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    Bot and points

    Why are all the boys programmed to smash into us? I can never win against a bot if they're ahead of me on grid or sprint. They always turn right into me and smash my car.... also, when a race is disconnected due to connection issues, why are points deducted? We should not be penalized for that.. I spend too much money on this game to deal with such ignorant situations...
  2. Innov8fluff

    Request for a new penalty system

    Although I agree with most of it, I disagree with the ghost topic. I enjoy the physical aspect of the game very much. Now things that need attention immediately are, if you're rear ended, the hitter should be penalized not the receiver, unless it's an intentional brake check which should be added as well. Contact on corners should only be penalized if either one of the drivers forces the other off the track. Driving lines should be recorded to determine whether or not the driver is a safe driver and etc. Also, fix customer support, I haven't received a response in 5 days already. Other than that, I freaking love this game, I have to be honest I've spent some decent money in the game because I have no patience Haha. Thanks for the great job, looking forward to seeing the game progress everyday!!