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  1. I used the league mode to make a career with a friend, if it is true that it can be improved, I would also like you to be able to choose the weather conditions
  2. KayPax

    f1 2020 contents help

    I suppose that this will be adapted in update mode, due to the little information they really have.
  3. KayPax


    Yes man, it would give a very personal touch to that mode. Agree with you.
  4. KayPax


    Due to the licenses, this issue is complicated, but it would be nice if at least the helmet, suit or gloves let you put it how you want.
  5. @Worntoathread I agree with your opinion, there should be an option to invite your friends, as long as they have the same security and level.
  6. KayPax

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    @BarryBLIt is very good to ask the drivers to improve the game, this for the future is key to make it perfect.
  7. KayPax

    F1 2020 Gameplay by Content Creators

    Ou yess
  8. KayPax

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    Good info 😎
  9. KayPax

    F1 2020 Gameplay by Content Creators

    The pre built game looks good, various curves have been updated, I am looking forward to trying the new ers system. It also appears that the traction has changed a bit.
  10. KayPax

    F1® 2020 | First Gameplay Trailer

    The game looks great
  11. I would like you to implement the red flags and fix other details, such as the celebrations. Little things that would greatly improve the experience of the game.
  12. KayPax

    Bring Back Driver School

    That option was available in the previous generation, honestly it would be very cool to do this before starting with the F2.
  13. I went online in all previous games (since f1 2010). In 2019 I managed to remove it, I recommend you see hotlaps of pro players. They helped me a lot. Today I am faster without it.
  14. KayPax

    Esports F1 Barcelona Yesterday Simply Brilliant!!

    The race was very fun, although there were some drivers who skipped corners, taking advantage of a "bug" in the game. I didn't like that
  15. It is simply catching the point of the brake, it brakes in the same place. In rain it is also important to use it very gently