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  1. RaversRevenge

    Safety carrrrrrrr

    Thanks for everyone's replies. To the guy who was talking about the subject title, my bad. Can't change it from now though. Hope they still look into this. My update. At race 8 of 22 in 2nd season and yep you guessed it, no vsc or full sc. It's baffling me how some people have sc's all the time. Come on code masters, have a look will ya
  2. RaversRevenge

    Safety carrrrrrrr

    Someone has probably already raised this, but I am frustrated at how I can't have a single safety car in Myteam yet. I am in my 2nd season, now at Netherlands GP. Not. One. Single. Vsc. Or. Full. Safety. Car. Yet others are saying they are having safety cars all the time. How is this possible? 1. MyTeam. AI 105. 2nd season at Dutch GP. Not a single VSC/SC. 50% length. 2. PS4 3. 1.05 4. MyTeam 5. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. 6. Tried turning it off between GPs, nothing. 7. T150 Wheel
  3. RaversRevenge

    A different league idea

    This won't be for everyone. But I get the feeling that parts of the community are bored with the normal racing of leagues. Practice only to be taken out. So I have come up with this (Mondays only) 5x 5lap races. No rules. The middle race has damage, other 4 no damage. Anything you want, you can do. Someone puts you in the wall, wait for them next lap or get them on the next race. Multiplayer cars. Teams of 2. Team names. Streamed, commentated on ("OHHHHH what an amazing smash by the 'Insert team name'") It would be the most fun championship of all time and no need for stewards as there are no rules. You wouldn't necessarily need to be the quickest, but instead, the cleverest. If people still argue after the race, points deductions. Simple. Rivalries would develop. Alliances between teams would naturally form to stop any runaway team. Could be done over 10 weeks or something. Would be sooo much fun. Like I said, wouldn't be for everyone but I have a feeling some would really enjoy this. Comment below if this is something you might be interested in.