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    CWC PS4 Racing league-Mon/Tues- All Ability's Welcome

    yeah mate theres spaces available still. ill add you later on today and we will go from there :)
  2. About CWC //Respect The F1 online experience is exhilarating. Amusing. Engaging. Exhausting. Frustrating. And sometimes f*!king unfair. But we all share the same experience. CWC is not a place for drivers who see only themselves. CWC is a racing community that aims to bring drivers together who share these emotions and are appreciative of the experience through the good races - bad ones - and absolute **** shows. No one is above any one. ARace week Turn up // Race // Banter about how well you did // Laugh off how badly John 'DiveBomb' Smith ruined your sh*tshow race // wait for media and league standings updates // Follow all the channels for some LIT footage and updates // Envy the pace of drivers who use no assists whilst you sit there with your cute little safety blankets of Med TC and ABS // Question even doing this at all // Repeat. No one is above anyone. #Respect EachOther Please contact myself via this thread or add Partridge99 in PS4 if you're interested :) https://www.cwcracing.com/
  3. The platform is so high for this game, like you said if they was to adapt the motorsport manager side of driver development ect it would transform career mode altogether, however it seems to me from the initial release article they have focused massively on multiplayer for the League racing side of things this year
  4. Chris1997p

    Looking for an European PC racing league

    google CWC Racing league