2019 X Box one

    Hi, in the settings, there is an option that let you have driver transfers on or off. However, if you switch it off in your situation, I don't think it will reset to season 1. So, if you want to reset it back to season 1 , I'm afraid to say that you'll need to restart a career mode. (You could try by switching off driver transfers in season 2 and you can found out if anything has changed back to season 1 BUT I VERY DOUBT THAT.
  6. zon1bzh

    question of future updates

    He did say there is one more comming, but he doesn't know when it will be out.
  7. zon1bzh

    Why my car crashes without any reason?

    If you use flashbacks, in a component failure situation, I believe that you can't flashback. After Jeff says "That was a big one, let me know you're okay?" You should look at the replay if you are able to flashback. If so, then, this might be a bug...
  8. zon1bzh

    Why my car crashes without any reason?

    Hi, from what I heard, the tires lock up. This must be a component failure. You should check your MFD or on your computer before a session starts to look at your components.
  9. zon1bzh

    {PC} AI Stick to leaders pace

    I don't have any videos. (Sorry) It only happened once so far. Not had any Safety cars since. 50% races. I will pay more attention next time, with some videos.
  10. zon1bzh

    {PC} AI Stick to leaders pace

    Hi, I can confirm I had the same issue on PS4. Career Mode. Safety car was deployed near the end of the GP (Canada). It came out for 1 lap. When Jeff says Safety comming in this lap, AI cars would slow down and not catch up with the leading group. In my situation, I got stuck behind P10 I think ( I was p11)
  11. zon1bzh

    Logitech G29 brake remains pressed by 3-8%

    Hi @DaddeRaga, sorry to hear about your problems, I have the same problem with my throttle pedal (with the G29). When I let go off the accelerator, I still have 2-15% application. I contacted Amazon (place where I bought the wheel) and Logitech support srvices. It took me about 4 hours in chat with Amazon to get a replacement. Later, Logitech sent me a mail ( see pdf file , its french because i'm French). here are the links from the mail. wheel driver cleaner http://chilp.it/c09316a Logitech G hub https://support.logi.com/hc/en-001/articles/360024850133-Downloads-G29-Driving-Force-Racing-Wheel if you need hepl with translation, send a message. if you don't want to go through these stages, you can map the clutch as a brake pedal, or you can refund your wheel or ask a new one ( G29 has a 2 year warranty) ( mine broke withing 7 months) Hope the mail can help your problems, by the way, I haven't tested anything with my pedals as I'm sending them back. here's a link for the logitech support if you don't understand frensh. https://support.logi.com/hc/fr/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000621393 logitech mail fix pedals pdf.pdf
  12. zon1bzh

    Senna Prost

    On a plus qu'a attendre mais 26 jours avant le lancement du jeu et toujours aucun mot dit sur la carrière. Cache t-ils quelque chose? [tous qu'on sait, on a 3 évenements en F2, 1 pilote cool, un autre moin cool et ils restent en F1 jusqu'à la fin de la première saison?] Pour vous dire, Liberty Media va rester avec Codemasters pour des raisons X et Y (en partie: Esport qui c'est bien déroulé)
  13. zon1bzh

    Senna Prost

    Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec toi. Ils auraient pu allé loin avec ça mais quand ont voit que se sont les mêmes événements: pas trop top.. I agree with him. These classic events are the same as last years game. Only carrer mode to wait and found out what's in it.
  14. zon1bzh

    F12019 Frame Rate on consoles

    It seems wors in the rain. But, we do see more gameplay...