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  1. My favorite number is 55, but ofc I can't pick it. Some years ago I used to pick also #24, because was a good number at school and Kobe. Now I use #42, because in IndyCar Series (2003 Codemasters game) when you created a team that was the number they give to you
  2. At this point, why not open up the possibility to import via modding tracks from previous games like it was possible F1 2013/2014? Is this year's AI so different from 2019/2020 AI?
  3. Asking as an ignorant, but is there any line in the contract with FOM that says "representation of the actual F1 season originally planned/at the date of January 1st" or something like that? If not, isn't F1 already breaking this point? If they can break that point, an actual representation isn't possible anymore, so people can represent the season as they want. Remember, I'm an ignorant in contracts, especially UK ones, so I'm probably saying BS
  4. Short circuits were not used also because they were GP only. Imagine using shorter versions in MyTeam last year, that would have been cool, especially that we didn't have Bahrain Outer. Classic cars... yes I agree. At this point, only few people care about random classic cars. Instead, a lot of people would prefere an entire classic season to play, like 2003 Mod for 2020
  5. F1 05/06/CE came up with this idea for pit stop and it was great
  6. So, basically as a MyTeam player I can save €60 by watching for free Braking Point on YouTube and playing F1 2020 with my comfortable 6 slots? GG Codemasters/EA
  7. Hi! I was watching some video on YouTube about MyTeam in 2021, but I noticed that the 3 people I watched they all chose the "Full Calendar" option at the beginning. So, as an heavy "Custom Season" user, are in this option any changes or is it the same of last year? Thank you
  8. So... nothing new on more stuff on customizable schedule in Careers? I think I'll pass this year, or at least I'll buy it when it will be on discount
  9. Finger crossed 🤞 Agreed, I was expecting something more realistic, like the ones people made on Simhub. This Hud? Mh, the bottom part gives me some sort of late PS1/Early PS2 Studio Liverpool/EA type of F1 games vibes. Which was cool at the time, but here, for me at least, doesn't impress me. But anyway, still from me just a minor aspect, I'm more curious about other stuff
  10. I've seen the TM gameplay. All the settings looks really cool, I hope we'll see something from MyTeam in the near future before the release. A thing that I'm worried, I haven't seen the 8/16/Full races option before starting a career. But I've still hope, considering it's a early early access
  11. As the title says, we had 7 legends announced for MyTeam. But, what about reserve and third drivers? I think they are more important than any legend. People like Kubica, Albon, Hulk should be included in the game, because they're actually part of the licensed teams. It would cool to have them also to increase the market pool, and maybe to have another R&D to develop, because usually the third driver is the driver who spend more time in the simulator than any driver. Hope EA/CM will announce them
  12. I'll repeat myself: will we be able to disable them if we want a realistic career? I don't wanna see Raikkonen retiring and AI teams getting Schumi or Prost if I'm trying to do a realistic career. The perfect solution will be like PES: an option to enable or disable them. If they're enabled, every team can sign them, if not anyone except you can sign them. Anyway, disappointed that like always F1 started with Prost and Senna, nothing happened before. Other drivers from '80s or '70s/'60s/'50s should be included: Fangio (5 WC in 4 teams, in the 50s, for me the truly
  13. Hope so. The best way is like the older PES: there was an option where you could choose if the legends were able to appear or not, and if they appeared, every team could have signed them.
  14. Yeah but... will we be able to disable them if we want a realistic career? I don't wanna see Raikkonen retiring and AI teams getting Schumi or Prost if I'm trying to do a realistic career
  15. It has to be F1 Challenge 99-02. 4 seasons, and fully moddable (on internet you can find mods from 1950 to 2020).
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