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  1. Finally the official HUD! But I really don't like the fake drivers on F2 replacing F1 real drivers (unless it's made with a lot of criteria)
  2. This. I mean, I like classic cars too, but it's kinda boring in that way, there should be a cool context to use these cars at least like a full retro season from a single year will be awesome (my wet dream is actually a 2009/2010 ==> actual career mode, like EA's F1 Career Challenge). Another thing, I still hope that custom liveries are not multiplayer's exclusives, because that, at least for me, is a game-breaking. Not for the content, but for the meaning: you're orienting the game more on the online than on the single player, I've already seen 2K failing on that, i'll pass.
  3. pspps1


    I really really hope that this type of personalisation will be available also in other modes, especially in CAREER MODE (for creating a team). Only in multiplayer will be only the messed up thing ever made