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  1. It would be great to continue our career mode from F1 2013 to F1 2014 (better said, import our f1 2013 profile from f1 2014 game)
  2. Beyond the brilliant results achieved so far by codemasters, I think that Geoff Crammond´s GP3 and GP4, (especially the latter), are true landmarks, worthy of study by codemasters. For example, I think that GP4 physics are the most realistic that I´ve ever played, (and I´ve played a lot...until today), in addition to the car damage. Codemasters can still learn a lot from those games.... .
  3. With my GCSE Spanish skills, I think I can summarise it to something like this: - Better replays with more control over them and the ability to view other cars - The ability to re-watch hotlaps to be able to analyse them - Telemetry - More detailed weather forecast, and details such as amount of water on track when at that moment and chance of rain at different times (eg 30 min intervals) - Better and more varied damage - More car failures - Marshalls should help you back on the track or push you off if you have to retire? (that might be a wrong translation) - Better ho
  4. El f1 2014 debería tener: -Un mejor sistema de repetición, (replay) con mucho mas control sobre el mismo. La repetición debería poder ser vista desde cualquiera de los coches que participan en la carrera. -Se debería poder extraer cualquier hotlap que se desee para poder repetirlo y analizarlo. -Se debería poder extraer la telemetría de cualquier hotlap de la práctica, clasificación o carrera para analizar la frenada, aceleración, cambios,etc,) -La predicción del clima debería ser mas realista. Se debería contar también con la información de la cantidad de agua en pist
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