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  1. yes its darker on the halo and goes back to normal near where it connects to the car. the BWT logo on the RP wheel is also low quality when running on 1440p so I cant say im not disappointed in the quality of the livery changes seems like it should be things noticed within seconds of playing
  2. 1. possibly due to the fix for the camera spinning at the start of the race if the wheel was turned the camera now does not move during replays when the wheel is moved which is really the only way to turn the camera with a wheel. Further, I had look back on track and fast foward during replay bound to the same button and it worked fine in 1.03 however now on 1.05 it looks back and fast fowards during a replay not picking the one (fast foward) to be activated by itself. 2. PC (steam) 3. 1.05 4. career mode 5. can replicate it by having look back bound to the same button as the right trigger option. the camera not moving is an issue that can be replicated by having what would be the right stick bound to the movement of the wheel which is default 6. you can fix it by changing the button binding however as it was working in 1.03 this seems more like a bug 7. Thrustmaster TX base with ferrari f1 addon
  3. 1. When fast forwarding in qualifying the AI goes out but then cancels their lap in the middle and comes into the pits not setting a timed lap. 2. 1.03 3. Career Mode 4. replicated it multiple times in Q2 and Q3 in Spain noticed it on other tracks. To replicate all I did was fast forward at the start of a full qualifying session and they get marked as going out and then on a flying lap but then abandon laps before the final sector and set no lap times. 5. Restarted session but had to fast forward until just before they complete their outlap and then watch them in real time complete the lap 6. Thrustmaster F1 wheel with TX base
  4. ByteF1

    F1 2020 F2 cars

    In the f2 career before f1 the gearbox seems to wear out within a race no matter how easy you go on upshifts and downshifts. Happens on 50% and 25% races
  5. ByteF1

    F2 Contracts in My Team

    probably that is when his contract ends that would put it just after the chinese GP which would be the 4th race of the season which is usually when contracts could be changed in career mode
  6. ByteF1

    F1 2020 Denuvo

    yes probably the manual has a line at the bottom stating ' ONLINE REVALIDATION. This Game connects to a third party server to validate your Steam ticket' which probably means denuvo
  7. ByteF1

    Past F1 Seasons

    there is still the licencing issue for teams such as lotus, HRT, virgin and possibly Force India and all of the sponsors which did sponsor teams and no longer do. They have the licencing for one game so when the added the 2010 mclaren and ferrari they would have had to get licencing for them even though they already got licencing for f1 2010 I like the idea though and it would be fun if the 10 seasons in career were from 2010 to 2020 with drivers possibly able to stay due to contract moves
  8. ByteF1

    F1 2020 Car Handling

    I dont think they will lee replied to a tweet about Russels positive feedback so I think they are confident with it this year especially with the new assists that help with handling for people who struggle with it
  9. I dont that would really work each game is simulating that season but everything after that is complete fiction and any changes in the real world shouldn't affect that world
  10. ByteF1

    Williams livery F1 2020

    I would imagine it will release with the ROKIT livery and then change at a later date as they only have a few days to make the new livery before release, however, I would imagine they wont unveil a drastically different livery so hopefully it may be in one of the first patches
  11. ByteF1

    2020 circuit calender

    making the tracks in game takes a lot of time that makes it unlikely they would be added unless someone has secretly been working on it at codies for the past year and a bit
  12. ByteF1

    F1 2020 My Team Engine Supplier Idea

    more than likely impossible due to licencing BMW, Audi and Toyota arent going to licence their name to a series they arent a part of and it would probably upset the real engine suppliers.