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  1. Hope so. The best way is like the older PES: there was an option where you could choose if the legends were able to appear or not, and if they appeared, every team could have signed them.
  2. Yeah but... will we be able to disable them if we want a realistic career? I don't wanna see Raikkonen retiring and AI teams getting Schumi or Prost if I'm trying to do a realistic career
  3. Oh, and another thing: - Will we be able to select a track twice for a season? (Like double Silverstone or double Austria)
  4. - Can we turn off the transfers only for the legends (like in PES)? I like to see transfers, but I don't wanna see for example Button returning. - Improvements for MyTeam? - Can we finally change the order of the calendar or we are stuck to (2020 example) Australia as the first race if selected?
  5. It has to be F1 Challenge 99-02. 4 seasons, and fully moddable (on internet you can find mods from 1950 to 2020).
  6. I hope they will include at least all the tracks from the original calendar and the actual calendar from 2021, and give the choise to change the order of the tracks in career modes (so we could manually put Australia in November instead of March)
  7. My Team: Community sharing livery, a place where you can share or download a livery created by others Possibility to change the order of the GPs on the Calendar Possibility to add a track more times (perfect for simulate double-headers like Austria/Styria 2020) At the start, possibility to chose every driver. It's a game, if I want to do a couple of Myself & Vettel/Hamilton at season 1, why not? Option to disable driver requirements (example Fame or Departments levels) for joining a team Option to disable retirements Adding third drivers Ot
  8. I just hope it will be the F1 Challenge 99-02's EA and not 2020's EA, but I doubt. Let's see what will happens
  9. And this right here is the actual problem with Ferrari in F1. Isn't really Binotto, but after the death of Marchionne we have a couple of bosses (Camilleri and Elkann) that don't care at all about performances. They care only about money and profits (and from a business-only view, they're actually right). So yeah, it's more possible that Ferrari will do anything for trying to preserve some force in the F1 Game than actually build some proper F1 cars in the next couple of years
  10. Sorry but no, sliders system in this state is the worst system ever. We need an HTML/RGB system, with the possibility to copy/paste an HTML code
  11. There are some items with the same pattern of other items in the actual podium pass. Anyway, I started this topic because i was wondering to buy the "Arrow" livery, but at this point i'll wait and see, hoping that this livery will be in other passes
  12. Hi there! As the title says, i'm writing to ask you a clarification about the daily objects: are the items going to be in future Podium Passes or they're exclusive? Thanks
  13. My favourite number is 55, but of course I can't use it. So I'm using number 42, becuase it's the one that the Codemaster 2003's game IndyCar Series (one of my favourite game ever) gives to you when you "create" a new team.
  14. Hi all! I have a suggestion, maybe already written: individually choice the colors of the sponsors. This would be great for the liveries, because most of them have the same sponsor slot based on two different part of the livery, and in the majority of the cases these part have different colors, so it's difficult to choice a color. I'll take advantage of this topic for begging for an introduction to RGB/HTML codes to decide a color instead of sliders: this needs to be a must, especially for people who can't see 100% of them. Thank you
  15. I'm against it. Why can't I have the choice to do only a MyTeam without going trough the Driver Career? Anyway the storyline is also different: if i'm not mistaken, in the first interview is revealed that the story is about a driver who's debuting in F1 with his own team. It would be cool to choose your path, like it was in Football Manager (or it is? I don't play that game in ages), decide to start MyTeam with a type of player, and each type has an unique bonus. For example: Start as an ex-WDC: Bonus of R&D points and Marketing Start as a normal driver:
  16. I'll prefer 1 Mugello or Algarve than 10/20 fictional tracks. If they want to add tracks, they must be Classic tracks
  17. Possibility to have RGB input, please. It's frustrating to do with the actual palette included, and if you have difficulties with colors, this method is impossible. For example, sometimes i have difficulties to distinguish some colors, so it'll be helpful to have a data input (rgb/html)
  18. It was a F2 2019 driver, who made 16 (+1) races of 24, so it seems fine to have him in the game
  19. Using a PC, I always buy digital, because it's much cheaper than the physical copy. Ironically, for F1 2020 I bought the Schumacher Edition physical, because I love the cover and i want it in my collection.. If only the PC version had also the steelbook...
  20. Hello! I'm creating this topic to ask to you where to buy the PC Steelbook Edition of F1 2020. I searched online and I found only Game that sells this product in UK (I live in Italy), and it's the Seventy Edition, not the Schumacher one. Also I searched on the official F1 2020 website and there was nothing. Somebody can help me?
  21. No engine makes sense in real life, BUT the CEO of Lamborghini is Stefano Domenicali. Because of this, with the help of a fantasy backstory, Ferrari engine makes some sense.
  22. Oh, another topic gave me other ideas for Career mode: Custom Weather Option to have real weather (of course where available) Custom Calendar! Just to mixing up things after season 1
  23. In the old 2001-2003 EA's games (PC versions) it was an option. Anyway yes, Custom Weather in Career would be a nice feature, I mean, everything that brings more personalization in Career mode is a nice feature
  24. In 2003, one of the greatest F1 game ever came out: F1 Challenge 99-02 Why is this game great? Because EA, at the end of licensing, made a game comprehensive of all the 4 EA's licensed seasons, and plus in the PS2/XBOX porting you could make a 1999-2002 career (the gameplay of this porting was awful, but the idea is great). The same game, PC version, has various cool features (options you could set on), like: When skipping qualifying, the grid was in the same order of real life Failures exactly the same as RL Weather exactly the same as RL I repeat: 2003, 17 years
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