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  1. Evo8uk

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Should the Impreza s4 be a manual or sequential? Game says it’s a 6 speed manual yet when driving its sequential
  2. Would love the game to incorporate them pops and bangs from the anti lag/launch control
  3. Evo8uk

    Handbrake options G920 Xbox one

    Unfortunately when it comes to console the only real option is thrustmaster, even if you went down the road of taking apart the g920 and soldering you would still only have a handbrake as a on/off switch, thrustmaster is the only way unless your willing to spending mega money on fanatec equipment
  4. Evo8uk

    Something is coming closer...

    It must be something more than just a car or a location for them to tease it now for a spring 2020 release!! (I’d like to think so anyway)
  5. Evo8uk

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies

    Sierra cosworth escort cosworth and Audi Quattro all have the wrong soft lock!! All 3 should be 720 not 900
  6. Evo8uk

    WRC 9

    What are you playing on out of interest? Game does look quite good but I’ve been really put off buying it as it’s 30fps on console.
  7. Evo8uk

    Audi Quattro

    It’s not helped by the fact it seems to have the wrong soft lock in this game!! In dirt rally and dirt 4 this car has 720 degrees of rotation yet for some reason on dirt rally 2.0 it has 900 which is wrong according to online stats regarding this car! The same problem applies to the escort and Sierra cosworth
  8. Evo8uk

    WRC 9

    I’ve noticed in the Xbox store wrc 8 does not have the Xbox one x enhanced next to it unlike wrc 7
  9. Evo8uk

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Input on Inputs!

    Hopefully they also address some cars having the wrong soft lock in the next patch
  10. Evo8uk


    Didn’t see that one!! Glad it’s been acknowledged although I don’t really understand their difficulty in reproducing it but either way I’m glad it’s being looked into.
  11. Evo8uk


    Just reading the patch notes for 1.6 which is out next week and once again no mention of this issue at all!!! This has been one of the most requested fixes on here and codemasters have never once officially acknowledged the problem it’s so frustrating that this issue almost ruins the game in certain stages!!
  12. Evo8uk


    I’ve pretty much given up on doing the career because of this issue, for me this is the biggest problem with the game that desperately needs fixing.
  13. Evo8uk


    Apparently codemasters are aware of the issue yet haven’t seen it internally, now I know there not going to have every tv/monitor to try and replicate users problems but surely they must have a hdr tv and a Xbox and if so the issue is that obvious that it’s surprising to think they haven’t seen it internally.
  14. Evo8uk

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Input on Inputs!

    I did on my other thread and I personally haven’t tried all the cars but I’ve noticed that the Audi Quattro, escort cosworth and Sierra cosworth are all set to 900 but on previous dirt games and with the info I could find on the net all the cars I’ve mentioned should be 720.
  15. Evo8uk

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Input on Inputs!

    I’ve pointed this out numerous times yet never had a response but some cars seem to have the wrong soft lock not sure if it’s the right thread for this but I suppose it’s to do with inputs, I’d also like to see proper analog handbrake support with a slider in the input reportings I play on Xbox with a thrustmaster tx, Th8a and tss