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  1. pspps1

    Sponsors on Helmets (possible solution?)

    I think the best game in this sense is EA F1 Manager from 2000. You could sign any actual sponsor and put them on your car. Like Buzzin & Hornets (of course Tobacco sponsors had their clean counterparts) on McLaren or Ferrari. EA has probably spent a lot of money on that game only for this
  2. pspps1

    F1 2020 interview with Lee Mather

    So basically: Driver Market confirmed Customizable calendar season per season You can choose from Classic Career which include a new market system for your player (R&D points as a Salary?) or MyTeam And this one I didn't get it: "As the team boss, you're no longer the commodity in the driver market, and it’s your team-mate and all of the other drivers in both Formula 1 and Formula 2" Can you sign people from F1 and F2 (!)? Or Is MyTeam also for F2? BTW as offline player that doesn't give a .... about servers and online, I have a good amount of hype
  3. pspps1

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    Now I Wanna know everything about MyTeam! Like: Can we sign current F1 or F2 drivers? Or we have to stay with generic drivers (like Butler and Weber)? Are the drivers transfers still on (of course as an option)? Can we pick a sponsor? Can we chance the calendar after a season? Finally some hype for the offline
  4. pspps1

    The Worst Formula 1 game you played

    My "top" 3: F1 Career Challenge (PS2, XBOX only, 2003): great concept, 4 season in a game, but the gampelay is game breaking. It's incredibile that its PC porting is still the best F1 game ever for me F1 Grand Prix (PSP, 2005): the only positive thing about this game is that it was the first F1 for PSP. The game itself is trash F1 2009 (PSP - never tried the Wii version so i'll judge only the PSP one - , 2009): too much arcade, compared to F1 2006 by Sony (best F1 game for PSP ever) is way worse
  5. Oh, another topic gave me other ideas for Career mode: Custom Weather Option to have real weather (of course where available) Custom Calendar! Just to mixing up things after season 1
  6. pspps1

    Custom Weather in Career Mode F1 2019 ?!

    In the old 2001-2003 EA's games (PC versions) it was an option. Anyway yes, Custom Weather in Career would be a nice feature, I mean, everything that brings more personalization in Career mode is a nice feature
  7. In 2003, one of the greatest F1 game ever came out: F1 Challenge 99-02 Why is this game great? Because EA, at the end of licensing, made a game comprehensive of all the 4 EA's licensed seasons, and plus in the PS2/XBOX porting you could make a 1999-2002 career (the gameplay of this porting was awful, but the idea is great). The same game, PC version, has various cool features (options you could set on), like: When skipping qualifying, the grid was in the same order of real life Failures exactly the same as RL Weather exactly the same as RL I repeat: 2003, 17 years ago. A mention: in the Studio Liverpool F1 Games, 2003-2006, you had commentary in-race. So: 10 years career with ACTUAL 2009/2010 - 2020 cars CREATE A TEAM IN CAREER MODE (as an alternative of point 1) A short weekend mode that NOT penalize gaining R&D points When all the teams reach the maximum power, all the power of teams should be the same, not like season 1 like Merc, Fer, RB, ecc... What is the point of having classic cars when you don't have any classic track? ALSO OLD LAYOUTS of tracks already in game would be cool, for example, i'll prefer the pre-2000 Monza Layout than a boring Short Bahrain Commentary in race Official HUD Layout TEAM LOGO AND SPONSORS ON YOUR HELMET
  8. This. I mean, I like classic cars too, but it's kinda boring in that way, there should be a cool context to use these cars at least like a full retro season from a single year will be awesome (my wet dream is actually a 2009/2010 ==> actual career mode, like EA's F1 Career Challenge). Another thing, I still hope that custom liveries are not multiplayer's exclusives, because that, at least for me, is a game-breaking. Not for the content, but for the meaning: you're orienting the game more on the online than on the single player, I've already seen 2K failing on that, i'll pass.
  9. pspps1


    I really really hope that this type of personalisation will be available also in other modes, especially in CAREER MODE (for creating a team). Only in multiplayer will be only the messed up thing ever made