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    About CWC


    The F1 online experience is exhilarating. Amusing. Engaging. Exhausting. Frustrating. And sometimes f*!king unfair. But we all share the same experience. CWC is not a place for drivers who see only themselves. CWC is a racing community that aims to bring drivers together who share these emotions and are appreciative of the experience through the good races - bad ones - and absolute **** shows. No one is above any one.


    ARace week

    Turn up // Race // Banter about how well you did // Laugh off how badly John 'DiveBomb' Smith ruined your sh*tshow race // wait for media and league standings updates // Follow all the channels for some LIT footage and updates // Envy the pace of drivers who use no assists whilst you sit there with your cute little safety blankets of Med TC and ABS // Question even doing this at all // Repeat.

    No one is above anyone.


    #Respect EachOther 

    Please contact myself via this thread or add Partridge99 in PS4 if you're interested :)